Winning Food: Tasty Prizes!

Grocery costs consume a large chunk of most household budgets. From couponing to buying generic brands, many methods can be used to reduce those costs in your family’s budget. One creative way that some have reduced their grocery budgets is by entering and winning contests featuring food as the prizes. The following are tips for finding food contests and how to increase your chances of winning those contests.

Win Delicious Prizes

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Enter Sweepstakes

Countless online and offline sweepstakes are available every month. Many of those sweepstakes include food prizes such as year-long supply of popular food products. Usually, it’s very easy to enter these kinds of sweepstakes – just fill out a form and enter your name and email address.

Only enter sweepstakes hosted by credible websites, like right here at RewardIt and never enter contests that require highly sensitive personal information. is a great site that lists a bunch of food related sweepstakes.

Follow Food Blogs

Food blogging is big business online and food bloggers are continually hosting giveaways to attract more blog traffic. While food prizes offered by bloggers are typically smaller than the sweepstakes hosted by food manufacturers, many still offer worthwhile prizes. Whether you win a few jars of peanut butter or a newly released product, any food blog win will reduce the week’s grocery costs.  Here’s a great list of food blog contests.

Increase Your Chances of Winning

Many consumers spend hours each day entering online food contests, making the competition fierce. However, you needn’t rearrange your daily schedule to increase the chances of a food contest win. Rather, by using a few effective tactics, you may claim a win sooner to enjoy great food prizes. Here are a few ways to increase your chances of winning:

  • Be Selective – If you can’t stomach the thought of eating chocolate every day (although who wouldn’t mind doing that?), don’t enter a contest offering a year’s supply of chocolate as the grand prize. Rather, be selective by only entering contests with food prizes you would enjoy.
  • Be Creative – When entering food contests that require essays from entrants or similar entry methods, standing out is what it takes to win. Read the contest guidelines and find ways to follow those guidelines while also setting your entry apart from others.
  • Be Social – Many online sweepstakes reward entrants with additional entries when they share the contest details via social media. Increase your chances of a win by sharing sweepstakes details on Facebook, Twitter and other top social media sites.  Check out RewardIt’s Daily Twitter Giveaway too.

Get creative with the ways you reduce your household food budget. By effectively entering food sweepstakes and food blog giveaways, you may just win big supplies of your favorite food products!

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