Win a $100 Visa Gift Card

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Win a $100 Visa Gift Card Win a $100 Visa Gift Card

We’re doing it again!  We’re having another great giveaway today.  You can Win a $100 Visa Gift Card!  To enter, just comment below with your answer to this question:

What would you buy for $100?

We’ll pick a random winner from all the responses. Hurry, you have until 6 PM EST to enter your comments.


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  1. Kayla Phillips says:


  2. Nick Stevenson says:

    i'm going be getting laid off and need a couple of blood tests done so any bit of money would help me and my family out a lot

  3. My mom has a knee injury and we are all suffering because we don't have the money for surgery and my dad left us so none of us can work and we barely can keep our lights, phones and water on because we need our phones because we have to stay in contact with each other incase something happens to our mother so please help us I am begging you from the bottom of my heart.PLEASE!

  4. I will get food???????????

  5. Alex Barnes says:

    I need it.

  6. Alex Barnes says:

    I need it please contact us at the.

  7. Alex Barnes says:

    I need a visa card by alexbarnes111.

  8. Alex Barnes says:


  9. Alex Barnes says:

    I really need the money.

  10. Alex Barnes says:

    Come on

  11. Alex Barnes says:


  12. Alex Barnes says:

    Really man alexbarne.

  13. Alex Barnes says:

    I hope I win I really need it please give the card to me please my man is alexbarnes I live at 38 meadowlawn.

  14. I need a vista card to buy things for myself and my mother and my boyfriend paul bright these two are special people in my life and they have birthdays comeing up and I don't have money tobuy these two people anything for there birthdays so a gift card with 500 dollars will work for me.

  15. Valerie Kuehn says:

    I would use that gift card to purchase Nutritional shakes from Walgreen's for my daughter. She is 10 years old, special needs and has had an un-diagnosable stomach problem since she was 2 1/2 years old! At some point during the day she doubles over in pain, has had every blood test and exploratory surgery available! I am unemployed and have no money right now and, They want us to start from scratch with a new doctor and hospital so some of that gift card would pay the $25 dollar co-pay to take her to try and find out why she is still in this pain! Two years ago they gave her 3 hours to live and read her, her last right's! Thank god he spared our little girl! I would also put gas in the van to get her to the doctor's office! Please help me to help my daughter, pick me to win.

  16. It nice yes

  17. No

  18. No

  19. N

  20. I hate it

  21. I bye my wife a nice gift.

  22. I would buy books and donated it or buy food for the homless

  23. Would use it toward veg/flower plants for my yard.

  24. I want to buy at Amazon headphone amplifier.

  25. This would come in handy!

  26. I"m buying a camera.

  27. I would buy a Kindle. We have been traveling back and forth to hospitals for hubby and I carry a ton of books and a laptop. I am saving for one and hope to have enough money in the next few months.

  28. with the 100.00 visa id buy gas to go see family in ky.

  29. Joseph Zack says:

    Eat a huge steak!

  30. definitely grab some cd+dvd combos and some blu-rays. Ya gotta beef up the collection every now and then :)

  31. I would go have just afun exciting adventerouse outing with my kids for a weekend!

  32. I would buy some electricity for the house.

  33. Karen Brunson says:

    I would buy some necessities & whatever I want.

  34. when I win this $ 100.00, from Rewaerdit, I would take my lovely wife out , to her favorite dinner, places, because, she deserve it.

  35. I'd buy the few necessities at walmart that I haven't been able to get :/ and then I'd use the rest to take my fiance to dinner for his birthday!

  36. I would buy my granddaughters clothes and shoes.

  37. Stacey Aversing says:

    I'd buy school clothes for my son.

  38. I would help my daughter with getting a car. tired of seeing her walk to work.

  39. I would buy new books…

  40. Melanee Lillis says:

    I would pay part of my summer tuition.

  41. Karen Luerssen says:

    I would love it so that I could have some money to tide me over until my SS check comes in July.

  42. Joanne P Quarz says:

    I would put it towads an Amazon Kindle Fire.

  43. A tank of gas and a dinner out with my Sweetie. We need to get out of the house.

  44. Elizabeth Rogers says:

    A new digital camera for my upcoming vacation.

