$50 Walmart Gift Card Winner – 6/25

Congratulations, Leigh B of Tennessee for winning the $50 Walmart Gift Card. Visit our coupon site today until 6 PM EST to enter to win a $25 Pizza Hut Gift Card.

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  1. I been playing for so long now and. Enter. So maneie. Wlalmart. Card beak. And
    Never. Won anei . Thing. Hope. I. Win ?thi . On . Denise. Samko

  2. Love me some Walmart great prices

  3. Krystal Ann Hudson says:

    Clothes for my kids

  4. RE means again&again.ward means place, it means you address.Togather, me think-Reward It means to visit your destination repeatedly to fetch something with paying nothing. Is not it?

  5. like

  6. Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

  7. I Love the low prices!

  8. this store has really good prices and the staff is always there to help you with anything.

  9. Ed Totleben Jr says:

    Great prices on food and electronics.

  10. Ed Totleben Jr says:

    Great prices on food and electronics.

  11. I would spend it on food for my family.

  12. Gail Lynch says:

    I buy my pet food at Wal-Mart.

  13. I love all the chics

  14. Pamela Patton says:

    I love the prices, DVD movie selections, and clothing!!!!!!!

  15. i love to buy the chocolates for gift to my family to the Philippines

  16. Rosemarie Mendivil says:

    I like the big selection of house brands, since they are cheeper then name brands.
    I like the sweet butter, the noodles, the generic brands of snack food like Chips and pretzels, also baking items.

  17. i love walmart its the best in prices and they and they guarantee the competitors prices

  18. victoria says:

    I like to buy sweets and cards!

  19. My retriever has been eating Ol,e ROY from Wal-mart for 13 yrs. Sanyo product,s are hard to beat!

  20. I love so many products at Walmart,especially the fruit, all the meat products, The delli, smacks etc I can go on and on. I LOVE WALMART!!!!

  21. Candy!

  22. paper products and garden supplies

  23. I make special trips to Walmart just for the Mainstays candles!

    Hazelnut is my fave, it smells soooooooo delish, and I’ve bought every size candle they have!

  24. jodi kegebein says:

    dog treats

  25. my fave is Nestles chocolate milk just great

  26. I purchase garden plants and flowers right now!

  27. Pamela Patton says:

    I like the clothing prices, DVD Movie selection, and quick check out lines!!!!!!

  28. Towanna says:

    I like to buy clothes, food, and personal care items from Walmart.

  29. Brian L. says:

    I buy almost everything @ Wal-mart from food to automotive goods, Pepsi, Frito lay all the way to Prestone antifreeze, and Penzoil motor oil. Car speakers “Sony” to weed eaters “Weed Eater”. The question should be what don’t I buy from Wal-mart.

  30. Kenny Crawford says:

    Great place to shop, i’m just now starting to buy my groceries there.

  31. Deb Dahlin says:

    favorite brand is anything on sale – love to buy my dvds from walmart, garden supplies, clothes, etc. – like walmart for their varietty

  32. Trevor Mills says:

    fav product games

  33. Robert Graham says:

    My favorite Walmart drink is diet Dr. Thunder it beats the other Dr drink hands down!!

  34. gary snitowsky says:

    temptations cat treats, special kitty food, most all of my own food

  35. I like all the food products cuz u can’t find any good deals in any other store’s. And all cosmitic and house hold items are great the only thing I’m not satisfied is the clothing I could never find my size when I do actually find some thing I like

  36. Ed Totleben Jr says:

    We purchase food, household, auto , electronics (recently a great deal on a 46″ flatscreen!) and various other items.

  37. Teresa Jones says:

    Sams choice and Great Value

  38. Sandra Brodeur says:

    Most of their Great Value products are just as good if not more than named brand good. I go to Wal-Mart for the many different items. I don’t need to go to one store for this and another store for that.

  39. My favorite brands are anything in the clothes and underware that fit me. And the products are makeup and clothes.I love to shop at walmart. and my children enjoy what i bring home from walmart.

  40. karen andrews says:

    Great Value and Major Brand Gas.


  42. Ternesha Bradley says:


  43. Anna Mardones says:

    Special Kitty is Walmart’s store brand of cat food

    Parent’s Choice is the Walmart store brand for baby products, including food, diapers, formula, and accessories.

    George is a brand of more formal clothing for men, women and children. It also consists of dress shoes, wallets, belts, and neckties.

    Baby George: buying my 3 young children clothing

    Color Place: bought many times of different color of paint

    Durabrand: bought a dvd player and tv and other elecronics

    Equate: bought a many times beauty items

    Mainstays: bought beddings

    Great Value: bought many items from frozen vegetables, canned foods, light bulbs, trash bags. , buttermilk biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pies and many other traditional grocery store products

  44. I purchase all of my groceries and toys for my grandsons at WalMart!

  45. Amy Jarratt says:

    Friskies cat food, Temptattion cat treats, Tidy cats litter

  46. Favorite brands are Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I also love to buy O-Ke-Doke cheese popcorn. Yum!


  48. We buy most of our groceries at WalMart. Their Great Value brand is usually as good as the name brands (and much less $$). Our 5 dogs eat Old Roy dog food & seem to love it.

  49. Joan Costello says:

    EAS Shakes are $2 less at Walmart than they are at Publix.

  50. spomenka says:

    Cherokee, Penman’s

  51. Debbie Petch says:

    I love the shoes!

  52. Shannon S says:

    I like the Martha Stewart Collection

  53. William Moore says:

    I shop at walmart for everything i need, they have old folks sausage

  54. I find the best buys on brandname cosmetics and beauty supplies. walmart is one of the few places that carries Revlon Colorsilk root eraser in my area.

  55. Melissa Johnson says:

    I do all my shopping at Wal-Mart! I buy all my cleaning supply, beauty products, etc. Such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Cover Girl, Pantene, Hanes & Crest.

  56. Sharalyn Caughel says:


  57. Donna Vasser says:

    I buy hair supplys and atkins

  58. I like the electronics , and dry goods because for as much as the store purchases it keeps prices low and affordable for the average person.

  59. David Gerstman says:

    $5 CD’s. I’ ve gotten some great ones!

  60. Margaret King says:

    I shop at walmart for my pet supplies, Purina cat food and litter and all the things i need to keep my fish happy.

  61. Robert Carlson says:

    I buy all my Grocerys there and pretty much every houshold items. Wal-Mart is a Great Strore i can get everything i need for low prices. My Family loves the store i have 3 kids and when we go to Wal-Mart everybody leaves happy esspecaly me because of the low prices…. it can get pretty expencive with 3 kids…..

    Thanks, Robert

  62. Jonh Freida products are great !!!

  63. Halanna says:

    Sally Hansen Nail Polish!!

  64. i like buying craft items like fabric at walmart!

  65. Anthony Cecil says:

    My favorite products are their meats and store brand products. They also have expanded the automotive section and their maintenance services are the lowest price anywhere and the fact they will guarantee it.

  66. Elise Tudor says:

    I’m always buying toys for the kids of friends and relatives. Walmart is great for Mattel, Fisher Price, Megabloks, etc.

  67. I enjoy gettting clothes for my grandkids, they are always cheap and very cute, and a huge variety. I also go for the cleaning products and misc. Walmart is quite awesome to get bargains!!!!!!

  68. My favorite brands is fisher-price and little tykes.

  69. Maria Perich says:

    Walmart is great for seniors. I buy brand names like Tide and Fleecy there at great prices and I like to get my prescriptions filled at Walmart.

  70. I like to buy anything for my grand-kids since they come to Nana’s and need to buy crayons & coloring pencils and markers and a new story book for by one year old. Thank you for this opportunity.

  71. William Zasoba says:

    Tombstone Pizzas

  72. Colleen M. says:

    I buy all my personal care items at Walmart. Usually, the Equate brand is decent and the prices can’t be beat!

  73. Suzanne K says:

    I buy lots of generics, and get most of my vitamins and supplements at Walmart.

  74. I love this site

  75. Hair care products.

  76. Kyeisha B. says:

    Crest, Secret, and Tide I always get the best prices!

  77. Terry Dragon says:

    I love the “as seen on tv” items. The prices on these items are always the best. The rotiserrie chickens are also delish!!

  78. My cockatiel (Woody) enjoys the Premium seed from Walmart when mixed with the veggie & fruit treat so we make a special trip just for her & as a bonus my husband gets to buy Topps baseball cards on the way out. :)

  79. Tina Carlson says:

    Great Value brand for food. Fisher Price and Legos for toys.

  80. Elisabeth says:

    Equate and some of the Great Value products. I also buy my groceries there as they’re the most affordable store nearby. :)

  81. Christine Eagles says:

    I go there for tons of stuff. Friskies, Scott tissues and Quaker Oats products. There is just so much. I love going there.

  82. Pamela Halligan says:

    My favorite brands at Walmart are Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Green Giant, Colgate, Cover Girl, and Dannon. My favorite products are, well, just about everything. I love that I can buy groceries, pet supplies, garden supplies, clothing, and car supplies all in one location. So convenient.

  83. Terry Dragon says:

    I buy Jiff natural creamy peanut butter. Only my local Wal mart has the big,40 oz container.

  84. Tanya Mendieta says:

    I like purchasing electronics and furniture at Walmart.com, great prices, even when not on sale, and the shipping is great: 99 cents to my store!

  85. Barbara Mayes says:

    You have NO idea how badly I need to win this! Hoping! I love anything Equate brand..it is cheaper in price and still just as good!

  86. nataly carbonell says:


  87. Dorothy Berry says:

    I love all the Martha Stewart craft items to make cards-like the punches,etc. I can design my own cards that are more personal and quite creative!

  88. Jessica K says:

    Special K and general groceries.

