Win $100.00 Cash Sweepstakes Today


Wed, July 11

How would you like $100.00 cold hard cash, today from RewardIt? Then all you have to do is comment below with your answer to this question:

What kind of sweepstakes would you most like to win?  Travel, cash, car, electronics or something else?

The clock is ticking.  We’ll pick a winner tonight at 12 Midnight EST. You could win big, like Louis C. of Nevada, who took home $500.00 cash!

Winner Selected In:

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  1. I want to win and claim a 100.00 plus 10,000.00 a week for life thank you

  2. Thank you

  3. show me the money

  4. But I would be amazed if I won a hundred dollars because I need it it would benefit me and my husband and baby girl

  5. Why this still on here making people believe it's still going on

  6. I want win pch.

  7. i will take any pch win dollar amount

  8. I would like very much to win $100.00 We don't have any just to spent being on social security!!

  9. Ok thanks

  10. Lord would use this it would bless me

  11. I can use 100.00 I search today hope I have a chance to win

  12. Graciaspor tener la oportunidad de participar en estesolteo.Gracias.

  13. T

  14. Would love to be a blessing to someone today !

  15. it would truly be a blessing to win.

  16. It will be a blessing from the Lord,Amen

  17. I want to win$100.00 PCH ,,I'm need this money

  18. I am ready to win this for me I am ready to win $ 100.00

  19. I wish you all the luck in the world, your a Good Lady who has a big Heart & shows compassion and love to Helping others

  20. Of course i would like to win the P C H $100 Dollars, I have Entering and playing PCH Games and lotteries for over 25 years and to date never even won a penny or a paper clip, so it would be nice to win something, besides it's free to enter.

  21. Would be great to win cash…it is me and 5 kids and could really use some help. …thanks :)

  22. Quiero ganar dinero me hace falta esos $100.00

  23. Gracias por darme esta oportunidad de entrar en el sorteo de $100.00 cash dios melos bendiga

  24. PCH I am searching to win the three 100.00 cash prize and I also want to win the 2,000,000.00 at once 10,000.00 a month for life and more gwy no 4900

  25. I would like to win somthing

  26. I would like to win cash

  27. I would love to win some cash!

  28. I need that it will help out on some of the bill's

  29. Marshizzle Butler says:

    I need a new car to get to work and back

  30. It would be great to win!

  31. I personally could use extra money. My husband and I are retired and live on a fixed income, however we are also raising our 2 1/2 Granddaughter, with no help from the parents. Extra money would help with clothing and food for Cristina.

  32. Awesome on your 25,000 like on fb… well to win some cash would be truly a blessing being that I am unemployed bills piling up etc etc but I'm still truly blessed and there are a lot of hurting people today but if I'm lucky enough to win I will try and bless someone else also with part of the money thanks you guys are great!

  33. Cash is always great but I'd love to win an ipad or kindle 4g.

  34. pay some bills.

  35. pay some bills.

  36. Debra AnneMaria Caruso-Catalli says:

    It would be great to win cash, I have 2 teens that are ready to get their drivers licenses soon, but I'm not picky..just winning is fun!

  37. Debra AnneMaria Caruso-Catalli says:

    It would be great to win cash, I have 2 teens that are ready to get their drivers licenses soon, but I'm not picky..just winning is fun!

  38. Debra AnneMaria Caruso-Catalli says:

    It would be great to win cash, I have 2 teens that are ready to get their drivers licenses soon, but I'm not picky..just winning is fun!

  39. Winning would be great!

  40. Pam Bridges says:

    I would love to win cash!

  41. use it towards my son's rehersal dinner.

  42. could be one day I could win.

  43. Angie Renee Stevens says:


  44. I would love to win because I am disable I cant work any more and the money they give me I cant take care of my self and I have three children.

  45. I would love to win some extra cash!!! I have teen agers and never enough money!!!

  46. any contest that I can turn into the items I need cash would be best then prizes that can be sold or exchanged to get the items I need at the time for example right now I need medicine which cost money and a new computer wish me luck God bless.

  47. I would love to win cash or computers.

  48. I would like to win cash.

  49. Anything is always cool to win its too hard to choose anything and everything possible but probably visa prepaid loaded cards or something along those lines.

  50. I would like to win $100,

  51. I would love to win some money. I have not been able to work for 3 years now due to seziers and have had no income in that time. so winning would be a answered prayer.

  52. Karlyn Knudson says:

    I like the instant win sweeps.

  53. I want to win car to gift it to my daughter

  54. I love to win Cash Prize and Travel sweepstakes. Because its useful for every aspects you can enjoy cash and at the time of travelling it will be cost effective.

  55. Cash is always good, especially when you're out of work.

  56. Teresa Jones says:


  57. I would love a nice travel vacation all inclusive giveaway for the family!

  58. Frank Benevides says:

    And the winner is?

  59. Brandon Young says:

    100 smack a rooooose! Cash Money

  60. Cash :)

  61. Brandon Young says:

    Cash of course without it you cant travel, have a car, or buy electronics.

  62. Frank Benevides says:

    I would love to win the cash…I would give ten percent to my church…god bless this offer…The rest I would buy mom a nice dinner….Thinking Apple Bees she loves that place….

  63. Jamie Anderson says:

    Winning cash would be great, then I could divide it up to pay for a few things I want or need. I also enjoy the thought of winning a trip, or maybe even gift cards to put towards flights or hotel stays.

  64. Melinda Waldecker says:

    Cash so I can pay my bills!

  65. Lilia Fabry says:

    wouldn't say no to any of it.

  66. Frank Benevides says:

    I would give ten percent of it to my church….god bless this offer….And the rest I would take mom to a nice dinner.

  67. I want cash!

  68. cash

  69. Sharon Steedley Powell says:

    Cash is king for me…I enjoy winning anything though really.

  70. the extra cash would sure help right now- I'm facing 3 surgeries in the next 2 months.