  45. buy food )).

  46. GAS MONEY………..

  47. I would buy some gas for my car!

  48. Jennifer Sagan says:

    Spend it taking my kids to the zoo for the day.

  49. I would buy a printer to print out my recipes since my arthritis is getting worse in my hands making it difficult to write.

  50. Give me the money, but where they do… is not a problem.

  51. I want to buy some medicine for my mom…

  52. I would use it towards bills and personal items, household items, groceries, pet food, etc.

  53. Christy Marie says:


    I would buy groceries to do a big Once A Month freezer cooking session, so I don't have to cook again in this heat!

  54. a new battery for my car! can't drive it right now :S.

  55. I would buy food for my family.

  56. I am throwing a fundraising event for The Weekend to End Women's Cancers in 1.5 weeks. This gift card will be a fantastic door prize!

  57. I would buy a rug for my living room!

  58. 3600 rubles

  59. Юлия Ермакова says:

    I would have bought something to your kids.

  60. school supplies! thank you!

  61. I would buy my hubby dinner at a nice restaurant!

  62. I would spend it on treatment for scoliosis spine.

  63. I love ice cream…I'll buy 10 kg. :)

  64. Soha Molina says:

    I'd buy summer essentials.

  65. WIN WIN WIN!

  66. Angel Bland says:

    I would use it to pay down my debts.

  67. Buy emergency supplies for those fighting the fire in Colorado.

  68. I don't know what I would buy….right now I am looking at an airline ticket to go see my grandbaby in FL!

  69. I would use it for gas to go see my kids.

  70. Amber Colemire says:

    I would use it towards the purchase of a much needed computer.

  71. I would use towards daughters 5th bday coming up :)

  72. I'd pick out some paint. This time in the colors I meant to buy the first time.

  73. Linda Kubala says:

    I would spend it on my granddaughter for some summer things.

  74. I would use it to pay for my school books. Those can be really costly! :(

  75. I would use it toward groceries, which are always so expensive.

  76. Kim French Gunter says:


  77. Chuck Bolster says:

    new glasses I have had these around 8 years now.

  78. Letticia Webb says:


  79. Nichelle Clemons says:

    I would use it towards my Ipad 3 purchase.

  80. Susan Siskar says:

    A round of golf.

  81. I would buy food, and give some to World vision , until june 30th they multiply your donation by T E N….. so if you give $50.00 they get to donate $500.00…WOW, we all can help those who have nothing…

  82. Debra Broderick says:

    a night out for dinner for my family.

  83. I would give the $100 to charity!

  84. I would buy food and a fountain soda cause i really need one today.

  85. I need to pay my big water bill from filling up the pool!

  86. Bridget LaPorta Merker says:

    I would buy groceries for our family. Prices keep going up and my budget has not changed!

  87. Start buying back to school clothes for my 4 kids.

  88. I would use the card to take my parents out for a nice dinner before they return to Florida in the fall.

  89. I'd buy a new cat tree and toys for my cats! :)

  90. Debbie Lord says:

    I would pay my light bill.

  91. A couple Maxi Dresses and A pair of shoes to go with them since I just gave birth a month ago and none of my before pregnancy clothes fit just yet but none of my pregnancy clothes fit anymore either. Dilemma, dilemma. lol :-)

  92. Bonnie Jackman Gonzales says:

    I would fill the gas tank and buy a few special groceries.

  93. I would use it for some family time with my kids.

  94. I would send it up to the fire area for bottled water for the firefighters.

  95. I would buy my Granddaughter some new clothes! Thank You!

  96. I would give it to my mom. She never buys anything for herself. She's always doing everything for her family she deserves this and more.

  97. Emily Stone says:

    I really could use this!

  98. I'd put it towards my new folding bike fund.

  99. I would donate this in honor of a friend who lost her 5mo son to Congest Heart Defects. They are doing their best to educate as many people as possible about CHD. They've since started a non-profit organization where they help other families, like they once were, who have long stays in the hospital etc.

  100. Some gifts for my grandchildren who will be visiting from out of state, have not seen them for 3 years, am so very excited….