  89. nataly carbonell says:

    Crystal Light, Johnsons &Johnsons maybelline

  90. Gary Dilbaitis says:

    sounds good

  91. nataly carbonell says:

    I also like Aveeno, colgate, equate,

  92. nataly carbonell says:

    Great Value, OP, Dove, loreal, etc

  93. Tooth paste & toilet tissue

  94. Jamillah P says:

    I have to say one of my favorite’s have to be Cover Girl

  95. Grace S says:

    I really like the freshness of the veggies at Walmart. Always great deals on yellow and orange and red peppers that are a staple in my home.

  96. I like the cooked food at walmart also there deli has really good sandwhich meat.

  97. essie nail polishes!

  98. The best values are the Walmart brands, such as equate and great value.

  99. Beverley Justice says:

    I enjoy buying Great Value products. My ex-husband was in management in Arkansas, and we learned there that Great Value products are actually oftentimes name-brand products, under a private label. I like saving money!

  100. Catalina K says:

    I like to purchase Davidoff fragrances and Maybelline cosmetics. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  101. Home cleaning supplies and paper products are the best at Walmart

  102. steven spiller says:

    I love to shop at Walmart for their in house pizzas

  103. Sam Bolt says:

    My favorites are: Great Value, Realtree sausage, Hormel Bacon, 9lives cat food, Tostinos Pizza and the list goes on:)

  104. shannon says:

    I really like to buy Peace Tea from walmart. Great selection of beverages there.

  105. Favorite stuff to buy at Walmart has to be all the smell good stuff; Glade,Febreeze, oil warmers..I love for the house to smell great and they have a huge selection for me to do that…

  106. I love their Great Value brand of their “crystal light”.

  107. Lamar West says:

    Stussy,Dickies, etc.

  108. I buy maybelline beauty products, Loreal, pantene, suave, dove etc.

  109. Lora Lea says:

    red diamond ice tea bags and hormel tuscan salami

  110. George Edmondson says:

    Everything under one roof makes it very convenient to shop. I have recently moved some of my prescriptions there. It’s a lot handier (and less expensive) than my regular pharmacy. I like to shop there for groceries, they’re priced much lower than other stores.

  111. Rickie Johnson says:

    I love Wal_mart for all of my grocery shopping. I love to buy Fuse drinks when they are on sale there.

  112. Betty Raymer says:

    My favorite brands are the Walmart store brands.

  113. Vicky Stamey says:

    I love all Equate products , especially health & beauty, like ibuprofen and other OTC meds.
    Also like to purchase Weight watchers products at Walmart like ice cream & snack cakes.

  114. Denise Bigley says:

    Chobani yogurt, Ben and Jerrys

  115. Eva Pecore says:

    I love buying my favorite brand of makeup, loreal, maybelline and my house cleaning supplies, clorox, scrubbing bubbles, palmolive dish soap, and i also purchase the faded glory brand of clothing for me and my son!!

  116. The grocery department and the mens wear.

  117. Thuy Vu says:

    I do love their in house brands like equate. I know that this is not an original comment but I do.

  118. Karen McCullah says:

    I like Better Homes & Gardens products. They are good quality.

  119. kathleen says:


  120. Nicole W says:

    I love all of their Marketside items! The veggie trays are delicious and inexpensive, they’re my favorite!

  121. Lorri S says:

    Groceries, Mountain Dew, Yoplait

  122. I love to buy Special K products from Walmart. Some of my favorite to get are the cereal bars, shakes, and the crackers. They are really good and my child loves the crackers and cereal bars too.

  123. John Dough says:

    I really would love to pick up some baby wipes. Charmin makes some great stuff. I also love Doritos, salsa and iced tea!

  124. I always shop at Walmart. They everything I could need, all in one store. I never have to go anywhere else.

  125. Steve Konrad says:

    Pick me!

  126. JENNIFER HART says:


  127. Karla Sceviour says:

    I love buying groceries at Walmart..all the “Great Value” products are great!

  128. Betty Fellows says:

    Electronics including Apple and Sony

  129. Debra Anderson says:

    I love the George line, also “Bum”. Also the best place to shop for everything else :)

  130. sammie lynn says:

    baby clothes

  131. Pamela Bryant says:

    I like Equate and Great Value brands. They are quality brands, but less expensive.

  132. I love to shop at walmart, they everything I need right there, sort of like from soups to nuts. I never have to go anywhere else when Walmart has it all.

  133. Sabrina says:

    I love Walmart’s Rubbermaid brand storage products. They have a great selection at affordable and competitive prices.

  134. kathy seehafer says:

    I like the Annies dressings and organic offerings. I also like Lays baked chips and the selection of healthier
    chips. Thanks WalMart

  135. I was an employee at WalMart for 17 years and never encountered any major problems with the merchandise that we sold to our customers. The company always believed that “the customer is always right” and tried to satisfy the customers with a liberal return policy. To this day, I still do all of my shopping at WalMart and I’m always satisfied with my purchases.

  136. Peter Albert says:

    I love walmart to buy my toiletries! they have such great prices of almost every product especially clean and clear face wash. i will also pick up my movies there they have awesome deals on blurays!

  137. Ryan T. says:

    Nabisco products

  138. Mona L. says:

    Lays chips

  139. Kate Burton says:

    I buy cat food, litter and occasionally DVD’s

  140. Kirsten perez says:

    enter me please could really use this i love walmart

  141. samantha holland says:

    my favorite brand is carters baby clothes!(: love them!

  142. debbie johnson says:

    pepsi, dr pepper, they are the cheapest in town for these.

  143. Mary Withrow says:

    I always buy Kraft and Cambell and Tyson when I go to Walmart. I have a set list in my head for those items and the rest usually is random.

  144. josh parker says:

    I like buying fishing supplies from walmart they always have a good selection

  145. Its the electronics, apple products!

  146. estella miller says:

    i like the good deals they have for lan and garden products.

  147. Amada Majka says:

    I buy groceries, housewares. prescriptions and regular over the counter medications. I like walmart and I think they have the best prices.

  148. my favorite brands are Sony and Toshiba and my favorite products are beauty and health as well as bath and bedroom products. I love thier dining and cooking wear sets .

  149. Noelle Simons says:

    cleaning supplies

  150. joni taylor says:

    I would start back to school shopping

  151. Marner Campbell says:

    There is no place like Wal-mart—-for ALL your shopping needs! Let me win!

  152. Jennifer C says:

    all of them…
    walmart saves me money.
    not sure what i would do without them,

  153. Merle Weyant says:

    I like all the different products that you can get for your garden or lawn. It is great to find so many useful things in one place at a great price.

  154. Michelle J says:

    I like to buy just about anything there. To list all the brands would take up too much with the groceries, personal and cleaning products but I do like the Great Value, Home Stays, Equate. I get groceries, paper products, cleaning, clothes just about everything there that I can. Thank you for the chance to enter!!!

  155. justin halbrook says:

    i like buying my household cleaners at walmart so many choices

  156. TIA WHITAKER says:

    I love Walmart! cleaning supplies and paper products are a great price and quality! great value products are the way to go!

  157. Celena M says:

    Beauty products!

  158. Carol Buchman says:

    I buy nearly all of my groceries & paper goods at Walmart! I like their Great Value brand for some things and I love that they have a huge selection of brand names as well but what I LOVE most of all is Walmarts prices!!! :~)

  159. Be it groceries, clothing, prescriptions or anything else my heart desires or needs…Walmart is my #1 place to shop. The people who work there are frindly, always willing to help and some even know my name! I love Walmart!!!

  160. Linda Landes says:

    I love the Nestle Pure Life Lemon Splash Water Beverage, 6pk from Walmart.

  161. AnnMarie Estes says:

    I enjoy buying home furniture like desks and chairs from walmart. i also enjoy buying my little doggies food from walmart.

  162. I like all the products at Wal-Mart. And if you are not happy with what you get they will gladly refund your money or exchange the product no questions asked..

  163. Rebeckah S. says:

    I appreciate that there is good discounts on generic allergy medicine. I like buying milk and dog food here as the prices are the best.

  164. missannmcd says:

    I am a repeat buyer of their store brand dog food and treats. I also purchase K cups coffee for my Keurig brewer. Oh- and cheap cereal prices are a staple item I purchase at Wally World.

  165. Bronson Williams says:

    I enjoy buying my electronics from walmart. I bought all my TVs, videogames, and stereo products from walmart and i also shop for groceries there about twice a week.

  166. love ya

  167. VAN ELMAYAN says:

    downy fabric products

  168. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    I love their value brands and I buy all my pet food, litter and treats at WalMart :) Heck, I pretty much buy everything I can there :)

  169. Rosalie LaVertue says:

    great prize good luck to everyone


  171. Jason N. says:

    Mission cheese dip, WM is the only place that has it.

  172. Charlotte R says:

    I typically buy GV brand for most things when available. I buy most of my groceries and everyday items from Walmart.

  173. sharonda wambui says:

    The Miley Sirus line Tina knowls an all the money I save on groceries.

  174. June Cano says:

    All of the paper products and foods!!

  175. Ashley Abbott says:

    Cover Girl makeup!

  176. Susan Benson says:

    I buy all my paper goods and cleaning supplies at Wal Mart

  177. Maria Iemma says:

    I love to buy my milk and cereal there – the best prices. Also candy – I always buy ours at our Walmart. A great place to shop

  178. my one stop shopping they have everything that i go for shopping for one stop walmart yahaaaay

  179. Deborah Crabtree says:

    Wal-mart has get bulk deal packages such as paper towels and soaps.

  180. I like the tool section

  181. Ralph Haines says:

    My favorite department is the auto department where I buy air and oil filters and engine cleaner.

  182. Stephanie says:

    Love, Love, LOVE their beauty products and they always have the best deals on diapers/baby supplies, which is great. Great prices, always!