  71. Car sweepstakes <3 And Cash <3.

  72. I would love to win cash for it is needed the most. However anything won is wonderful! =)

  73. Chuck Aeschbacher Jr. says:


  74. Cash is always king! Every little bit helps at bill time.

  75. cash. car, or even just a card.

  76. I would like to win just something or anything.

  77. If I couldn't win travel, I'd like to win cash–so I can apply it to whatever I want. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I'd love to win some cash and be able to pay some past debts off a bit more quickly. :)

  79. Cash, to help my kids through school and make some needed home repairs.

  80. Sharon Marie Cosby says:

    BIG Cash!

  81. Cash would be nice!

  82. I would most like to win a contest for a guitar, or guitar gear.

  83. Stephanie Coran Teeple says:

    Cash – My daughter needs it for college. Every dollar helps.

  84. cash who couldn't use this I live with them something family so I always like it when I have the opportunity to win cash especially since I have a lot of grandkids its always nice to be able to buy.

  85. $$CASH$$

  86. Elle Briarson says:

    As a single working mom, Cash is always a great prize! It always helps me out the most.

  87. I want to win cash! I am so broke right now, I could really use it. It's not easy living on unemployment benefits!

  88. Cash, check, prepaid gift card. Nice prize.

  89. Lila Anderson says:

    electronics. I really want an iPad.

  90. I love travel sweepstakes. Experiences are worth way more than money to me.

  91. I would like to win cash of a thousand dollars or more. My mom and I are going to move to a new apartment and we could definately use the money.

  92. Sue Hooley says:

    Cash rules but I wouldn't say no to a car or travel. I really enjoy the giveaways. GLTA

  93. pennies from heaven for me. very welcome

  94. Shannon Pickin says:

    I would love to win a DSLR camera :)

  95. I would like to win cash for my relocation to New Mexico.

  96. Cash is King!

  97. I would love to win a 7 night 8 day Trip to the Bahamas!

  98. I love to win cash!

  99. That's pretty easy to answer, CASH, CASH, CASH!

  100. Ronald Holst says:

    I am just like most evey one elese Here I would love to win Cash My sister need mony to help pay my Brother In laws Medical Bills He Passed away On 7 /24 20112.
    Of Cancer I have given her as Much As I can Afford So any little bit would be a big Help to her.

  101. Ingrid Balko says:

    Since I do not have enough hours at my job, this would be a Godsend to help pay the bills.

  102. Katherine Eldon says:

    Cash always works. The rest I can figure out later.

  103. Kathy Steele says:

    I would love to win cash!

  104. Definitely Cash!

  105. Evans Sevieux says:

    Just give me cash.

  106. would like to win cash because its nice to be able to pay the taxes on the win too! Thank you for the chance.

  107. I would love to win cash.

  108. Honestly cahs, or just any type of money payment in general cause I've had to many tragic losses in my family. We need money bad :(

  109. I like cash but an I-pod would be pretty cool also.

  110. Tracy Quigley Bailif says:

    Cash, all the way!

  111. I would like to win cash to do something fun with my grand kids who's mother is ill and can't do the things she use to do for them.

  112. Gabriel Starika-Jolivet says:

    I need a break from work so Travel!

  113. I would love some extra cash so let make it rain…..

  114. Stephen Brown says:

    I would want to win a car plus cash( So I can pay the taxes).

  115. Anna Poraszka says:

    I would most like to win cash, because it's always your choice what you do with it!

  116. Electronics

  117. Cash is king.

  118. Cash – cold, hard cash!

  119. Stephen Thompson says:

    cash would be great!

  120. Nora Sullivan says:

    I would like to win cash and use it for many things. Help my family first and foremost. The most important thing to me.

  121. I would like to win cash you can never have enough.

  122. Carol Henderson says:

    cash but a nice trip is very exciting too! Anything free is a pleasant surprise!

  123. Abigail Martinez Argote says:

    Cash is always a good way to go.

  124. Rhonda Bailey Grisham says:

    I would love to win lots of cash!

  125. Bruce Epper says:

    Electronics and cash are at the top of my list. Always need better computer gear that what I currently own yet I still like to be able to eat.

  126. Loretta Culver says:

    I only work part time, and can really use so extra cash. Thank you.

  127. For the most I chose to win cash because I could use it to buy the necessities I needed! Hopefully! and keep on aspiring!

  128. Trip to hawaii cash or car, I would love to win something BIG!

  129. A trip to Vegas or San Francisco, would totally rock for me, oh ya a car would be great.

  130. I would like a travel prize.. seeing the world is priceless.

  131. I'd prefer a cash prize so I could buy whatever I want/need!

  132. I'd prefer in order #1 cash, #2 travel, and #3 car (since I can't drive), but all are fantastic prizes.

  133. WANNA WIN

  134. Sonia Peters says:

    I would love to win cash!

  135. Amy Palmer says:

    Most definitely cash. Hard times with medical bills and living expenses have hurt our family so cash sure would be nice to help out with some bills.

  136. I would LOVE $100 from RewardIt! I am going on a women's spiritual campout at the end of the month and am trusting in God for the money to do it!

  137. Michelle Spayde says:

    I like to see cash or gift card sweepstakes.

  138. A new car would be awesome :)

  139. Cash, always cash :)

  140. Brenda Cotten Burgess says:

    CASH money is what I would like to win, to help pay my bills.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  141. cars cash

  142. Mark Jiwa says:


  143. Colleen Judge says:

    cash always cash!

  144. Show me the money!!!!!

  145. Cash, or a carmy daughter keeps taking my, help…….

  146. Lysandra Mason says:

    Cash! I could really use it right now.

  147. Ranz Burke says:

    I would love to win 100 cash…… It would be used to get back and forth to my college classes,

  148. Such a hard question for me! I want to win an iPad for my friend Brody. He is a Bible worker and can't afford one and I'd love to win one for him. I would love to win a vacation for my children, husband and I to Florida or somewhere and cash would also help out a lot. Thanks for the opportunity! God bless

  149. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would love to win a trip! That would be amazing!