  101. I would use to take my girlfriends somewhere nice :)

  102. I would buy gas for my car!

  103. Would use it for a night out for my kids and I.

  104. Kara Williams says:

    I would use it to help me go on vacation to michigan to visit friends and family!

  105. I would buy some new summer clothes!

  106. I would go get my hair "did" :) I'm overdo for sure! Thanks for the chance :)

  107. I'm moving on Friday and will have my own bathroom for the first time. I would use the $100 to buy some new towels.

  108. Start school shopping for my son.

  109. I would use it towards our summer vacation.

  110. Mia Clair says:

    I would put it towards our Electric bill, it's 94 degrees right now and the AC is running like crazy.

  111. I would put the money towards paying insurance for my car.

  112. St Louis sequined flip flops for me and my mom.. GO CARDS!

  113. I think that I would buy some really cool summer toys for the kids! Lakeside beaches and a little camping, here we come! :)

  114. I would use it for gas! The prices are ridiculous!

  115. I would buy some summer clothes for the hubby, kids and myself!

  116. My sons birthday is coming up and I would use the money on a gift for him. He really wants a pair of Jordans! LOL

  117. I would use it towards new tires for my car.

  118. New shoes!

  119. Karie Velleses says:


  120. Chris Shari Alligood says:

    My hubby a new pair of work shoes!

  121. I would use it for groceries, thanks.

  122. schhol supplies for my 2 kids.

  123. Kitty Smalling says:

    We have given forever homes to many abused and neglected animals. I would use the money to buy food for them.

  124. Alicia Hayes says:

    I would probably buy groceries with the $100.00. Or put gas in my car with some of it.

  125. Meredith Foster says:

    Going to visit my college for the first time this summer. I would love to buy some stuff from the bookstore!

  126. Terry Abshire Riley says:

    One more thing, sorry. I have a 2-yr old that was just diagnosed with severe Autism and could use this money to purchase "special needs" activities that I have done much research on. Toys R' Us has great merchandise to enhance his abilities but my previous comment below would be wonderful for him as well. Again, so sorry to have two comments, it's just that there is so much I would love to do if I had the opportunity. Again, Thank You!

  127. I would buy some supplies to gear up for our big 4th of July bash.. family time is priceless wed gain from the extra funds would be priceless :) thanks!

  128. Melanee Peterson says:

    $100… hmmm. I would probably just use it for gas, and take my family camping. So we could have a vacation this year.

  129. I would take my son out to dinner.

  130. I would use the $100. to buy drinks and food for a backyard cook-out party with my friends. Summer is here, so enjoy the weather!

  131. I'd buy my dad some awesome new glasses! He just had restorative eye surgery and can see again!!

  132. I would put it towards new countertops & cupboards for my kitchen!

  133. summer clothes

  134. Tina Louise says:

    I would use the money towards groceries. Groceries are so expensive even with coupons.

  135. Terry Abshire Riley says:

    I would buy a couple inflatable swimming pools for my grand-kids and sprinkler toys for them to run through the water. Love my babies. Good Luck to all he contestants and Thank you RewardIt for your incredible generosity. I believe in "Paying-It-Forward" and that is exactly what you do. Bless all those that are suffering and would love to have more to give more. Feel bad for those that need and have "special" needs. God Bless to All. <3

  136. Nikki Penrose-Reynaud says:

    I would stock up on diapers and grocerys!

  137. I would buy Back to School clothes for my daughter. She starts kindergarten in a month and is so excited!

  138. Kris Rodriguez says:

    I would use it towards getting a new phone.

  139. Shannon Schulte says:

    New sandals for the whole family!

  140. I would use it towards a new mower for my husband!

  141. Anne Mostella says:

    Probably something for my grandson, lol…he's not spoiled enough! 😉

  142. give to my sister whose been thru so much.

  143. Buy myself a night out.

  144. Groceries and a few treats for the dogs.

  145. Gala Fields says:


  146. put it towards a IPad.

  147. I would goto savalot or aldis and buy up a bunch groceries.

  148. buy groceries

  149. Rachel Burke says:

    some summer fun for the kids maybe an amusement park.

  150. I'd buy shoes!

  151. i would spend it on my son :)

  152. Books

  153. Paint for my sons room and decorations too trying to do a makeover on his room and surprise him when he gets back from camp!