  183. Steven Hyde says:

    i buy great value,and equate brands

  184. Sharon Truskoloski says:

    Equate. Its cheaper than name brand products.

  185. Great Value has to be the greatest brand held by Walmart super center who doesn’t enjoy quality products for cheap
    I do!

  186. Carrie M says:

    I like the great value products and I like to purchase toilet paper from Walmart they always have great prices.

  187. michelle fuller says:

    laundry products, frozen pizza, and ice cream

  188. Kimberly price says:

    I love the great prices and large variety

  189. Daniela Plume says:

    george, procter & gamble, dove, ol’ roy

  190. marguerite Frazier says:


  191. Clare Rey says:

    Mens razors usually gillett– they have the best prices

  192. Jean Hall says:

    My favorite items to buy at Walmart are Great Value Grilled Chicken Breasts and Yoplait Yogurt.

  193. Mary E. Aitchison says:

    Te make shopping esier by having anything you are looking for in one store. This means one trip

  194. My fav brand to buy is sony

  195. Prices still go up but WAL* MART still has the lowest prices in the area

  196. All Great Value items! :)

  197. JOAN GILLAND says:

    A SuperWalmart is within walking distance of this senior’s home,and I love to walk every day,so I bought Walmart’s very affordable shopping cart, and use it for grocery shopping there. I save money,and I get good exercise. Can’t beat that!

  198. Peter Syswerda says:

    Great Value storage bags, They’re priced well & work well.

  199. Leigh Boyte says:

    Great value baking goods!

  200. LINDA POOLE says:


  201. I enjoy the Great Value products at Wal-Mart. Always a great selection and great products that my whole family can enjoy.

  202. Linda DellaValle says:

    our value cause it saves me money

  203. I like to buy my groceries and household products at Wal-Mart. They always have the best deals!

  204. wendy lee klenetsky says:

    As a knitter/crocheter, I buy CARON SIMPLY SOFT yarns at WALMART. My husband likes buying DVDS and electronic gizmos there, too.

  205. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I love everything on sale at Walmart

  206. LINDA POOLE says:


  207. Shari Pahls says:

    Would love to win a Walmarts $50 gift card!

  208. i love to buy covergirl makeup at walmart

  209. They have everything. I even have my oil changed there while I shop. Very convenient

  210. I usually buy Kibbles and Bits for my dog and Fresh Step kitty litter at Walmart.

  211. Carly Forman says:

    We buy everything at Walmart from groceries to household items and paper products. They have the best price on the Goodnites for my disabled daughter.

  212. Gary Morrison says:

    We like buying electronics,plants and clothing there.

  213. Ice cream–especially Magnum bars!

  214. Debra Sauvageau says:

    My fav brands to buy at Walmart is the Sam’s items..the drink are comparable to name brand for a very cheap price. I also like to buy Oscar Meyer items at Walmart because they are usually lower priced there.

  215. Bonnie Culley says:

    I buy any brand that will cost the least

  216. Rhonda Romine says:

    I like the choices.

  217. great prices on clothing all over.

  218. Alyshia Fykes says:

    Grananimals and Gain! I buy diapers there always.

  219. Tamara Budd says:

    We do most of our shopping there, particularly for paper goods like paper towels.

  220. andrew novak says:

    wal mart is a great store !!!!!

  221. groceries – they have great prices especially for cereal – Lucky Charms!

  222. SD Murray says:

    I like the variety

  223. Great Value products are the best…the name says it all!

  224. Alfred Tang says:

    Where do I begin, Walmart got a variety of name brands which they sold for less! I love it!!

  225. Louise Dingerson says:

    I always go to Walmart for electronics, like and have bought Vizio and Sony, GE telephones and assortment of software.

  226. Alan Tong says:

    My favorite brands to buy at Walmart are Coke, Dr. Pepper, Kraft, Tyson, Proctor and Gamble products, Sony, etc.

  227. “Great Value” products are good

  228. My favourite things to buy at Walmart are diapers for my new baby! And, clothes for my new post-baby body… very affordable & comfortable!

  229. My favorite things to buy at Wal-Mart are things for my yard and garden! Great prices and lots of selection on tools, weed killer, plant food, planters, and watering cans! Love the savings!

  230. chips lipton ice tea

  231. Danielle says:

    basic needs that other stores charge more for

  232. The great value brands are my favorite when I don’t have coupons to use for the other brands, which has been happening quite often. I like the selection of Softsoap body wash Walmart has.

  233. Amy Childs says:

    I Love Walmart

  234. Walmart has the best brands and prices available anywhere.

  235. Debbie Petch says:

    I like getting all my gardening supplies because they have so much to choose from!

  236. jen gersch says:


  237. Clarissa says:

    I love great value!!

  238. Sharon Kaminski says:

    Walmart is great — for almost everything!!

  239. Sitaramarao Pradhan says:

    Great value

  240. Cari Schroeder says:

    I love buying the equate brand contact solution and equate make-up remover cloths. I won’t buy them anywhere else.

  241. cortney walls says:

    I love to buy make-up, cover girl burts bees and almost everything else at walmart. It is my fave place to shop!!

  242. Debbie CAMPBELL says:

    Walmart has the best deals on Post or Kelloggs Cereals

  243. Beverly Oferrall says:

    I love L.e.i. jeans. Walmart always carries large selection of them. I can count on Walmart to have Lei’s that will fit me and look good for an affordable price.

  244. Murray Norman says:

    Crest toothpaste, Wrangler jeans,

  245. Deedeee says:

    So hard to decide, there are sooo many…

  246. Frankie Dean says:

    Fruits and vegetables

  247. Antonio Smith says:

    Generat Mills Cereals

  248. corinna garcia says:

    I like buying my food at walmart– I dont have to buy generic to save $

  249. 90% of the time, if there is a Great Value alternative, I buy it.

  250. I do all my shopping at wal-marts they have everything my family can use

  251. Trish Hope says:

    love pepsi at great price and equate brands

  252. Ellen B says:

    paper products and seasonal items

  253. I go out of my way to shop at Walmart for their Great Value groceries. It’s the only place where I can still pretty much stay on budget.

  254. Thomas Murphy says:

    tide laundry detergent

  255. Heather Chilcote says:

    I by everything at walmart! I live right across the street from one and go their all the time!

  256. Almost everything is well priced at Walmart, so if I’m in the area I’ll get everything I need there.

  257. i have no particular favorite brand or product, i like everything in walmart..their prices & products are better than any other stores that i’ve been to. their quality are great & their is never a shortage of anything. I really enjoy shopping there.

  258. ronald schmidt says:

    At the superstore we love the Hormel Compleats and the individual salads for our special needs daughter to take to “program” for lunch. These items help watch her calories and have helped her lose 59 pounds this last year. Many other food items help us maintain control of our budget. I like the fishing equipment prices and many items at Sams Club.

  259. Lisa Wieland says:

    I love Wal Mart!

  260. Johnson Tran says:

    Tide laundry products. SO much cheaper than other places.

  261. Leslie Petersen says:

    Huggies Diapers!!! Need some badly for Baby! :)))

  262. Marci Cornelius says:

    Equate and Great Value all kinds of food

  263. Ingrid B says:

    The produce is always top notch.

  264. NICOLE REYNAUD says:

    We get everything at walmart! but i have to say they have the best deal on pampers ( i have 2 in diapers!)

  265. Great Value

  266. missy bates says:

    I LOVE the Great Value brand at Walmart! We have had mostly good experiences with the brand- and for the price, it is SO worth it!!

  267. Katie S. says:

    I don’t go looking for a specific brand usually, but I do enjoy that Walmart has the lower priced value brands. I also appreciate their Pharmacy program and how I can save money on my prescriptions there.

  268. Gerald Doctor says:

    I buy all brands at Walmart that are cheaper then I can buy someplace else.

  269. Marina Smiley says:

    A lot of them!

  270. I buy everything at Wal-Mart so I guess I love all the brands they carry.

  271. Marsha Arditti says:

    I buy Scotts, Procter and Gamble, Great Value and Equate brands.

  272. Nicole S says:

    I like a lot of their great value products. I use there great value lavender laundry detergent all the time its just as good as the expensive brands!

  273. Sandra Minor says:

    Walmart has the best prices on everything! I just purchased this notebook and received it last week. I love how I can shop online or in the store. Thank you Walmart for being kind and always helpful!!!!!

  274. Shantell J says:

    My favorite brands to buy at Walmart would be cereals (Honey Nut Cheerios and Fruity Pebbles). I also do my grocery shopping there but since I been pregnant (8months now) I eat mostly cereals.

  275. Jordan J. says:

    Charmin Toilet Paper. Paper products are expensive enough without paying other grocery store mark ups.


    I always stock up on frozen salmon and shrip when I am there. We have 3 kids and they all love shrip and salmon. I can do a total salmon dinner for under $10 !!!!

  277. Krystal perkinson says:

    I get EVERYTHING from Walmart it’s that one stop shop where they have everything you need and you don’t have to travel to several different stores !

  278. Thérèse De Bellefeuille says:

    I like some great deals on clothes and and Equate brand.

  279. Ted Kooper says:

    any laundry detergent on sale

  280. Mindy S says:

    I like their Great Value Banana Yogurt – my kids could eat them in one day so I have to limit them to one per day. Walmart is also the only place that I’ve found the Chuck E. Cheese string cheese sticks, which my kids love.

  281. Linda Poplees says:

    I love Walmart. You can get anything you need there at a good price.

  282. i get all my cat food, paint, groceries, garden and all my electronic at walmart. They have very great prices and save me lots of money cause im on a fix income. Its a great place to shop and have everthing you need.

  283. Sheridan says:

    Tide laundry products. SO much cheaper than other places.

