Winning an Across America Trip in an Online Cash Sweepstakes

Sweeping across Country; the plan to tackle America from end to end upon winning an Online Cash Sweepstakes

If there’s one thing I dream of when I imagine winning a large online cash sweepstakes prize its having the freedom to travel. And as I’ve learned travel doesn’t always have to require a passport to have a fun time. Sometimes what’s in order is to break out the Easy Rider soundtrack and “Get that motor running, and get out on the highway!” I’ve been cross country by automobile plenty myself, but it was always for work or changing my mind on what coast I wanted to live on. New York Winning an Online Cash Sweepstakes and Traveling Across Americato Los Angeles to New York to Los Angeles again, I lost track of my time zone somewhere in my early thirties. But the point being that I didn’t have time to sit back and enjoy myself along the way. The fact is that I’ve always told myself that one of the first luxuries I’d ever afford myself if I was ever filthy rich would be a driver. I might never get behind the wheel again. At least not until they get those super cool cars and roads from that Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. I would hire a professional driver and get myself the best RV that money can buy. Is there finest RV money can buy? Of course there is! For a sweet $2.5 million you can Vantare Platinum Plus! This behemoth is forged of rare Incan marble and Quality Italian leathers and the interior could pass for a futuristic nighclub or the set of a new Hype Williams music video. It’s even got a place to store your car!!! Man, I want to win an online cash sweepstakes! Imagine if you will pulling up to the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Damn in your mansion on wheels and like Batman coming out the Bat Cave zipping out of your RV in your Porsche or Corvette or Beemer and taking in some local flavor. Pulling into a genuine Texas Steak house or a famous Philadelphia Cheese Steak in the City of Brotherly Love, I’ll be ready to dine like a king and party like its 1999 all over again. I’ll take in the Haight Ashbury in San Francisco at sunset and I’ll watch the sun rise from Central Park after a night of Manhattan Mayhem. Do you dream of a fantasy trip across the United States? Have you ever taken one? For some people their only chance to take a trip like this is to win an online cash sweepstakes. We’d love to hear your stories.