  154. Digital camera

  155. Lesley Fuchs says:

    My son's 21st birthday is coming up and would love to win this for him!

  156. Beth Dunlavy Hoppe says:

    Some groceries for my family!

  157. Tom McMahon says:

    An Ipod

  158. Blair Roden says:

    I would put it towards a really pretty picture I want at Marquis furniture that costs around $350!

  159. I would use it to take my nephew to holiday world !!!

  160. Debbie Long says:

    I would use the $100 for my plates and registration on my vehicle, which is due.

  161. Stephanie Vollowitz Light says:

    summer clothes and shoes for the kids.

  162. Sharon Matarazzo Imgrund says:

    New summer clothes for my kids. They keep growing!

  163. I would use the Visa Gift Card towards the purchase of a Blue-ray Player>.

  164. Letessha Williams says:

    I will buy some tp, milk, and doggy food.

  165. Got to get prescriptions filled, if there's any left I think I'll splurge on a new pair of soft and cozy socks.

  166. I'd spoil my daughter with toys! :)

  167. I'd buy groceries probably!

  168. Jennifer Dysart says:

    I would buy groceries!

  169. John Siskar says:

    I'd use it as part of my trip to Europe later this summer.

  170. Being retired and not being able to spend much month to month, I would give it to my wife and tell her to buy what ever her heart desired.

  171. Barbara Covert says:

    I would definitely adopt another dog/cat or two from a shelter. I love animals and wish that I could rescue all of them so there would never be a homeless dog or cat. Unfortunately with the tremndous number out there it is an impossible task, but the $100 would let me give a forever home to a couple. :)

  172. I would buy some cute shorts for my upcoming vacation.

  173. I would buy Bob Charland a new pair of shorts, because his old plaid shorts are out of style..

  174. Nataly Carbonell says:


  175. Nataly Carbonell says:

    So many things! first thing that comes into my mind is GAS!

  176. I'd use it to buy text books for the fall semester.

  177. I'd love a new dress!

  178. towards my dental bills!

  179. Stephen Thompson says:

    I would use to to buy sod for my lawn.

  180. would spend it on a badly needed mini-vacation!

  181. Mia Dentice says:

    I would use the $100 to go to my 25th class reunion next month.

  182. I would give the gift card to my sweetie and let her choose. Seriously, I would.

  183. I'd buy everything needed for a great BBQ.

  184. I'd buy textbooks for the new school year.

  185. Mary Pope Cummings says:

    I'd use the gc to take my son's dog to the Vet. for meds. for her allergies. Thanks so much for the chance!

  186. I would donate those $50 to the orphanage and will buy some gift for the family with the remaining $50!

  187. I'd buy new shorts cause apparently the plaid isn't in style anymore.

  188. I would buy a new window for my car!

  189. Nicholas Sagginario says:

    Turkey boats for a week!

  190. Helen Stockwell says:

    I would buy next week's groceries!

  191. Lawrence Gross says:

    a new pair of Ray Bans!

  192. I'd pay off court fees lol.

  193. Monica Deery McFadden says:

    I would use it to put gas in my car!

  194. Lawrence Gross says:

    a new paid of Ray bans!

  195. Valerie Mitchell says:

    groceries…. it's what's necessary :)

  196. Jill Hayes says:

    A new ink cartridge for my printer and gas for the car!

  197. I would buy some much needed groceries with $100!

  198. I would take my kids to the movies and skating!

  199. Tony Der says:

    shoes, shoes…oh and more shoes!

  200. I would use some for a birthday gift and the rest for arthritic helping tools.

  201. Id use it to buy some new snowboard bindings!

  202. Shelli Frantz says:

    I would out it towards buying a new camera.

  203. Linda Beaton says:

    This $$$ would go straight towards the new blinds for our living room….we're tired of living in a fish bowl!

  204. Kes May says:

    cat food

  205. Shelia Faye Walker says:

    I would use it to help fund my vacation with my grandchildren.