  150. I'd love to win some cash$$$.

  151. Andy Harte says:

    Cash is the best! Let's you buy anything else.:-)

  152. I've been trying to win the Dream Home from HGTV, but any win is a win I can accept.

  153. Tom Van Wagenen says:

    I would love to win anything I never get lucky at anything. Money would be wonderful to pay off my debts! Car would be great since my car is junk! I hope I win!

  154. I would love to win some cash

  155. Mike Ciatto says:


  156. I would love to win cash or trip prizes.

  157. I like special things that I would not buy for myself because of lack of funds.

  158. Ann Lyfe says:

    I'd love to win cash or electronics! My favorite! :)

  159. I havn't won any thing yet, but I would like to become a winner.

  160. Cash in a flaSH, JUST WHAT I NEED.

  161. Sandra Brodeur says:

    I would like to win cash and/or gift certificates.

  162. Barb Menaldino says:

    I'd be happy to win anything! Cash would allow me flexibility to decide exactly what I want to do with a win… something practical or frivolous. Both are good! :)

  163. I would like to win cash, it would really help me catch up on my bills.

  164. Cash or electronics

  165. Cash, Cash, Cash!

  166. Cash works for my win!

  167. cash is best.

  168. I would love to win cash! Any amount is good because eventually I can save up for the car or trip.

  169. I really need cash I have 2 kids in school this year and no money for clothes or school supplies this year, hubby works at lowes and is only getting 10hrs a week.

  170. I would love to win cash!

  171. Straight cash

  172. Guylaine Gagné says:

    I'd love to win cash or voyage.

  173. I would like win my daughter loves to shop

  174. Anne Mostella says:

    Show me the money, lol!

  175. John M Worley says:

    I would love to win 100 dollars and on my Birthday today LOL.

  176. Jamie Sweeps Hodges says:

    Cash, just because it's easier to put aside the money needed to pay the taxes.

  177. cold, hard cash!

  178. Jennifer Dysart says:

    I love electronics wins, but I'll take cash any time!

  179. Kaye Mader says:

    I like cash to purchase whatever I need

  180. I love towing cash contests. They are so exciting

  181. I would like to win cash so I can pay my bills and send my son to college.

  182. I would welcome a car or cash to help purchase a car. Rene Charter

  183. cash can be converted into all those other prizes if need be, so cash it is :)

  184. Arvin Khalesi says:

    Cash! Who doesn't enjoy getting some extra money? 😛

  185. Ivy Arrington says:

    cash is always a great prize to win then you can pick your own prize or pay off sum bills.

  186. I'd most like to win cash, to pay off student loans.

  187. Cash :)

  188. Matt Butler says:

    I'm in the market for a new vehicle, so a car would be great. But day to day, cash is good too.

  189. would love to win, thanks.

  190. I WANT TO WIN.

  191. Mary M Withrow says:

    Wow, I would just buy something nice for me for a change. I always put bills first, lol.

  192. Timothy Woodard says:

    I would love to win cash only.

  193. I can't travel so I am happy with any prize from cash , gift cards and even free product coupons. I just love the "win" feeling!

  194. I would be happy with a car or cash. I;ve been entering sweeps for seven years and no big wins yet.

  195. Cathlene N D'Antuono says:

    CASH & Gift Cards!

  196. Halanna N says:

    Definitely Cash!

  197. I like to win cash!

  198. Amanda Owens says:

    Gift cards make great prizes!

  199. no doubt it would be cash! :)

  200. I'd Love to win a car! ANY CAR!

  201. I'd love to win it!

  202. Cash! Or gas giftcards are always nice to win too!

  203. Leonard C. Hume says:

    I would like to win Cash! I am retired on fixed income with little prospects to look forward to.

  204. I would like to win a million dollars. I could pay off bills, buy a car and help my grandkids.

  205. Tracy Simms says:

    CASH is good…I can use this cash for gas for our van! thanks

  206. I would like to win a car as I need a better way to et around instead of the bus.

  207. Tracy Simms says:

    I can use this for gas for our van to get to work :) thanks for the chance!

  208. I would want to win money. I need it so badly right now just to get out from under some things. Thanks!

  209. Lisa R Timblin says:

    Would have to say CASH as these days money is Tight so can Always use it, as have a kid in College so would help her out Bunches….TY:)

  210. I would love to win a Big Cash payout or a new car!

  211. Cash, but I won't turn down a car right now either 😀

  212. I love to win cash or trips that come with some spending cash.

  213. Dave Thompson says:

    I'd take the cash please.

  214. Travel! So I don't have to use it to pay bills or groceries.

  215. I would rather have cash…. A new car would be great to win but there's tax, title, license etc then I would have to sell it lol… So I can buy my kids school supplies.

  216. cash for sure! money in the bank!

  217. Lorri Slawson says:

    I like cash the best.

  218. 100.00 WOW it would make me HAPPY.

  219. Cash is always welcome.

  220. I would love to win a car.

  221. Cash is always really nice. It helps out in this crappy economy.

  222. Cash please :)

  223. Cash is always a GREAT win :)

  224. I would be thankful to win anything.

  225. Paula J. Riner Hephner says:

    I would love o win a car at this point , the transmission went out on ours.

  226. I'd love to win a trip!

  227. John Siskar says:

    Either cash or electronics as that is what I'd likely use the cash on anyway.

  228. I don't care… anything, since the most I have ever won is 0… it would just be nice to win something.

  229. Definitely cash, I'm running short on it…

  230. I have never been on an exotic vacation and am in dire need for one!

  231. Cathie Roberts Glover says:

    I would love the extra money. Any spare cash I receive goes towards our daughters education. Thank you!

  232. Noelle Simons says:

    Cash…for bills and fun!