  284. Gary Curry says:

    Walmart private label brands are very good

  285. I like to be buy all my dairy products at Walmart, much better prices, and most of your name brand prices are better priced, too. But my favorite is your produce department, everything is really fresh, and again priced well.

  286. Joe Vecere @joev001 says:

    I shop for practically everything at walmart as they are cheaper than most grocery stores in the area

  287. pam wakeford says:

    I love great value brand.

  288. Cheryl Saves says:

    I often buy meat and fruit at Walmart, with price matching you can get great deals.

  289. I like the food poducts that they offer that is their brands they are really good I haven’t found any that I don’t like and to me that says a lot about a store brand since most I don’t care for. I do like the prices they offer on their clothes they sell no matter what age group they are real deals just wish they had more in the childrens section find that they are so limited.

  290. Barbara Kesterson says:

    I love to buy the great value brand in paper products. I also by Old Roy in dog food.

  291. Pamela Arbour says:

    there are just too many great things to choose from!

  292. Heather Monaghan says:

    I love Equate! Especially their facial serum!

  293. DAVID STEELE says:

    i love buying my camping and fishing supplies there and they have good prices on samsung but overall they have great prices on everything

  294. Jonathan Harvey says:

    Every time I go there I pick up some great deals on clothes and home entertainment!

  295. Jennifer Hokanson says:

    I love getting my Ocean Spray fruit snacks for my kids there. (only place I can find them!) Also, the new chocolate decadent fudge track ice cream-DELICIOUS!!!

  296. cindy lee says:

    I actually like some of their brand name items.

  297. Jamie H. says:

    Suave shampoo products.

  298. Miky Turrill says:

    El Paso Salsa , Lays Potato Chips.

  299. Michelle Bartley says:

    Some clothes for my Granddaughter!

  300. Angela W. says:

    Great Value and Equate brand. Quality products that compare to the name brand and only a fraction of the price!

  301. keith malloy says:

    Socks and underwear. Socks AND underwear.

  302. I like Wal-Mart’s
    Bryers ice cream, pepridge farm baked items such as raisin bread, Cobblestone onion hamberger buns.
    Health and beauty dept. Ultra brite toothpaste, Colgate toothpaste.
    Herbal essences shampoo and conditioner, Angel soft toilet paper.
    Sparkle paper towels, Minute Maid juice drinks

  303. ashley robinson says:

    I get ALL my necessities at walmart, Shampoo, Soap, Tide, Downy, Toilet Paper Even our Groceries! So if I won, It would definately be well spent!

  304. Leanne Chypyha says:

    I like to purchase all of my make-up and beauty products from Wal-Mart. Pantene Pro-V, Covergirl, Maybelline, OPI, and Dove are some of the brands that I purchase from the store on a regular basis.

  305. Rhonda Grisham says:

    I love the Great Value Value brand!

  306. Claudia Smigel says:

    I love all the Brand’s that Walmart carries . I do all my Grocery shopping at Walmart and only buy the GREAT VALUE Brand unless they are out of the Product.I live on a limited income and Walmart has saved me so much with the lower Prices.Thank you Walmart i will keep supporting my local Walmart..


  308. love the paper products, TP, paper towels etc. All brands at best prices. Stock up

  309. Jeri Renae Hunsicker says:

    Love Wal-Mart!

  310. Jennifer Janes says:

    Diapers, I always get them @ Walmart

  311. emily kirk says:

    Besides the people watching at Walmart, I really enjoy walking around several times to find things that I missed while passing before.

  312. Tyne Caouette says:

    I love there meat!!!

  313. Stocking up on basics.

  314. carrie cumbo says:

    Household products from p&g.

  315. Karen B. says:

    The best quality brands as well as the Walmart brand.

  316. I go to Walmart to pick up Monster energy drinks, Barqs Root Beer, and Folger’s Coffee

  317. scott finger says:


  318. Teresa Hoyt says:

    I love to buy the Great Value brands when I shop for groceries. The price is right and the product is just as good as more expensive brands!

  319. robert mulzet says:

    anything dvd, their prices are usually the best

  320. Susan Coggin says:

    I love the kitchen department because you can get so much for the kitchen at a great price!

  321. Mackenzie Hayes says:

    I go for food items I can’t get at the local grocery, like Almond Breeze and SO Delicious.

  322. Tamera Deem says:

    I love Walmart for everything … everything’s cheaper than everywhere else and it helps on my budget as a single mother.

  323. my favorite are any of the items they put on clearance!

  324. Diana Rager says:

    Breyer’s Ice Cream! Walmart has the hugest selection!!

  325. Stacey Aversing says:

    I actually like the Great Value brand. I also like World Table.

  326. Pantene! Shampoo is always cheaper at Walmart as is Olay products I use and can always find a vast assortment of Burt’s Bees too!

  327. I love Walmart for just about everything, super cheap !

  328. I like walmart’s bakery (especially those white strawberry cakes) and their food to go (potatoes are delicious!)

  329. Shop for all food items

  330. Great Value cereal same as name brand but cheaper

  331. This would be very useful and it would be nice to use for buying groceries.

  332. jodi lasher says:

    I love buying my candle melts from walmart and also my soda and water is cheaper there. Thanks for the chance

  333. So far, I have found that ALL the brands are excellent

  334. Simply Basic – The pajamas are comfy.

  335. Gail Lynch says:

    We buy all our toiletries at WalMart: sure, prell, pert, dial soap

  336. LILLIAN SANTANA says:

    I love buying Kraft foods & anything thats a great deal .Love their bakery as well.

  337. This Would Come In Handy.. Love To Shop. GLTA

  338. I love Walmart for just about everything,great store!

  339. Wal-wart is my go to store for my baby products such as johnson&johnson babywipes parents choice diapers p&rents choice or huggies baby binkys diffrent varietys I love the selection of baby items clothes socks headbands also love the beautiful room asseceries etc also I enjoy getting my hair prducts johnfrieda go blonder produts also chi products (oil for your har to minamize frizz damage also for hot irons etc) caress body wash men body washes for my husband shaving creams love getting my make-up from wal-mart also get all our vitamins for us eyecare etc a”so great cleaning supplies pinsol febreeze glad plug ins etc all our dog care products rachael ray and of course toys for our baby and groceries WAL-MART IS THE BEST

  340. Ted Zeilstra says:

    Rustler jeans

  341. Nicole Carter says:

    I buy everything at Wal-Mart, everything from food to a Kindle Fire I just bought my son from there. Wal Mart is great for people who don’t have a huge income like me!

  342. Debbie K @deb461 says:

    I love Walmart for my groceries, espcially fresh fruit and vegetables.

  343. Libby Stady says:

    I like the everyday low, low prices, the ability to find everything I need from gardening supplies, all holiday items, groceries, and everything from A to Z in one place. Check out is fast and friendly, and there is always someone available for assistance when I need help. Walmart rocks!

  344. I love to buy their food from the Supercenters – super cheap and just as good as brand name!

  345. Cool prize!

  346. Laurel Simmons says:

    I like to buy all our shampoo/conditioner, sunscreens, etc. there. They have the best prices!!

  347. Harry Boothman says:

    I buy smuckers natural creamy butter,works toilet bowl cleaner, and hills brothers english toffee cappuccino at walmart. I live 45 miles from the nearest walmart and the money I save buying just those items pays for the trip.

  348. James Van Hooser says:

    Generally non-food items.

  349. Roscoe Gilmore says:

    I love to buy my movies and cd music there, as well as my car care products!! I also shop there for a few of my groceries!!!

  350. Sandra Brower says:

    Great Value brand is my favorite and I depend on them to keep my grocery shopping costs low. I also love their regular clothes brands like Ocean Pacific and Faded Glory. For my household items I always go for the Better Homes brand and because they are very consistent I can coordinate my household items through the seasons without having to start from scratch. Thanks Walmart! You are the best!

  351. Jaque R. says:

    My favorite to buy at Walmart, or one of my favorites, is Charmin bath tissue. :-) Thank you.

  352. I buy groceries at Walmart. They always have much lower prices than regular grocery stores.

  353. kelly seitz says:

    Tide and other cleaning supplies

  354. Tabatha rein says:

    I love to save money which is why I shop at Walmart. I tend to by a lot of great value products, and think they are a great product. Great value is so close to the original item, that you wouldn’t know the difference. So the answer to the question is great value!

  355. I do most of my grocery shopping there – great prices!

  356. Brenda Bolton says:

    I just bought a Hoover vacuum at Walmart. They have the best prices on vacuums! I also buy Meow Mix and Tidy Cat all the at Walmart. Great prices!

  357. Judith VanAlphen says:

    I buy almost everything form walmart. But I think I save the most on cleaning products

  358. kellogs,lipton,

  359. Neutrogena

  360. Steven White says:

    Well I like all Walmart brands, They work just as well as national brands at about half the price. Bank on that !!

  361. gwenn coddingt; most groceries, most personal products, automotive and household, and pet supplies, espec says:

    I buy almost all of our supplies at Walmart, most groceries, most personal care items, some pharmaceuticals , automotive and house hold to pet supplies, especially Pounce cat treats.

  362. Suzanne Fleming says:

    I buy Choc full o’ Nuts coffee at Walmart. They always have the best price. This coffee is better than any of the coffee shops! I use two level tablespoons to 8 cups of water, so it’s a best buy for me. Always love to tell people about this fabulous coffee! And the only way to make coffee is in a Bunn coffeemaker, which I also bought at Walmart.

  363. Patricia Treskovich says:

    like walmart brand foods and better home household items

  364. Stacey Sirtak says:

    I buy all my paper products at Wal-mart. Scott towels, kleenex, toliet paper and paper plates.

  365. groceries..their Great Value items are wonderful!

  366. Angelique Bland says:

    I regularly purchase most or all of my groceries at Walmart because Walmart saves my family money. Who doesn’t like that?! :)

  367. Carling Vescio says:

    I think the Truly brand is pretty great…cost effective and usually well made!