  206. New clothes because I've lost weight and everything is too big and I'm not complaining about that!

  207. I would buy some pool toys for the pool and a new BBQ Grill!

  208. I would probably use it to buy gifts for my nephews. I think I would end up getting some video games.

  209. I would spend on a day of treatment…a hair cut, mani &pedi, and then a starbucks java chip frap after! :)

  210. I would spend on a day of treatment…a hair cut, mani &pedi, and then a starbucks java chip frap after! :)

  211. My husband a new power tool.

  212. There are tough times at home currently, and we have nothing to eat right now. We live off of my father's paycheck that comes in weekly, and it isn't enough. We are on the verge of having our electricity and gas turned off because we can't afford to pay bills with just one paycheck. If I won this card, I wouldn't buy anything, just give it to my parents and at least help out with the bills. It may sound like another sob story or a lie, but me and my family are in need, and with $100, I can maybe help out with the little I can, and buy food for my family as well.

  213. I will be taking my husband to Disney for his birthday..only live an hour away!

  214. I would give to a local charity for autistic kids.

  215. Palushka Draper says:

    Really, I could use it for a million things for my family, but NO, I would buy myself something for a change. Hmmm, I know, a recliner for the not-humid days of summer.

  216. I would buy some school clothes for my son.

  217. Pay a bill!

  218. mmmmmm I would probably us the majority of it on gas. hahaha Also I would spend some of it for my bridesmaid shoes. :)

  219. I'd use it for a mini vacation. We need one so bad!

  220. I would use the money to buy food! Since I have been unemployed for two years, I don't have much money at all. So, the money would go toward food—nothing fancy, just basic food.

  221. Theresa Taylor says:

    I would buy a new grill for our patio!

  222. Shaunie Wyatt says:

    I would use it to buy all the things I needed (like food).

  223. I would use it to help pay for new contacts & glasses that I so desperately need. Thanks for the chance to win!

  224. Jan Magnus says:

    I would buy gas for the car.

  225. A person can't buy much with a $100 anymore, but I'ed most likely use it on gas for our van.

  226. twitted this, 27/6.

  227. Alan Tong says:

    I would use the GC for gas and groceries. Thanks!

  228. Nickelette Irby says:

    Well, I would use the $100 to pay off my two medical bills and maybe go out to eat somewhere nice.

  229. |I would go and Buy 4 of the biggest ribeye's I could get, then grill them by the lake.Enjoying a peaceful day with my family is the best way to spend any money..

  230. $100 gift card will get me about halfway to Florida!

  231. Sonya Miller says:

    I would buy some groceries for my family. We need some right about now.

  232. I would use the $100 to fix my bike that I wrecked to weeks ago.

  233. I would use the $100 to fix my bike that I wrecked to weeks ago.

  234. A dinner out with my family and ice cream for dessert!

  235. A dinner out with my family and ice cream for dessert!

  236. Heidi Payton Holstein says:

    I would use it on back to school supplies.

  237. Stacey Aversing says:

    I would buy my son a birthday gift for his 12th birthday.

  238. Groceries!

  239. Doug Garfinkel says:

    Some fancy new headphones.

  240. Te White says:

    I would use it to buy a gift for my wife (for her birthday).

  241. Theresa Alexander says:

    I would buy my kids shoes for school, and maybe some gas for my car.

  242. I'd like to have some "Go out" funds to be able to go out for a modest lunch or even dinner more than once a month, due to our current budget. It'd be a lovely change.

  243. Patio furniture

  244. K Eva Kiss says:

    I would buy a nice bike for my four year old son.

  245. Michael Johnson says:

    I would take girlfriend and myself on a little vacation to St Pete Beach to the Tradewinds hotel.

  246. Michelle Simons says:

    A comfort bike for summer fun.

  247. I would use it towards my winter gas bill and have my gas turned back on

  248. I would buy a bread maker.I have been wanting one.

  249. Dan Farley says:

    I would give it to my mom so she could buy her medicine.

  250. Mark Colacioppo says:

    Keegan's Joe Mama Milk Stout for sure.

  251. Teresa L. Pritchard says:

    I would play the penny slot China Sores at the casino!

  252. Meghan JoAnna Peters says:

    I would buy some groceries! My 2 kids & hubby eat a lot!