  233. Typically, I'd probably say sweeps or gifts for kids, because I love to see my children and grandchildren smile. But I'm hoping for a cash windfall to help finance a trip to Florida to see a very ill friend.

  234. Kristin Gilbert says:

    A car, because mine is falling apart fast!

  235. I'm broke cash would be great!

  236. I would love cash or a new car.

  237. I'd love to win it in cash or an Amex/Visa GC.

  238. Cash, Yeah!

  239. Electronics or barbecue wings.

  240. Cash Sweepstakes…who couldn't use extra cash.

  241. I prefer cash, though I'd love to win a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro.

  242. Katherine Kennerly says:

    Cash! or Gift Cards.

  243. a car! money may not get spent as it should, but a car would solve a huge problem for me right now.

  244. Jeannette Harkin says:

    Cold Hard cash! that's the rewardit I'd like best!

  245. Debbie Campbell says:

    I would love to win cash for sure!

  246. Kerry Miller says:

    Would love to win a travel contest.

  247. Travel or Cash? why not both lol!

  248. Raleah Billings says:

    Cash because college is expensive..:(

  249. I would like to win cash. It seems there is never quite enough to go around. Things are really tough now.

  250. Cash is always good. I could turn that $100. Into alot more with my couponing and sales!

  251. cash

  252. Travel! We save up for vacation, but always seems to run out of money when it's all said and done. Everything is so expensive when you're away from home.

  253. Tara Jeanne Vallee says:

    Been travelling too much lately for work, so cash! That is the most versatile of all! Yaay money!

  254. Cash is always the best. We are saving for a trip to New Zealand to see our grandkids 4 and 2. They've been gone since last November and we really miss them. This would go towards our trip. Thank you for the chance to win it!

  255. Candy Iemma says:

    I love cash sweepstakes of course, you can get whatever you want. I hope I win..

  256. Travel…to Paris!

  257. Tiffany Frye Hren says:

    I would love to win a car because, I could sell it for a down payment on a new place for that has 3 bedrooms so that both of my kids could have their own room. My girl would be able to have a girl room and my boy a boyish room. Or enough cash to do the same! Thanks!

  258. I would love to win cash or gift cards!

  259. Cash is always good.

  260. Straight cash homie.

  261. I could use that for my kids.

  262. Jordan Sweeps says:

    Cash, all the way. My first child is due in 4 months, and we have a lot to buy.

  263. Addrienne Anny Mertens says:

    hmm id get shoes!

  264. Sarah Scott says:

    I'd most like to win is cash. I have tons of bills to pay and I can't find a job so cash is definitely what I'd love to win most.

  265. Darlene Hunt says:

    cash? did someone say cash? sign me up…

  266. Travel, car, or cash would be great… I'm not picky!

  267. Cash is always great but so are gift cards. Would love to win, thank-you!

  268. can't go wrong with cash!

  269. Larry Meinecke says:

    I would like to cash or travel.

  270. Elena Meadowcroft says:

    cash and electronics are both nice to win!

  271. Randi Ross says:

    That would be sweet.

  272. Sappho Winder says:

    Cash is number one right now!!

  273. I.would definitely love to win cash because I could put it towards my student loans so can eventually do back to school

  274. I'd like to win cash.

  275. I would love to win cash.

  276. Samantha Eldridge says:

    I'd love to win cash & kitchen appliances (mixer, blender, etc…..)

  277. Jules Smith says:

    I guess cash. But electronic would be nice too!

  278. Betty Raymer says:

    All of the above!

  279. I would love to win a car, then some cash would be nice!

  280. I would like to win cash because then I can use it in any way that I need or want to.

  281. I like to win cas and trips.

  282. I would love to win a trip but cash sweepstakes are really nice.

  283. Beverley Justice says:

    Buy groceries.

  284. I want to win cash, I've been waiting for that cash winning e-mail or call.

  285. I would like to win cash, its better to do what you wants with it.

  286. Cash is always good.

  287. Diana Reynolds says:

    I love cash sweepstakes. I can spend it on whatever I want. Thanks!

  288. Katherine Kopec Burton says:

    Cash always works as well as electronics.

  289. I would love to win either.

  290. Robert Hogan says:

    I'd like to win my own private island.

  291. I like to win—so much fun more than anything I know–let me win, win, and win again!

  292. Kelly Boyd says:

    I would love to win any kind of sweepstakes but I think cash is probably the most practical.

  293. Sheena Dhillon says:

    Awesome, thanks for the opportunity.

  294. Michelle Fuller says:

    I would love to win a dream trip to Instanbul, Turkey or any exotic destination.

  295. Annette Broxton says:

    I would love to win cash to help my family!

  296. Pork Chop says:

    i could use 100$

  297. Hannah Beck says:

    $$$ Cash! $$$

  298. Hannah Beck says:

    $$$ Cash! $$$

  299. Karen Lopez says:

    Would love to win cash. Have bills to pay and never seen to have enough.

  300. Bridget LaPorta Merker says:

    I would love to win cash or an trip!

  301. I need a new car.

  302. Kris Rodriguez says:

    Cash sweepstakes are good but a car wold be great!

  303. I love Mr. Franklin………………

  304. I would like to win the $100,00. I would use it for my medicine crestor, prevacid,& blood pressure pills.

  305. Electronics or a car.

  306. Alan Tong says:

    I would love to win cash! Thanks!

  307. Kimberly Stocking says:


  308. Joanne P Quarz says:

    I'd get a mani-pedi.

  309. Dan Farley says:

    I want cash please.

  310. Steven Paul Hines says:

    I like to win cash, it helps pay my bills off…

  311. I would definitely like to win some electronics – a KitchenAid Mixer or IPad would be great! Thanks so much for the chance!

  312. ca$h!

  313. Definitely cash. Then I can pick my own prize, lol. But I'm usually short of it anyway.

  314. Cash always wins

  315. Tamara Budd says:

    Winning an iPad would be cool but I would really love to win cash.