  368. Lacey Gross says:

    I actually love the Walmart brand diapers..I buy them all the time:)

  369. Peter Mancuso says:

    I regularly purchase foods like Our Finest OJ and Armstrong Medium Cheddar cheese. Yum!

  370. Damone Devaughn says:

    I buy groceries and starter products for sports

  371. Shari Alligood says:

    I love their huge selection of pet products!

  372. I also like Bar S hot dogs which Walmart sells cheaper than anyone else. Plus you can get coupons in the sunday paperl.

  373. Gail Tucker says:

    Great Value products and Walmart branded medicine

  374. Linda Deline says:

    Great Value products

  375. I buy my pet products at Walmart. They have the right prices.

  376. brandon brownell says:

    cheap prices!!!

  377. David Lockhart says:

    Yard items

  378. Jennifer scott says:

    I love the BHG Collection at Walmart

  379. David Lintz says:

    I like Walmarts Great Value brand. I also like Bar S hot dogs which Walmart sells cheaper than anyone else.

  380. Michelle Washburn says:

    I like the prices on their laundry and cleaning supplies

  381. Beth Lackey says:

    Gold Peak ice tea – they run it $2 for the big size – best price in town

  382. Sabrina Adamson says:

    I like the Great Value brand because it saves me money and seems to be just as good as any other national brand.

  383. Monica Mach says:

    Hair shampoo and conditioners

  384. Sondra Brazier says:

    I buy a lot of Great Value products!!

  385. Name Brand items

  386. George baby clothes

  387. donnie d says:

    I buy clothes and food there because the stores I use to shop are now empty buildings.

  388. I love Johnson & Johnson, Olay, and Palmer products.

  389. Pet food.

  390. david boyington says:

    My favorite items are DVDs and video games.

  391. Since you can literally get just about anything at Walmart, I like to buy all my beauty products there, including CoverGirl makeup, Shampoo and Conditioners, and products for facials. You can’t beat their prices!

  392. Jonathan Alvarado says:

    I buy my dog food there, and any other thing I see at a really good price. It’s quite impossible to leave Wal Mart without buying something!

  393. Richard Deyarmond says:


  394. v. cavitt says:

    food and personal items

  395. Kellie Kluger says:

    I love to buy baby items, pampers, huggies, etc.

  396. funtang wallace says:

    my favorite products to buy is ps3 games

  397. Great Value

  398. Heather Bush says:

    I have enjoyed their own store brand Great Value products, which have so far not disappointed for quality

  399. Denise Donaldson says:

    I love Walmart! :)

  400. Shannon Pickin says:

    Clothes and electronics :)

  401. kimmy nguyen says:

    I like Olays daily moisturizers

  402. Johnny Rousseau says:

    local grown produce when available is great..good selection of pet products..general overall bargins o everyday items, and in this economy that is important..

  403. Angela A says:

    I tend to buy mostly the groceries and necessities at Walfart.

  404. Kathy Tudor says:

    My favourite brands and products to buy at Walmart are office supplies. This past weekend I bought Lexmark printer ink in a box of 2 (1 black and 1 colour). There is no more competitive place to buy this ink than Walmart.

  405. Debra Jacobs says:

    I go to WalMart for Aqua Chem Pool chemicals and other pool accessories.

  406. i like to get good deals on food, especially snacks and cereals

  407. connie gentili says:

    yogurt and soda

  408. I would love to win this! That’s my 1 1/2 yr. old son’s favorite store! I would let him use it all on whatever he wanted :)

  409. Darin Radabaugh says:

    Just yesterday at Walmart i found the new EXTRA gum flavor Root Beer Float.

  410. DEBRA LOPER says:

    My favorite items are housewares.I can change around my homes interior at a low price

  411. Kristina Knopic says:

    I’m glad that they carry MiO water enhancer. It’s hard to find. It’s also where I buy

  412. I like to get breyers ice cream and Purina dog chow

  413. Migdalia Pizarro says:

    I love everything at Walmart. Walmart has everything that you need!

  414. bernardina sims says:

    I like wal mart great prices on all the electronics!

  415. I love buy all of my pet supplies at Walmart!

  416. Janice Cash says:

    What don’t I buy at Wal-Mart would be a better question, I can buy everything I need at one stop and with their price match policy I know I’m getting the best price in town :)

  417. Deborah fiorille says:

    I’d like that!

  418. Cathy Dober says:

    The products I most like to buy are cleaning products.

  419. I like to buy childrens clothes and toys at Walmart. Good selection.

  420. I purchase everything at Walmarts as I like to shop in one place, so if they carry it, I buy it. Their meats are the best and I find them to be a better store overall price wise. I buy alot of their brand products as I feel they are as good as name brands yet save me money.

  421. Lisa Smith says:

    My favorite brands to buy at Walmart are Kraft, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson $ Johnson, Friskies and Purina and many more! Everything is very reasonably priced and always well stocked!

  422. Susan Marks says:

    Cleaning items, cosmetics, medicine, HBA are all well priced at Walmart.

  423. charlene healy says:

    I buy whatever I can find cheaper at Walmart. I haven’t purchased anything recently because i haven’t been able to afford anything.

  424. Electronics!

  425. Tiffany Ard (@tiffany053p) says:

    My favorite brands and products differ from each shopping trip. But the one thing that i get every time is Lay’s potato chips and On the Border Tortilla chips!

  426. Andy Knox says:

    Wal-Mart: where you shop when there’s nowhere else to shop at 2am.
    Also where I buy shirts sometimes.

  427. I literally buy everything at Walmart! Socks, underwear, video games, tvs, and all our groceries! My most favorite thing to buy is the fresh Walmart brand garden salsa. I go through two tubs a week of that stuff. I only eat healthy, so I put it on everything….especially in my chili! The prices are unbeatable, so you really can’t go wrong shopping there. I <3 Walmart!

  428. jeevon kay says:

    I love to buy Walmart’s Great Value brand products from pasta to orange juice to canned food. They are as good as other famous brands but they are more affordable in price which means I could buy more for my family.

  429. Food. They have the best prices in town!

  430. beth titus says:

    I love the cleaning products and Glade candles

  431. I like buying products such as Tide, Motorola, Lexmark, and Dirt Devil. I buy a Tony’s Pizza EVERY time I go to Walmart. Mmm…

  432. Frederic Smith says:

    The Walmart Marketplace is the best place to purchase vegetables around here by far. It beats the average supermarket around these parts.

  433. I buy alot of euate foot cream and all of my groceries at walmart! It is the only store I go to every week! I sure would love to win this great giveaway! thanks, connie danielson

  434. I usually buy food and snacks. Also everyday home supplies :) I love wal-mart!

  435. I love and buy all my medical needs from Wal Mart, I love the equate brand. Works well and costs less. Thank you.

  436. wayne reince says:

    I like rid x to keep my toilet flowing at all times. I also like all the merchandise that is on sale even the food.

  437. keli gatlin says:

    walmart brands,health and beauty! cleaning supplies,dog treats

  438. Edna Willadsen says:

    We have a Walmart super store and I do all my shopping there. The carry all the major brands that I use.

  439. We buy a lot of the Great Value brand in staples such as pasta, milk and bread. And they have the best chicken nuggets (Great Value brand).

  440. Shawn Cumberlander says:

    The question should be what you don’t like at Walmart. I love the electronic department if I have to narrow it down.

  441. MaryLou Sakosky says:

    I love to get my pet supplies at Walmart.They have a large selection and a variety of food i can choose from. You cannot
    beat the prices either .Thank you for the chance and gl to all who enter !!

  442. I like the prices on Sabra Hummus and King Arthur Flour.

  443. Barbara Curley-Brown says:

    I like the cleaning products. and air freshners. Frebreeze and Gain Laundry Detergent. I like the fact that I can grocercieres at the same time as shopping for other stuff. Walmart is a great place to shop.

  444. Terry Pattillo says:

    I love their prices on clothes. I buy Faded Glory shorts and jeans.

  445. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    coke, old spice and dove

  446. Susan Crowell says:

    I find all my favorite brands at Wal Mart and don’t have to go to any other store. I buy for my cats , friskies brand cat food, and buy lots of fruit, watermelon, cantaloupes, apples and grapes, from there also. Wal mart is the one stop shopping place.

  447. Joyce Bogoian says:


  448. Good luck everyone!

  449. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    Unfortunately, my closest Walmart is almost an hour away, however, I make a trip there twice a month to purchase International Delight Coffee Creamer. The only kind I really like is the Irish Cream and for whatever reason I can not seem to get it locally…So, not only is it available at Walmart but they also sell it in the XL bottle at a great price! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  450. trisha scott says:

    tide and downy unsyoppables and of course all my baby needs Diapers, huggies, nuby, etc…

  451. Helen Stocckwell says:

    I like to stock on my foods when i am at wal-mart. Jello, Cheerios, Campbells soup, Doritos, Kraft, et.

  452. I like everything at Walmart!

  453. robert burns says:

    i love the walmart brand red potato potato salad!

  454. Celia Husmann says:

    Baby food, diapers, etc

  455. Purina Dog Food

  456. I love wheat thins crisps and Pepsi next! Also love Pantene and bubble bath products.

  457. Gatorade and Folgers

  458. Betty Baez says:

    i love getting kids items like diapers, wipes, and crayola products which are at lower cost at walmart

  459. Art Burkham says:

    When You are on disability Income and can only get out once a month when your check comes in you take what you can get & a Walmart card will come in handy for sure.

  460. BHG home

  461. Sheryl E says:

    Be sure to buy the All You magazine at WalMart! It has tons of fabulous, high value coupons!!
    I like buying Kraft cheese at Walmart! And Diet Dr Pepper!

