So You’re The Big Winner – Now What?

So you’re the big winner.  You just raked in thousands or even millions of dollars in an online cash sweepstakes!  You can march right into the bosses’ office on Monday morning and tell him where to shove his TPS reports and mandated weekend overtime.  Better yet, wait until the afternoon, sleep in, go into work late.  It’s not like you’re going to need a recommendation! In fact, throw on your most old ratty rock and roll t-shirt, drop in on the big boss and tell him what he can do: Take This Job and Shove It!  What do you care?  You’re rich now!

Big WinnerSo what are you gonna do with it?  Have a blast, that’s what.

First things first, time to go shopping.  Remember all those swanky stores with the coolest style clothes that you always wanted but could never afford?  Well Now you’re walking in the door as the VIP.  Fitted Italian suits for the fellas, all the dresses and shoes the ladies can handle.  Just like “Pretty Woman”.   You’re going to be stepping out on the town in style tonight and for the rest of your life.

What about that old clunker car you’ve been milking every last mile out of?  That junk pile is history, it’s time to go luxury car shopping.  What’s your favorite?  Aston Martin DBS? Lamborghini Aventador? Rolls Royce Phantom?  Heck, just hit the collectable auction circuit and get yourself the Original Batmobile!

But what good is a cool car if you have nowhere fun to drive it too?  Remember back in the days before you won a huge cash sweepstakes?  When you had to stay in on weeknights and pinch pennies together to pay the cable bill?  Well kiss those days goodbye.  Because now you’ve got the cash and you aren’t afraid to use it.   You’re headed to the hottest night spot in the coolest car and you’re getting the best table with never ending bottle service and all your friends are looking at you like you’re a rock star.

How could it get any better than that, right?  Don’t be ridiculous, OF COURSE IT CAN!  You just won a huge cash sweepstakes and the after-party? It’s at your brand new mega mansion with the indoor AND outdoor pools and adjoining hot tubs, the full bar and dance floor.  And as the sun comes up the next morning you’re in your enormous comfortable bed thinking to yourself how this is only the beginning, the first day of the rest of your new fabulous life.

And it’s all because you didn’t listen to the naysayers or the skeptics and you kept playing online sweepstakes and lotteries and you won a huge cash prize.

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