  316. Would love cash so I can spend it on something for me.

  317. sounds nice hope to win :)

  318. Carin Brizzi says:

    CASH! :)

  319. I really need to win CASH! I've been unemployed for 3 years now and all savings have run out!

  320. I want money , money , money baby!

  321. Cash is always nice.


  323. Thomas Cotnoir says:

    cash please

  324. Jeff Morgan says:

    Cash of course.

  325. Rosie LaVertue says:

    Good luck to everyone.

  326. I would love to win cash need extra cash to pay off my credit cards

  327. I would like to win a ipad.

  328. 100.00 would be a bill for me so I would like to win today!

  329. Ken Allery says:

    cash is my friend if I win butt If not then anything that I can drive or use butt cash If possible.

  330. Nichelle Clemons says:

    Cash is king.

  331. Would put the money on my bills! Would be great to win!

  332. cash or a car :)

  333. I would love to win cash or electronics.

  334. MsDale Gallaway says:

    Yes I could use $100 since I just had to throw out all my perishable food.

  335. cash!

  336. I would like to win cash to catch up on bills.

  337. I would love to win travel. anywhere anytime.

  338. I would like to win an electronic device: a laptop, an ipad, a kindle fire, etc.

  339. always need cash! thx!

  340. I would love to have cash, poor grad student here!

  341. I love to enter and win travel sweepstakes! And beauty!

  342. Cash is good

  343. cash to buy my wife something nice.

  344. Cash, definitely cash….can do what I want with it.

  345. Cash is king, always can find something to use it for!

  346. I would like to win cash. It's always needed.

  347. I would buy my great nephew a wonderful 2nd birthday present!

  348. Cash is my favorite, but travel is always nice because a lot of the time they are trips I could never afford!

  349. Gina Lockwood says:

    I Like the Cash Sweepstakes but Hey the Car would be Great too lol :)).

  350. I always prefer cash wins over anything else.

  351. cold hard cash.

  352. Toni Haffey says:

    I would like to win cash,to put away for my grandchildren to help with their collage fees.

  353. nothing-but nothing ever beats CASH!

  354. Angel JB Bello says:

    Mostly electronics. Although cash is always welcome XD.

  355. I'm holding out for a car. my oldest daughter, Chloe, who I'm trying to win it for. I figure I have four yrs before she can drive, so I have time. I would love to give that girl a new car for her 16th birthday!

  356. Wendy Duckduck says:

    Cash for sure!

  357. Lisa-Dawn Crawley says:

    I love cash but also would LOVE to win a trip!

  358. Cash is my favorite prize! Who couldn't use cash?

  359. the cash ones, because extra money is always welcome, especially these days!

  360. Margaret Maggie Porter says:

    I would love to win a car!

  361. I would like to win a trip to a foreign country, because I would love to explore the world!

  362. Cash or car, I could really use them both

  363. Angelo Augustine says:

    cold hard cash.

  364. Travel and cash sweeps are the ones I like.

  365. Stephanie Yewdell says:

    Travel because it takes the hassel out of planning a vacay if you already know where you are going. And we never reward ourselves enough.

  366. That's just the amount I need today too! What a coincidence!

  367. I would like to win some cash. Money is short for me right now….Charleston, South Carolina.

  368. Cash is ALWAYS good but a new Camaro wouldn't be bad either!

  369. Aivee Sison says:

    Cash! Then I'll buy the electronics that I want.

  370. Cynthia Washington says:

    Right now I'm off work for the summer. A cash sweepstakes would be a blessing. Thank you.

  371. I would like to win cash.

  372. Cash! It is nonnegotiable and accepted anywhere on the planet.

  373. Stacey Aversing says:

    I would prefer to win cash!

  374. Bina C Edwards says:

    biggest cash win was $2500 from and I've won two trips now, tons of electronics, so its my turn to win a vehicle.

  375. I would love to win $100.00, I can always use the money.

  376. itunes gift cards are my favorite!

  377. Nancy Davidson says:


  378. Katt Wagner says:

    I would like to win cash as well. Money for bills!

  379. I love travel best.

  380. I would love to win so I can catch up on Bills that are over due!

  381. Cash for sure! Then I could decide if I want to buy the other stuff or just pay off bills, paying off bills is always first priority!

  382. Cash. Although anything is good. :-)

  383. would be really nice! Can always use some extra cash, especially on Social Security.

  384. Iwant to win cash!

  385. Brian VanDongen says:

    As a poor recent college graduate, cash is always good.

  386. cash I could use the money we are retired and may COD bless all of you.

  387. MsTootsie Pop says:

    I would love to win electronics

  388. At the moment, I am wishing for a cash prize to pay off some credit card/student loan debt, or a trip for some relaxation! :)

  389. Christine Creamer says:

    Cash is best!

  390. Elif Erin Soliman says:

    I would love to win cash being a mom with 3 kids is hard on the pocket book.

  391. Cash! Could use some to get me and the kids through the summer…

  392. Karen Luerssen says:

    Cash would be my first choice, though anything won can always be sold for cash!

  393. Cash or Car would both be nice :) I would die winning either one. lol

  394. I prefer money over anything else.

  395. money is what I need – no trips for me.

  396. Cash, cash, cash.

  397. CASH * CASH * CASH!

  398. Crystal Donahue says:

    I would like to win vacations… I have enough money to cover my expenses but never usually enough left over for a family get-a-way.

  399. Michael Wright says:

    I would love to win anything at all, I appreciate all the great opportunities.

  400. Sheridan Sweeps Jess says:

    It's 100+ degrees outside and I have to ride my bike everywhere. I would choose a car, for sure.

  401. I would like to win $100, invest it, and turn it into $1,000 cash.

  402. I would love cash or electronics.

  403. Cash and Travel. My 2 favs.

  404. Ana Lara says:

    I like to win Cash!

  405. I would most like to win a trip to Hawaii!

  406. Electronics or cash anything free is great.

  407. free money is always good.