  462. sara bear says:

    I really like the cheaper prices on aveno face wash and cetaphil body soap

  463. I love the deals that walmart has on makeup, clothes, sodas, and even little computer accessories that I send my family to pick up for their needs. I also love the quality of the meats and stuff. Amazingly fresh.

  464. Great deals on the fishing tackle!

  465. Laurie Belcher says:

    I like to but Faded Glory clothes for Me!!

  466. I would get some new movies…

  467. Docia Vagnerini says:

    Wal-Mart is one of the only places we can find choice meats!

  468. Lego.

  469. Creslan Williams says:

    I normally buy all my Coke products there at walmart our family has become big fans of Coke Zero and walmart always has a great price on this product.

  470. One of my favorite brands & products to purchase from Walmart is Dell computers. I purchased a pink Dell Laptop from Walmart 3 years ago and I love it. I performs great and I have never had a single problem with it. Shipping was free and my laptop came within 2 days of ordering it (Just from checking regular shipping).

    I also love to ship on-line for Christmas gifts because they always have what I need in stock and even if I purchase something a few days before the holiday, it has always arrived before Christmas.

    Last year I purchased DVD’s for my boyfriends children and not only did they have the ones I wanted, but they were shipped so promptly that I had them in time for Christmas.

    I also purchased a DVD player last year (Sony) and it has been the best DVD player I have owned to date.

    I would love to win a gift card for my boyfriend’s birthday coming up in July.


  471. Michael Scott says:

    Need a new battier for my wife’s camera!!!

  472. Nice! Anyone can use an extra $50!!!!!

  473. Nicole W. says:

    I love buying makeup brands at Wal-Mart – Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Softlips, etc. Always a little bit cheaper than the drugstore!

  474. You can never go wrong with Maybelline in my opinion! I love their sketchbooks too, along with MANY other things – and they’re all at an amazing price!

    hope I win :)

  475. i like the steaks

  476. Sonya Miller says:

    I like to buy gain detergent, toys for the kiddies :), renuzit crystal elements, and some other grocery items from Walmart. Those are my top items I buy there and of course if I see something on sale for a good amount I’ll buy that too.

  477. April Clark Trent says:

    Lately, I seem to be buying a lot of Barbie’s there! My daughter has just got interested in them, and their prices seem to be the best.

  478. maria aguilar says:

    my favorite products are garanimals for my baby boy!

  479. Marquise Boyd says:

    the most recent thing I bought from WAL-MART was just yesterday when I bought a video game.

  480. sandra nixon says:

    Decent prices

  481. I like to wander the cosmetic aisles at Walmart as they always have the latest products at great prices. Also like their Faded Glory clothing line. For almost anything I need they seem to have the best prices in town.

  482. Michael Bryant says:

    You can’t beat Walmarts generic Equate medicines

  483. I buy all my college supplies and grocery’s from Walmart!

  484. All the stuff for the bathroom so, Gillette, Crest, Suave. And cleaning supplies: Clorox and Lysol

  485. I buy cleaning supplies like 409, barkeepers friend and scrubbing bubbles at Walmart.

  486. I recently bought my computer at WalMart! It’s great! I’d love to win some cash to go buy something else…

  487. Stacey Roberson says:

    I like to shop for hair care and hygiene products there….especially Herbal Essences.

  488. rhonda miotke says:

    Beauty products, they are always a good price.

  489. Thomas Cole says:

    Aussie, Old Spice. In grocery I love Pepsi brands, gotta have that Dew!

  490. I like to buy groceries there as there is a wide variety of choices.

  491. There are too many brands and products to name that I like.Walmart has a lot of good prices on items and they also have hard to find items.

  492. Linda Little says:

    I love the George clothing line.

  493. Love Sweepstakes!

  494. Pamela Murphy says:

    I buy Nature’s Way suppliments at Walmart

  495. I love the cosmetics at Walmart.

  496. Jan Ibarra says:

    groceries that are on sale

  497. I like to buy.buy my meds,and my baby cloths.

  498. Tanya Sirignano says:

    I love O’lay body washes and Suave shampoo and conditioner. Other than that I usually get whatever gets me the most for the cheapest. Thanks Wal-Mart!

  499. I like to buy makeup, electronics and stuff for my home at Walmart (throw pillows, shower curtains, etc.) Oh and ya can’t forget all our food when we go camping! :)

  500. Diana Koehne says:


  501. grace zgraggen says:

    National brands as well as Walmart’s private offerings

  502. Lisa Sicora says:

    Some of my favorite brands at Walmart are – George, Faded Glory, Hanes, Op, L.e.i., nobo, Berkley, Coppertone, Panasonic, Samsung & many, many more!!

  503. Joseph Butera says:

    Gillette Shaving Razors! They are so expensive,but Walmart always has a good price on them!

  504. I would buy some chocolate chip granola bars and some cereal.

  505. Michelle S says:

    I love Walmart and finding all kind of deals. I love the just my size clothing line they carry.

  506. I like video games. Favorite brand is Bethesda and some favorite products are Skyrim and Fallout.

  507. Ken Haggerty says:

    I buy my shoes and socks at Walmart.

  508. I buy all my cleaning supplies, household miscelleanous, seasonal items and some groceries.

  509. Kelly Elswick says:

    I like to buy groceries and baby supplies at Walmart!

  510. I really love Walmart’s prices on men’s products, including Axe, Dove & Gillette. When it comes to shampoo, body spray/deodorant & shaving – I always get them here. Their prices are excellent for these products. Use them everyday. Great Products + Great Value = Happy Customer :)

  511. Amanda Owens says:

    I like to buy diapers and diaper wipes from Walmart! They always have amazing prices on these items and they come in bulk sizes!

  512. Sahara Rao says:

    I love to buy Great Value products from Walmart!

  513. I buy alot of Great Value products and then just add my own seasonings to make them taste like our favorite brand!

  514. Linda Bundrick says:

    My favorite brands and products at Walmart is pretty much everything….their prices always undercut the competitors and their stock and varieties are amazing, it is my go-to store for pretty much all my daily needs.

  515. bill troughton says:

    50 beans , I’m in. Walmart has just about everything. Thanks Rewardit, fingers crossed!

  516. Lisa Grassetti says:

    Well I just bought a Air conditioner which is a Frigidaire 10K BTU and I love it so right now Frigidaire is my favorite with all this heat and humidity we just had it was much needed :)

  517. Janel M. says:

    Clif and Luna bars, Silk, Amy’s, are great brands. And I always like to browse the clearance section :)

  518. Stephen Albert says:

    I love their produce. No specific brands just good veggies and fruits

  519. My favorite brands and products to buy at Wal-mart are Cover Girl cosmetics.

  520. Marion Hale says:

    I usually buy their Equate Vitamins. Like their great Value products too

  521. Johanne LaurinCastonguay says:

    Pantene hair products.

  522. my favorites are birds eye viola and thomstone pizza

  523. Nadine Forget says:

    Many things are my favorite because they are less expensive to purchase, so to pick , the list would be so long, that I would run out of room. It seems our household dollar goes much further for most all purchases at Walmart from groceries, to household and even clothes.

  524. Susan Wadsworth says:

    I like the Kids clothes from George at Walmart for my Grandson!

  525. I get my generic vitamin pills from Walmart.. great when they have 2 packs!

  526. I like to use great value products at walmart, I like to get great value meats, And ol roy dog products for my dog.

  527. I love the electronics section! :)

  528. Allen Duncan says:

    Walmart meats

  529. Colleen G says:

    I love the sewing department!

  530. Alegra for allergies – best price anywhere.

  531. I buy pretty much everything from Walmart. My husband works there so we use his discount. Our main things are diapers and wipes since its the cheapest we can find them

  532. Sharon Travis says:

    I shop for my Timex watches at Walmart and the kitchen gadget section has competitive prices

  533. Darlene says:


  534. sherry warlick says:

    I love the groceries and home products like Paula Deen. Also I am a big fan of Rider,sony,vizio etc.. I love it all…What can I say?

  535. i buy my milk,there.it is only 1.78.compared to the other stores.i go through 6-10 gallons a week.andthe other groucery i have to buy are cheaper there.my boys eat chicken nuggets,cearel,cup a soup,and i live in kenosha,wi. i go to ill.cuz there prices are slightly cheaper.now kids are out of school.i need to save money

  536. Shirley Smith says:

    Olay, Schick, Pantene, P&G products, Betty Crocker, Nabisco, Sony, Nikkon, Nintendo, Stater, Hallmark, Wear-ever, and many more.

  537. Leah Lucas says:

    I love their George line of clothes. Very stylish! My husband loves to buy any kind of electronics, movies and games. Much better prices! We always get our groceries there, quality food at low prices! Awesome!

  538. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    I like Walmart’s prices but hate their practices so I spend as little as possible there. But being from a small town where they are the only big store there are not many options.

  539. My fave brand is the Great Value products because it’s cheaper and also like to buy children’s clothes.

  540. Anne Derkat says:

    We go to Wal Mart only occassionally as it is quite far away. When we do we are looking for something specific which varies every time we go.

  541. sol grif says:

    Dove men line is great :)

  542. Karen Scott says:

    I buy just about everything from Walmart. It is my go to place.
    Brands? Gain, Silk,Riders,Great Value, just to name a few.


  544. Jessi C says:

    I like buying diapers and wipes for my youngest son and all my toiletry needs

  545. jenny hebert says:

    fruits and veggies

  546. Jennifer M. says:

    Huggies diapers

  547. Rhonda W G. says:

    My fav purchaases at Walmart are generally their brand of dog and cat food as well as cosmetics.

  548. Vizio, Lexmark, Equate, Mennen, and Colgate.

  549. loralee roberts says:

    not bad would to win

  550. Sandi Valliere says:

    I love their assortment of bird feeders and food.