  253. I would buy groceries cause money is really tight and we can always use help with food and gas.

  254. Sandy Wagner says:


  255. Libby Stady says:

    I would put gas in my car!

  256. Melissa Lawler says:

    I would fill up my gas tank and buy some groceries!

  257. fill my car up with gas.

  258. I would buy gas for our road trip to Arizona

  259. Eshebor Stephen says:

    I would donate to charity.

  260. A new mouse for my pc!

  261. buy school clothes for my children's.

  262. D'Ann Fitch Hedges says:

    I would spend it on doing something fun with my kids.

  263. Eloise Weary says:

    I would pay my cable bill…. no splurgling for me…

  264. Dorothy Walters says:

    I would buy cat food, tp, viatimns and what ever else food coupons don't cover.

  265. Jennie Dombrowski says:

    My daughter's school cloths and supplies!

  266. Diana Spencer says:

    I would give the card to my dad to use for whatever he wants he has severe arthritis and has macular degeneration and he can't get around as well as he use to.

  267. I have my daughter's b'day, my son's b'day and my daughter in law's b'day this month! Boy could I use this $100 gift card as we are retired and on a limited income.

  268. I am a stay at home mom and could use it for my kids

  269. Shannon Zarsang says:

    I would save it for my vacation we are going on next month.. we are going to California for a week. a big family reunion :)

  270. I'm currently not working and raising a child on my own, I would pay bills.

  271. In the past 4 years, I have had 2 breast cancer surgeries, lung surgery, 2 cataract surgeries, 4 broken ribs, damage to 2 vertebrates in neck and 3 disc in lower lumbar, kidney failure, 3 ft. extensive blood clot and pneumonia. I have lost most of my teeth and hair, my skin has suffered all because of the steroids and numerous other (18) medications I was on. I have been doing real good for the past year and would like to get a much needed make over. I want to feel pretty again.

  272. Gina Dreher says:

    I would buy something for my Mom. She just had back surgery & cant get around the stores right now.

  273. I would stock up on toilet paper, baby food and baby blankets.

  274. Noel Ehlers says:

    I would use it to buy food for My kids

  275. groceries for the week.

  276. Put towards vacation.

  277. I would buy my mother a bouquet of flowers! She just turned 75 years old!

  278. I would spend a couple of nights down at the beach with hubby and doggies to get away from the heat.

  279. Chantal Lapierre says:

    Spend it for my bday!

  280. Take the kids camping.

  281. Susan Hubbard Taylor says:

    waterpark tickets :)

  282. I would use $100 towards a hotel for a weekend away at the beach with my husband and son.

  283. I would buy a new tv stand.

  284. I would put it toward buying an iPad 3.

  285. Cathy Coibion says:

    This Friday is my oldest daughter's first 29th birthday. I would take the family out for dinner to celebrate!

  286. I would buy groceries for my family.

  287. I would get some clothes for my children.

  288. Noelle Simons says:


  289. Id use it to help buy a tablet since I'm probably the only person whose never had one.

  290. Nina Gomez says:

    I would buy my baby niece an air purifier for her room.

  291. Charlotte Matter Park says:

    I would use it to beautify my home.

  292. I would use it to get my hair done.

  293. I would fill up my SUV with gas.

  294. Ra'Nesha Ta'Cobia Wilson says:

    Would be used to purchase items for a family who recently lost everything in house fire even one of their loved ones.

  295. Sal Bono says:

    Home improvements!

  296. I'm a single mother of a 2 year old who is a very outgoing little girl. I would use the $100 visa gift card to buy some more activities for outdoors that would keep her busy and tire her out. :)

  297. I would pay bills!

  298. I would buy somethings for my son.

  299. Wilhelmina Hudetz-Brannon says:

    My granddaughters turning two on the 17 of july 100.00 dollars would help buy her something great ( just sayin).

  300. I would use $50 of it to have my medical file transferred from my old Dr. to my new Dr. and use the remainder to try and catch up on bills! Both are something I can't afford to do right now and this would sure help! Thanks for the opportunity.

  301. Joshua N Christi James says:

    I would pay my water bill.

  302. I would use it towards a new outdoor dinette set I have been wanting.

  303. pay on one of any bills.