  408. cash money!

  409. Trisha Blair says:

    I'd most likely love to win cold hard cash!

  410. Shannon Schulte says:

    Cash or Cars!

  411. Travel is my thing. Cruises especially, other continents, big cities. pretty villages. Beaches, Mountains, festivals, you name it!

  412. Top of my list would be a MacBook Pro so that I can support my little guys by creating Digital Art! Next up would be cash to buy said MacBook! Then a vacation would be amazing so I could spend time with my boys & relax after working so hard on my Digital Art biz! Thanks for the fun! 😀

  413. always cash, money, moola, denero.

  414. Cash. I sure could use it!

  415. Cash is always good. However, school will be starting back up next month. I would spend the money to help buy things that my children need for school.

  416. Barbara Covert says:

    Cash would be awesome. Who couldn't use some extra money? :)

  417. Laurel Simmons says:

    Cash or gift cards are my favorite. :)

  418. I would like to win cash.

  419. TxTerri Sweeps says:

    Money, money, money… mon-ey!

  420. Justin York says:

    Show me the cash money so I could use it for whatever I wished..


  422. Solomon Griffin says:

    Would be great to have $100 in gas :)

  423. Jennifer Thompson says:


  424. I would love to win cash, a car, electronics.

  425. cash or gift card are always the best kind! That way you can get whatever you may need at the time or splurge on yourself. :)

  426. Stacey Jill Schaffner says:

    cash! Of course!

  427. Jackie Carlos says:

    I'd love to win cash.

  428. I love to win cash the best but wouldn't mind a car.

  429. David Lintz says:

    Cash is king.

  430. Sonya Miller says:

    I would like to win a car sweepstakes because I currently don't have a car. :)

  431. Thomas Cole says:

    Cash! It is nonnegotiable and accepted anywhere on the planet.

  432. wow How cool I could have me a nice BBQ with that! Thinking yummy ribs!

  433. Teresa Maloney Lambert says:

    Cash would be nice.

  434. Spankie Way says:

    Would love to win, My grandson's birthday is around the corner.

  435. Ashley Stevens says:


  436. Michelle Marie says:

    Visa or Amex gift card

  437. I love to see cash & TY for the sweepstakes.

  438. Janel Myers says:

    I would most like to win cash–it's the most useful for me.

  439. I would like to win cash….that way I can travel to a destination I have always wanted to see!

  440. CASH IS KING! =}

  441. Ben Fisher says:

    Definitely cash. Cash is the only commodity that can duplicate itself!

  442. Cash, Cash, Cash…..I never seem to have enough….

  443. Cash sweepstakes

  444. Cash or gift crads are my pick.

  445. Veronica Depew says:

    Fix my car and finish my kitchen.

  446. Cash for sure- I have a lot of expenses that a little extra cash would really help me out.

  447. Cash is King, so of course I would take the cash.

  448. Markisa Griffin Maurer says:

    a vacation for me and hubby :)

  449. Kristina Louise says:

    A car please I've never had access to a car to drive myself to work or anyplace!

  450. Cash will be PERFECT!

  451. Barbara Nolan says:

    Cash. Cash is King!

  452. I would say 'CASH' would be the kind I would want to win,.,….

  453. Lucia Bayne says:


  454. I would love to win cash or electronics.

  455. Janet Sonnen says:

    My granddaughter birthday is this month and it would help make that day special.

  456. I would say cash cause it can be hard to find time to travel

  457. Sherrill Franklin says:

    Cash is always number one on my list!

  458. Pamela Halligan says:

    I'd most like to win cash. At the moment, my husband and I are both unemployed. The Lord has blessed us, and I believe he will continue to do so. Why not with some much needed cash?

  459. I'd prefer cash.

  460. cash would be great.

  461. Hmmm… a car would be lovely, yet cash has an allure all it's own. :-)

  462. Sonia Armstrong says:

    Cold hard cash wins every time!

  463. I would love to win travel or a car. It would be lovely o take my family on a vacation somewhere we cant afford to go to now, which really is nowhere (I'm partially disabled) or I would love a new RELIABLE vehicle being I have to daughter who are constantly in the car ith me something not leavig us stranded or without money due to constant rpairs.

  464. Cash is always best because you can do whatever you want with it.

  465. Cash for non-traditional college expenses OR a car would work! I have not had a car for 3 1/2 years and desperately need one. //

  466. D'Ann Fitch Hedges says:

    Id prefer cash.

  467. Sean McCall says:

    Cash! It's transformative. It can be travel, or electronics ar food ect….

  468. A new car would be sweet!

  469. Moe Sander says:

    Came back from the VA didn't get great news…but my Sweetie is still pain free…so while he isI would love to win anything and we would cellebrate a great deal…if a trip itwould be great…If a car fantastic too and cash is alway's a plus…

  470. Bobbie Julian Meek says:

    Cash, lots and lots of cash.

  471. Cindy Batchelor says:

    Cash for sure! thanks for the great contest! xo

  472. Christine M Tubbytelly says:

    Cash is the best.

  473. I would really love to win this.

  474. Helen Stockwell says:

    IT would help me with some of my bills this month!

  475. I'd most definitely like to win cash, I can always use it, then again, who couldn't?

  476. Cash, you can buy what you need with that. We can all use a little more money!

  477. Sure I would like to win. Bring it on.

  478. Joshua N Christi James says:

    Cash is always the best! Have a bill I really need to pay.

  479. I want the cash.

  480. Cash is always great!

  481. Jennifer Sagan says:

    I would love to win cash.

  482. Cash, baby, 'cause it pays the bills!

  483. Bev Rick Reynolds says:

    Cash is always KING!

  484. Sadrina Cassiopeia says:

    either cash or electronics. am in need for more books! :)

  485. Would love to win a new car; Mine is getting old.

  486. cash

  487. Brenda M Diaz says:

    Travel. Because money is more likely to be spent frivolously, whereas a trip is already all set up for you and ready to go.