  551. Brandie Schmidt says:

    I like getting my meds there. Cheapest place around here to do so.

  552. brenda daniak says:

    I love to buy my cloths from walmart, like just my size , no boundries, white stag.

  553. cara klieger says:

    Walmart carries my favourite brands of skincare: ROC, Garnier and L’Oreal Paris, whose skincare and cosmetics line is wonderful.

  554. Martha Veal says:

    I love Walmart. I get groceries,clothes, and everything. I like the basic brand on clothes. I like the Great Value products in cheese, and canned vegetables, and other products. I also like the equate brands in meds and vitamins and other things. I like everything at walmart..

  555. Janette Carr says:

    I always buy my fruit/vegetables and Sabra Humus there!

  556. gail mackinnon says:

    i loke to buy groceries at walmart

  557. Lynn Mathis says:

    my favorit products to buy are dvd and Wii games

  558. Favourite brand is George. Walmart makes it easy to buy clothes for my 3 girls!

  559. Elaine Wefer says:

    My favorite bread is Nature’s Own Honey Wheat. I also like Pillsbury Grands, frozen biscuits.

  560. My favorite brand products are in the grocery department, Great Value products have worked in my family. My kids love the cereal and the ice cream, cookies and many more of their products. I myself loved the way Great Value has allowed me to shop for less, and have money left over. Name Brand are also great in Walmart but when I want to save I reach for Great Value products.

  561. Tate Casey says:

    I like the Walmart brands – they are more affordable and that makes it easier on our budget!!!

  562. william butler says:

    I buy all my groceries at WALMART Theprices are rite!!!!!!

  563. My favorite brands or products to buy at Walmart are anything thats on sale or I have coupons for! Love to save!

  564. I love buying ice cream there, they have the best selection of Ben & Jerrys I’ve seen, and flavors exclusive to Walmart! Also I buy all my toiletries there, the best prices!

  565. Produce.

  566. Please enter me into your sweepstakes?

  567. Fred Pabian says:

    Walmart has great brands at great prices, they are building two new Walmarts within 15 minutes of our house goodbye to the other stores.

  568. Brad Lalli says:

    My favorite brands to buy at Walmart are Gillette and right guard as I get my deodorant and razors from Walmart.

  569. May Limcangco says:

    My favorite product/ brand to buy at Walmart is the
    Christie Crackers, they are affordable especially
    That my kid is in grade 1, she loves all those crackers .
    Thank you very much for your wonderful giveaway.

  570. I buy a lot of different Great Value products.

  571. Nanette Olson says:

    I like to buy Tillamook Cheese, Oscar Mayer, DelMonte and Blue Bunny.

  572. Kerry M says:

    The Great Value in-house store brand is the best thing to pick up at Walmart!

  573. Billy land says:

    Anything you buy at Walmart is the best but I would have to say their Great Value brand is the best

  574. Mandie Murray says:

    I love the 725 walmart brand, The only jeans that seem to accomodate me well (since i’m really short), and not have to be turned up.

  575. Mary-alice Harvey says:

    George tops rock. They are fashionable and well made.

  576. Lynne B says:

    The Athletic Works brand of clothes are great for workouts and I love the great variety of socks available at Walmart!

  577. gurpreet says:

    i love walmart because great deals and find wat i need with ease

  578. Sheri Rivera says:

    All Great Value products are a good value from freezer bags to paper towels.

  579. i love everything about walmart

  580. Linda Kish says:

    I like to buy Equate.

  581. Richard Bonjour says:


  582. Victor Galbraith says:


  583. Richard Robertson says:

    All of them

  584. I mostly buy food at Walmart. I don’t buy any brand in particular, I just take advantage of Walmart’s wonderful sales.

  585. I like buying the WalMart brand — things like dishwasher detergent, papertowels, etc.

  586. Tony Wooster says:

    We buy groceries regularly at Walmart. We buy also Wrangler jeans. Tony Wooster.

  587. I like to buy the Equate brand of body shampoo, Dawn Dishwashing soap,Cambells Soups,Betty Crcoker cake mixes,. We love the Stouffers lasagna.

  588. Liz Lewis says:

    Anything Proctor and Gamble. I am a loyal customer to that brand and Walmart always has the best selection and prices.

  589. Lisa Brown says:

    I like to buy makeup and tend towards Physician’s Formula and WetNWild.

  590. annie taylor says:

    i love to buy my medicines,snacks,movies,flowers,odds&ins like pinesol,bleach well i just like to buy everything from wal-mart

  591. Connie Parent says:

    LOVE Walmart, we shop there about 2 to 3 days a week. Thanks for this contest :)

    • Connie Parent says:

      LOVE Walmart, we shop there about 2 to 3 times a week. We love the grocery section, and every week we buy the Great Value Tomato and 3 Cheese stuffed chicken. It’s the only thing the kids don’t complain about :)

  592. Sue Regis says:

    great prices on the pet food

  593. Melissa Avey says:

    George baby clothes, food! 😛

  594. Gaetan Poulin says:

    George, love their cheapie pseudo black dress pants

  595. ken rhora says:

    love to shop walmart. most of everything is cheaper

  596. Glenda wong says:

    I buy the Neutogena sunscreen at Walmart.

  597. whatever’s on sale! their generic great value brand is great, too.

  598. lynn johnson says:

    I like so many brands, but I always head for the DVD’s.

  599. Megan Willis says:

    My favourite products at Wal-Mart are their wide variety in cleaning products!! Love Wal-mart for ALL my daily needs :)

  600. Love to shop at Walmart. I find clothing and housewares that are reasonably priced.

  601. Carolyn Miles says:

    My favorite brands are Tyson Chicken Tenders and Sara Lee 45 calorie multi-grain bread. I do buy all my groceries at Walmart,

  602. Cynthia Malenfant says:

    George, movies, shoes

  603. Jenn Wagner says:

    Go to Walmart often because love to save money and love gift cards – they help me save even more!

  604. Addrienne mertens says:

    Prices are better.. Great value is a good deal!

  605. Devona Fryer says:

    My favorite is Faded Glory and Just My Size! Their clothes are so comfortable and stylish and very affordable. You just can’t beat the quality and value!

  606. Karen Ott says:

    I like to buy my food at Walmart.


  608. Patricia says:

    I buy electronics and video games for my PlayStation 3 at Walmart.com frequently. You can’t beat the bargains you can find online. My last purchase was a Sony DVD player for my husband and he loves all the features it has. I also make most of my gift purchases with Walmart.com during the holiday season. When I’m not making online purchases at Walmart, it is the place I go to every week for groceries. I certainly have saved alot of money whenever I switched from my local grocery store to Walmart a couple of years ago, at least $20 every week if not more. I love, love, love shopping at Walmart!

  609. Deb Ragno says:

    My # 1 thing to only ever buy at Walmart is the Great Value brand of pre-cooked flat round sausages for on English muffin breakfast sandwiches. No other brands have been as good as the ones I can only get at Walmart. My favorite capris several years ago were by White Stag, again something I was only able to get at Walmart.

  610. susan smoaks says:

    i really love the danskin now brand at walmart, hot workout clothes at a wonderful price!

  611. Phyllis K says:

    I like buying certain Great Value brands.

  612. My favorite brand to buy at Walmart is Dove.

  613. beverly reynolds says:

    I buy all of my paper products,groceries *no meat* and toiletries. I spend a good portion of money there.

  614. Dany Daignault says:

    My favorite brands are Dove.

  615. Renee Lacasse says:

    Spinach for only $2.00!

  616. susan johnson says:

    I like to buy protein bars and drinks there.

  617. Dany Daignault says:

    thank you !!!

  618. Tanya Hauver says:

    My favorite brands to buy at Walmart are Garnier, covergirl, maybelline, ones like those. They have the best prices!!

  619. barb prudhomme says:

    I especially like the bathing suits Walmart carries – you an mix & match without paying a fotrune

  620. Barbara Miller says:

    any brand, any product! Walmart is the best for anything one needs, other retailers cannot beat their prices!!

  621. tide and downy products

  622. Ms Dale Gallaway says:

    Walmart clearance brands of course.

  623. $50 would come in handy right now seeing as how for over a year, I haven’t been able to find a job.

  624. Electric appliances

  625. Thonas Shannon says:

    Do not have just one favorite. Most things I shop for I get at WALMART from Electronics to Food

  626. I love to buy the BHG brands

  627. Adriana F says:

    George kids clothes

  628. laura ramirez says:

    I like the great value brand for alot of different products. Paper goods, canned goods, food products etc. It is a cheaper brand but just as good as the brand names that charge alot more. I love great value brands

  629. Debbie Clauer says:

    My favorites are their Ol Roy dog food & their Just My Size women’s clothing.

  630. christy r. says:


    My favorite brands at Wal Mart are the house brand, Great Value. They are a pretty good value.

    Thanks for the Giveaway !

  631. great value hot sauce

  632. D Pfeifer says:

    I like Earth Spirit shoes! I just bought a pair of the Carly style.

  633. Walmart’s “Great Value” brand is a great brand. I buy the Light Ranch Dressing and it taste just like the much higher priced brand name. I also buy the “Great Value” brand of egg subsitute, it is also just as good if not better than the name brand.

  634. Marilyn Legault says:

    I buy their equate health products and their great value animal crackers, but most of all, I shop at Walmart for all my brands because they help me to save money!!

  635. kimberley brownk says:

    I like to buy decorations for my house, and electronics and clothes for my kids

  636. robert stone says:

    I never win anything

  637. Christine Francoli says:

    I don’t have any favorite brands per say. I just get whatever I feel is the best price and quality.

  638. thomas rusinak says:

    brands i like..george clothing, disney toys, kitchen aid appliances!

  639. Megan DiMillo says:

    I like buying Sunny D at Walmart. It comes from their cold section so it’s ready to drink the moment you bring it home. It’s a fan favourite with the kids in the house.