  304. I will buy some cloths.

  305. I would buy a couple new outfits for sumer and a pair of the new Hulk stride rite shoes for my little boy.

  306. I would love to buy a new toaster and video games!

  307. Allan Chinn says:

    I'd put it towards buying a Kindle Fire.

  308. New lawnmower blades and weed killer I hate yard work.

  309. my hubbys bday is coming up and I would use it to buy him something.

  310. What is everyone spending money on these days? I would buy gas! Yay!

  311. My Dad's birthday is coming up so my siblings and I all want to pitch in to get him flight so that he can get a mini vacation. He deserves it!

  312. Jeevon Kay says:

    I would buy all the stuff that my family needs. From diapers to milk to eggs.

  313. Terry Cross says:

    I would use it towards a mini vacation

  314. Tamara Budd says:

    I would put towards school clothes for my kids.

  315. Bev Rick Reynolds says:

    I would buy some groceries….just not enough money after bills are paid.

  316. Debt repayment! Darn credit cards!

  317. Rebecca Oakleaf says:

    I would use it to do some more work to my garden <3.

  318. I'd buy UTEP football tickets for the game with Oklahoma Sept. 1. It should be a doozy!

  319. Joyce Bogoian says:

    Don't know yet, why count your chickens before they hatch?

  320. Terri O'Neill says:

    My daughter was chosen as a New York State Finalist for National American Miss. Which is a great opportunity but costly. I would use this to help pay for her Formal gown and casual wear for her pageant coming up soon.

  321. FOOD

  322. Amy Richard says:

    Ive lost weight and need new clothes!

  323. Tara Barry says:

    Probably use it for some new work boots for my husband.

  324. I would use it towards a new television. I have an old tube TV that's about 27 inches and it's getting old. Would love to invest in a newer tv for my bedroom! Thanks.

  325. Wendy Duckduck says:

    I'd put it towards a new camera.

  326. Cass Tiffany says:

    I would use it to treat my mother and myself out for a spa day. :)

  327. I would use it to buy gas so that we could visit family members we have not seen in a long time.

  328. spend on my catechism kids for this coming year.

  329. Mick San says:

    I would use it to spend a fun day at Coney Island. Life should have a little bit of fun in it, and it is summer after all! All the other bills can wait……

  330. Navleen Nijjar says:

    Food for the house and maybe dinner out for a treat!

  331. I'd buy a tank of gas.

  332. Jennie Crandall says:

    My Father suffers from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis in both of his knees. Its hard for him to move around without being in pain. I would use the $100 Visa Gift Card to buy him whatever medicine and rubs he needs to help alleviate the pain.

  333. Christopher Boss says:

    I would buy $100 worth of lottery tickets b/c winning only $100 would be such a disappointment.

  334. Kerry Miller says:

    I'd put it towards our vacation stash.

  335. Our roof is in dire need of being replaced. Leaks, many missing shingles, etc are causing damage and $100 would help tremendously toward this expense!

  336. I would buy clothes!

  337. I would be able to get some personal items I need…

  338. Celia Husmann says:


  339. Purchae fun items for my grandchildren when they come to visit.

  340. Billy Burkett says:

    I would put it toward a diamond ring 4 my girlfriend..

  341. Keli Gatlin says:

    I would by dog treats, candles, cleaning products, and a toy for my baba.

  342. Jean Craven says:

    I would use it for christmas gifts for my family.

  343. Summer clothes.

  344. groceries

  345. Gas

  346. Andy Knox says:


  347. Elania Lopez says:

    Id buy pictures 4 my 15year old sons wall, my 13 year old a swimming suit, and my 11 year old some sandles so she stops stealn mine :)

  348. I'm going back to school so I'd say school supplies.

  349. I would use it to fix my car.

  350. I would buy groceries.

  351. Randi Ross says:


  352. Bruce Teel says:


  353. I would buy shoes!

  354. I would buy shoes!

  355. Fiona Roberts says:

    I'd use it to buy my baby some clothes and diapers.

  356. Fiona Roberts says:

    I'd use it to buy my baby some clothes and diapers.

  357. Kelly McGrath Elswick says:

    A trip to the zoo with my boys! =)

  358. Tami Deem says:

    I would get groceries for me and my son!