  488. Joan Steiner Kreckman says:

    I would be nice to go shopping for clothes.

  489. cash is good! could use it for sure!

  490. Cash who couldn't use cash…

  491. I would Love to win cash and electronics of course but winning an amazing vacation would be fantastic too.

  492. I would rather win cash, so that I can spend it however I like. Electronics and cars are nice, but I'd rather have the cash so I can spend it on exactly what I want.

  493. Cash. Never have enough for bills.

  494. Avinash Kumar says:

    Cash or electronics! I love to try new gadgets :) :)

  495. Avinash Kumar says:

    Cash & electronics!

  496. I'd like to win a travel or car sweepstakes.

  497. CASH

  498. Mark Gilbert says:

    Cash! then I get to decide what I would like to spend it on.

  499. A new car or cash!

  500. trip to Costa Rica.

  501. cash baby!

  502. Cash is always the best! You can spend it on whatever you want! There are always unexpected expenses!

  503. Travel-would love to take my two teen aged boys on a cruise!

  504. Linda Kubala says:

    I would love to win cash, that would help pay off some medical bills. I gave up a long time ago on the car contests.

  505. CASH!!!! CASH!!!!!! ALWAYS NEED CASH!!!! : )

  506. Ben Jackson says:

    I would most like to win cash :)

  507. cash, cash, cash, ooooooh! I need it.

  508. Rita Alarcon says:

    To win a car is my biggest sweepstakes dream!

  509. Jennifer Caskie says:

    I would love to win a contest with someone who has had great success! Someone who could help me to advance with their wisdom. That way I can have enough success and money to always get what I need and want. However, if the contest is cash, trips, clothes, cruises or even just a candy bar it is all a blessing that the winner did not have to begin with and I am grateful and very thankful for it.

  510. Heidi Burns says:

    I would love to win some cash!!!

  511. Could always use cash, but would love to win a trip to some exotic location!

  512. I would like to winn cash

  513. Cash is at the top of the list. Always have to pay the bills.

  514. Cash is at the top of the list. Always have to pay the bills.

  515. I would love either cash or travel.

  516. Justin Gallo says:

    I'd like a vacation or cash to pay for one.

  517. Justin Gallo says:

    I'd like a vacation or cash to pay for one.

  518. I like this!

  519. I always need cash but a car or a trip would be AMAZING!

  520. Bills bills,bills,help,just from my hands to theirs

  521. cash or car:) who doesn't want to cruise around in a new car, or go shopppppping! 😀

  522. Cash! always broke!

  523. I would like to win cash because it would help me pay up some things!

  524. Carmen Davis says:

    I enter all of them, so I guess I don't have a preference. 😉

  525. Id like to win cash for clothing .. I have myself and my hubby who love shoes and my two precious gems that ask for tok much and soon ill have one more due on July 20.. so think anything will help..

  526. BrieAnn Davis Schmidt says:

    Cash, then I can use it for anything.

  527. First of all I would like to win ordinary cash. And so they find a competent application – not a big problem.

  528. Celia Husmann says:

    A CAR! Or an Ipad! OR CASH!

  529. I would love to win a new car. My oldest sister has been using mine and I would love to be able to just give it to her.

  530. CASH!

  531. Cash is always excellent :)

  532. Cash

  533. Padma Priya says:

    I like to win cash..

  534. I would love to win a car, the bus is always busy in the morning and smells of sweat and too much perfume lol.

  535. Christy Curran says:

    I've been entering sweepstakes for thirty years so I would say…..Anything.
    would make me happy. Every day we all try to win something and sometimes it.
    takes along time. Don't give up because the big ones coming…CASH!

  536. Paul Feenstra says:

    Like most people, I'd prefer to win cash!

  537. Marylou Sakosky says:

    Winning 100 means I live on more than 800 a month..i live on 900! what a deal and I can buy all the therapy for the month to help me in my quest to get over life support since lifesupport ,, had phnemonia Good luck all who enter and thank you Rewardit.

    • Cindy Perkins Hensley says:

      Sorry I'm giggling babe. Funny, how once you've been in intensive care, living on small $$$'s seems like small stuff, doesn't it!?

  538. I would love cash. You can use it for anything. Thank you!

  539. Although I need a car, and electronics are fun, cash can be used anywhere. Cash.

  540. I would like to win cash of course. But winning anything is always a thrill.

  541. Kellie Kluger says:

    I would use the cash for our vacation coming up!

  542. I would like to win cash then decide what to spend it on.

  543. Anne Derkat says:

    Cash is best.

  544. Allan Chinn says:

    Cash is good, but I really want a Kindle Fire (already have an iPad).

  545. $$$!

  546. it would not matter to me anytime I win it is a surprise but cash is special because you can do what you want.

  547. CASH!

  548. and anything offered to win…

  549. Ed Totleben Jr says:

    Cash or gifr cards sound good… : )

  550. I would love to win cash!

  551. would be most grateful for a cash win….

  552. Karen Munro says:

    Summer time…always could use more cash at this time of year!

  553. Would love to win anything, but cash is king! Could always use some extra money! Thanks

  554. I would like to win; ALL OF THE ABOVE.

  555. Kelli Avery says:

    I have never won a sweepstakes, so at this point, I have no preference. I would be happy winning electronics, car, travel, heck even a T-Shirt lol.

  556. Beggars can't be picky, I'll take any kind of winnings.

  557. Julane Jenison says:

    I would like to win cash!

  558. Lisa Green says:

    I would love to win a travel sweepstakes cause I just got married and we couldn't have a honeymoon.

  559. I would like to win either cash or cool electronics.

  560. I would love to win cash, and who wouldn't? Cash is accepted everywhere!

  561. A cash card would be nice, travel would be better and a car, well that would be sweet!

  562. Karen Brunson says:


  563. Dale McIntyre says:

    Cash. Show me the money!