  640. Marlene V says:

    My fav. thing to buy at Walmart are shoes, treats and camping gear.

  641. wendy ruby says:

    I buy all my paper goods at walmart. Low prices and buying in bulk saves

  642. Jaimee Mcallister says:

    I like the George clothing and I LOVE that they sell the Glade Expressions, SDM and Zellers dont carry them.

  643. Theodore Scott says:

    My favorite brands are the Emergen-C vitamins.

  644. GARIANNE DRAVES says:


  645. special kitty catfood

  646. My favorite brand/product to buy at Walmart is their George brand of clothing. Reasonably priced & fashionable. Can’t beat that! Thanks for the opportunity.

  647. Sandra Beeman says:

    My favorite brands are Colgate and Dove.

  648. Sheeladitya Mukherjee says:

    My favourite brands at Wal Mart are all branded products like Pizzas ,Pastas,Canned foods,Branded Garments & branded Shoes & Apparels.

  649. I like to buy my name brand items from Walmart. They are always on sale for low, low, prices. My favorites are Johnson& Johnson for household needs. I love the chicken from Tyson, and frozen fish of all varieties, especially Salmon.

  650. Tammie Wilson says:

    I love the Great Value brands from Walmart. I buy all of my grocery and any other need at Walmart!! My favorite place to shop!!

  651. denise gepner says:

    Wal-mart brand is my favorite because it is usually just as good for a lower price.

  652. Maria Carmela Renna says:

    Olay, TIGI Hair Products, facial wipes, and steaks!

  653. ruby janik says:

    oh my,walmart is my store i dont think i can pick a favorite brand but if i had to i would say the great value brand !

  654. lori holmes says:

    what I like is their household supply, febreeze, tide, clorox, papertowels etc, and also I like to get my oil change, and their tune-up

  655. Colleen Coleman says:

    The Equate vitamin line of products and Great Value food products. Great prices!

  656. I love to buy the brand Equate from Walmart. I love to buy Clifbars there and sun protection products. About 4 months ago I bought a really pretty dress for around 12.99.

  657. Food

  658. Laurie Romain says:

    My favorite brands would be Great Value and George both give you a great product for a great price.
    My Favorite products to buy at Walmart are groceries, clothing, animal supplies (I have cats, a dog, fish, and birds) and of course electronics, best prices anywhere! Walmarts the best!

  659. Kim Henrichs says:

    Cereal, cereal bars, Kashi

  660. I really like their Great Value brand of food products. The ones I have tried taste great and save me money. I also use their Equate brand products too. I also buy Olay, Aussie, Pantene and Gold Bond items there. Their prices are great.

  661. Groceries

  662. Stephanie Standley says:

    Diapers for the grandkids.

  663. Josephine Greco says:

    Great Prize!

  664. makeup!

  665. linda brooks says:

    I buy the Equate brand medicines.

  666. I buy toilet paper and household cleaning supplies as well as lots of other stuff

  667. Jeannie Smyth says:

    I love to buy makeup at Walmart. They always seem to have the best prices!

  668. SILVANA MOSCATO says:


  669. colleen fuller says:

    Everything especially diapers and formula! Thank you

  670. monica lancaster says:

    my favorite is ol roy high performace dog food in the 50 pound bag, I have 8 dogs and this is the best dog food!

  671. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    My favorite products at Walmart are its clothing sales

  672. Kanika Loeung says:

    I always gone to cloths area first. I love the styles and good price! Event if I’m not plan to buy but if I see a new styles, I’ll buy it. I love to enjoying to buy all kinds of Walmart’s stuff, there are very good price and good qualities too!

  673. Soroush Nazari says:

    I usually buy my groceries at Walmart; however, there has been times that I had bought clothing and electronics from there as well. Against common belief, one of the things that I buy often is cheese: black diamond brand!

  674. Kanika Loeung says:

    I always gone to cloths area first. I love the styles and good price! Event if I’m not plan, but if I see a new styles I’ll but it. I love to enjoying to but all kinds of Walmart’s stuff, there are very good price and good qualities!

  675. Mona Wimberly says:

    I do all my grocery shopping at Walmart… Great Value Ice Cream is one of my favorites :)

  676. Proctor and Gamble and electronics

  677. My favorite thing to buy at Walmart is Blue Bunny ice cream.


  678. debbie kanastab says:

    They are one of the few places that sell low sodium food at a good price. To name a few Diet Rite (no sodium), Lay’s lower sodium potato chips, and their brand Great Value Light Cardio Choice Buttery Spread. :)

  679. Andrea D says:

    Your really do save money at walmart if you buy their brands. I really like the cheese crackers that they make.

  680. Kathleen Gereg says:

    Smithfield, Hormel, Borden, most Great Value canned goods.

  681. Anne Mostella says:

    I usually buy their own brand, Great Value in the grocery section. The prices tend to be much lower, and I save more money!

  682. Penny Fitzgerald says:

    I buy the great value brand when ever I can. I go to walmart for everything their prices are lower!

  683. Lisa Thimons says:

    Everything’s cheaper at walmart! Including Apple!

  684. Patricia McClimans says:

    I love Spring Valley supplements and vitamins. I also love Pepsi and coke products and all the craft stuff Wal-Mart carries.

  685. Their Great Value brand is comparable to “name” brands in many things – usually cheaper and great way to stretch a buck.

  686. jodi bradshaw says:

    we always buy dvd’s from walmart’s electronic department. the have the best reasonable prices

  687. marshall laviolette says:


  688. Joanne Beal says:

    I live at Walmart !! :)

  689. Walmart has something for everyone

  690. I’m always at Walmart for something….Pampers diapers, Huggies wipes, groceries, refills for the Swiffer, and they are the only place where I can find the scented wax tarts I love.
    Thanks for the chance.

  691. ann sweeney says:

    whiskers cat food

  692. Byron Butt says:

    Walmart has a great selection of electronics and entertainment products at reasonable prices.

  693. Glenn Kasprzak says:


  694. Edith Edwards says:

    Walmart has so much to offer it’s hard to say a particular thing. However, the Walmart brand is great!

  695. Kaye McMahon says:

    Appliances like tv and such always a great price

  696. Charles Stoltz says:

    My favorite purchases at
    Walmarts are Chex cereals and Biotene toothpaste.

  697. Tamara Tanner says:


  698. Frank Raidl says:


  699. Very happy with the George line for mens shirts.

  700. Raymond Nesbitt says:

    Food, DVD’s, bedroom things and cooking tools

  701. Jesus R. says:

    I buy special K chocolate shake drinks. Milk, juice, and frozen foods are usually bought as well. Wal-mart also carries some good brands of TVs like Vizio, Sony and a nice plasma by Panasonic that I want.

  702. Tina Rath says:

    I love to buy housewares and cleaning products at Walmart.

  703. Lore Harris says:

    I love to go grocery shopping at Wal-mart we always rack up on the fruits. Their grocery prices are cheaper than regular grocery stores.

  704. Craig B. says:

    Equate OTC meds, Cafe Bustelo coffee and ActivOn Ultra Strength Arthritis topical analgesic. All have really low prices at Walmart.

  705. michelle oakley warner says:

    i like to buy all my groceries at walmart, they are cheaper there. i also get all my kids socks and underware from there too. best place to get them


  706. Henry C says:

    I love their Great Valu brand, especially the roasted peanuts. ! Their everyday low pricing makes shopping simple and enjoyable.

  707. Kathryn Mackey says:

    I love to buy Health and Beauty items as well as some grocieries

  708. Louis Blyskal says:

    I am happy with the shipping supplys envelopes, bubble wrap, boxes, paper. Great prices can’t beat the prices.
    Keep up the good work. Thank you LOU Blyskal blyskalp@aol.com

  709. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Olay, Aussie, and Loreal

  710. Anything I need that happens to be on sale. Typically stop in for Charmin TP, Colgate toothpaste and sunscreen

  711. elodie annicette says:

    royale products, cottonelle, charmin,bounty,glade air wick febreze and almost everything

  712. Pamela Johnson says:

    Health & Beauty items (Suave, Pantene, Arm & Hammer).

  713. Clothes for the grandkids ,toys,yarn,and definitely grocery.with my small retirement budget Walmart makes it a
    Little easier to buy what I need for my home,and the only store that carries dolce gusto pods for my coffee maker.

  714. I love buying Faded Glory clothing. Very nice and love the styles. Also buy Kraft foods and so much more. Thanks!

  715. steven mitchell says:


  716. Dave Bensette says:

    Great contest! If I win, I’ll eat a bug!

  717. I buy folgers coffee and tide and charmin at walmart.

  718. I love their Great Value brands of canned vegetables and frozen foods

  719. Brenda Truex says:

    I buy equate brand vitamins and over the counter meds, also my dog food, My grandpa always used Ol Roy for his dogs.

  720. Alexander S says:

    George and video games

  721. Nancy Johnson says:

    I buy CoverGirl makeup and Loreal hair color at Walmart. Really anything that is a name brand, Walmarts prices are alittle lower and the quality of the name brand products are the same.

  722. Candice Montgomery says:

    I don’t shop at Walmart, but my aunt does. If I win the card, I’d give it to her.

  723. Jennifer Thompson says:

    Coke zero

  724. Arthur Quenneville says:

    I buy all my things at Wal-mart!

  725. Heather Boyle says:


  726. William Daddario says:

    I buy Coke and Walmart cookies at Walmart

  727. micheal dale grim says:

    when it comes to brands my family and i are not really picky!with the economy the way it is we do all our shopping at walmart,and we buy what is cheapest.brands are not that important whan your struggling to get by!!!!!

  728. GISELA SMITH says:

    Suave coconut shampoo and condition

  729. Linda H says:

    Scott, Proctor and Gamble