  359. Ed Totleben Jr says:

    I would buy some items I need for home maintenance.

  360. Tashira HaitianBeauté Monereau says:

    I would buy books for school…its hard out here for us kids.

  361. Victoria Snyder says:

    I would use it on some "Me" time.

  362. I would use it to purchase things for my daughter's wedding! @cin_20

  363. Maybe a Vokey wedge.

  364. Karla Sailer Hamann says:

    Our daughter just had a tonsillectomy, we are on week two of healing, I would treat her to her favorite restaurant!

  365. Ambrielle Bender says:

    Groceries! Lol 😉

  366. Valerie Dunham Taylor says:

    I would take my kids to Storybook Gardens.

  367. Ann Thibeault says:

    but stuff for baby 2b….

  368. Margot MacKay says:

    Items we need off our baby registries before our little girl arrives in August!

  369. get drunk

  370. I would buy the needed books for the university I'm attending later this year.

  371. Rey Nat says:

    I would love to get new mattress for my kids and bed sheets.

  372. Damon Jacobs says:

    I would buy some new clothes.

  373. A new fan for bedroom

  374. Laura Milan says:

    I would use it for food & other necessary expenses since I don't have a job at the moment!

  375. We are a young family and in the process of purchasing our first house. This is very exciting but also very expensive. We will need new appliances and could use the 100 $ Visa card towards that!

  376. I would totally use it towards a night at a hotel in Gulf Shores, AL, on the beach! My bf's birthday is coming up, and I would love to surprise him!

  377. dinner & a movie with my wife.

  378. I need a new pair of running shoes.

  379. Michelle Washburn says:

    Pay for part of my son's drivers ed course.

  380. give to my son to take on his vacation!

  381. Dona Michelle Duckett says:

    I would spend it on my kids.

  382. Take my husband out for his birthday.

  383. Buy all the fixins for a backyard BBQ.

  384. I would buy new shoes for my son.

  385. Melinda Grubb says:

    Organizing bins. We are on a neaten up kick around here.

  386. Donna Yost says:

    would spend it on my sons.

  387. I'd use the $100 Visa gift card towards a handheld GPS.

  388. Beth Johnson Titus says:

    I would spend it on my daughters.

  389. Pay my internet/cable bill :-)

  390. Angela Akinniyi says:

    I'd use it for back to school for my kids coming up in July!

  391. Wii Fit and a New Blu-Ray Dvd

  392. Diane Zimmer says:

    Have a kick butt backyard BBQ party with my neighbors.

  393. My sons B-day is soon, so he will get something nice with it.

  394. I'd use it to buy groceries and put gas in my car.

  395. Gene Boss says:

    I would buy a new Baseball Jersey for the Phillies game that I'm going to on Saturday.

  396. I would use it to buy a new set of dishes.

  397. Stain for the deck.

  398. Thom Kennedy says:

    A new kitchen faucet.

  399. I would use it towards getting a new mattress.

  400. I'd buy a wireless router, keyboard and mouse for the used laptop I bought from a friend.

  401. I would use it for gas for my car!

  402. Michael Bryant says:

    I would use it on my trip to Universal Studios! TY!

  403. Treat my husband to a special day, when he gets back from sea.

  404. Stuff for my one year old daughter!

  405. shoes

  406. clothes

  407. clothes for the kids.

  408. Cindy Bourret says:

    Pay a bill with the extra hundred.

  409. groceries for sure.

  410. I'd buy some new clothes!

  411. Glendaa Wong says:

    I'd buy some new shoes!

  412. Candice Montgomery says:


  413. Rebecca Staats says:

    I would buy an invisible leash for my invisible unicorn…or a season pass for the pool.

  414. Steve Cohen says:

    Dinner out with my SO.

  415. Finish landscaping my side yard!

  416. buy new plants and flowers for my garden.

  417. Food & drink.

  418. I will fill up my gas tank!

  419. I'd use it for groceries.

  420. With one hundred dollars, I would buy aporch swing, that I always wanted.

  421. With one hundred dollars, I would buy aporch swing, that I always wanted.

  422. Groceries!