  564. I would love to win a trip or cash and would also be thrilled to win the $100 cash. :)

  565. Navi Singh says:

    money is money anything that helps with bills.

  566. Cash is always good!

  567. Cash is #1.

  568. Angela Akinniyi says:

    An American Express gift card $100+.

  569. A Beach house!

  570. Cash is always number #1…………

  571. I love to win cash, but any win makes me happy.

  572. Hanni-Rex Prime says:

    I would like to win anything! Anything is better than nothing. But a car would be optimal. The car my man uses to get to work is slowly falling apart. The most recent loss was the catalytic converter, making it sound like a jet engine going down the road lol.

  573. Cash. Unless it's not enough cash to really use on something fun.

  574. I'd love to win cash or electronics.

  575. great prize, I love to win cash, trips, electronics.

  576. I need a vacation! Let's have some travel. :)

  577. Cold Hard Cash! You can get whatever you need with it!

  578. Raymond Seto says:

    I normally would like to win electronics, with money as a close second. :)

  579. Cash or a high-end computer. Thank you.

  580. great prize

  581. Thom Kennedy says:


  582. Terry Cross says:

    Winning anything is great but cash is the best.

  583. cash!

  584. cash all the way.

  585. Fiona N Sheraz Hoosaney says:

    Cash For Sure but not in paypal..

  586. I would love to win a car! Cash is great too.

  587. Cash!

  588. Cash, if you please! Thank you kindly!

  589. Cash is King!

  590. Denise Zech Ozment says:

    Winning cash is always good. Can pay off bills, buy something special or take a trip.

  591. I would like to win cash…

  592. Cash. It does not buy happiness, but it sure helps.

  593. I would like to win in cash or electronics.

  594. I like cash.

  595. I enter them all but right now I could really use a car.

  596. I would love to win cash, i'm always short, my money tree never replenishes it self, can't even find it.

  597. Cash With cah you can buy a car, a kinle, a ipad etc.

  598. Cash

  599. Cash, gift cards, or electronics. but ANYTHING Is awesome! Thank you!

  600. Cash or electronics!

  601. Chris Shari Alligood says:

    I'd love to win cash which is always nice but would really love to win electronics or gift cards.

  602. Kathy Brower says:


  603. Kristine Santos says:

    I would most like to win cash! That way I could use it for what ever I needed Or wanted too!

  604. Money, money, money…. Please

  605. Tanja Tucker says:

    I could stand to win cash, or a nice electronic item. Maybe a car, since mine decided to move on to the great junkyard in the sky.

  606. Debbie Lord says:

    I would love to win some cash.

  607. I would be stoked to win anything! But, if I have to pick, it would probably be cash, with that I can choose electronics, travel, clothes…whatever!


  609. I'd like to win a car because I need one, but winning the money is a great start lol.

  610. I would appreciate what ever I would win, cause I 've never won anything big!

  611. I'd love to win some cash right about now for my kids & I. We really could use it. :-(

  612. Brenda Truex says:

    Electronics or cash! I love them both….

  613. Rick Smith says:

    It would be nice to have a little ice cream party with family because of the heat and humidity.

  614. June Castle says:

    I'd really love to win cash. The other prizes are great also. But with cash you can pick out what you want or where you want to go.

  615. Lawrence Gross says:


  616. Michael Ramalhete says:

    Cash Baby!

  617. Lynn Murphy Mosteller says:

    Cash. Massage envy would be my place to go!

  618. Jacqueline Ivy Boyter says:

    Winning anything is fun, but cash can help me get whatever it is I am needing or wanting at the moment!

  619. I would love to win cash, or an iPad3 or anything. :) Pick me!

  620. Debbie Chamberlain-Rothenwander says:

    Love to win cash or electronics, OR anything for that matter..

  621. cash is king!

  622. I would love to win cash – which I would then spend on travel :)

  623. I would appreciate winning. Thanks

  624. Show me the MONEY lol

  625. Cash is always nice!

  626. Rebecca Oakleaf says:

    Right now cash or washer/dryer.

  627. Nicholas Couffin says:

    cash or car.

  628. cash and a powerful gaming pc.

  629. Today is my birthday and cash would do me just fine.

  630. Melanie Huttner says:

    I would most like to win a vacation!

  631. Karen Casey Oliva says:


  632. Allyson Odell says:

    I'd definitely like to win cash since I have a lot of bills to pay. Cash is universal and can get you whatever you're needing at the time. :)

  633. In today cost we all need cash.

  634. I would love to win cash sweepstakes because I could use the money anyway I needed it.

  635. I would love to take the boys to one of those indoor water park hotels so I would love a travel sweepstakes win.

  636. Andy Glass says:

    who wouldn't like some travel courtesy of rewardit?

  637. Shay Pyra TriniBaby says:

    I would like to win Cash to help my mom out with bills and/or electronics because I would like to have a n iphone or ipod.

  638. cash or prepaid gift card!

  639. cash or prepaid gift card!

  640. Cash is always good!

  641. Dondi Rae says:

    Electronics my computer is really old.

  642. Gift cards so I can buy what I want :)

  643. I would like to win cash, so I could buy something nice for our home.

  644. Most definitely a vacation for sure! I love to travel.

  645. A car would be nice.

  646. I would like to win cash or some electronic gadget.

  647. Joanne Dibenedetto-Beal says:

    I would LOVE to win either a CAR or an Ipad3

  648. I would love to win. I sure could use it.

  649. I would love to win cash it can be used to buy all sorts of items!

  650. Christine Francoli says:

    I would love to win cash.

  651. Cash you can buy more with.

  652. Cash so I can pay off some bills.

  653. I'd love to pay my bills!

  654. Christine Smith says:

    I'd like to win cash or travel!

  655. I love to win cash prizes!

  656. I would like win a Car, so I can pass my present vehicle to my Son whom is starting college next month. Thank you.

  657. cash is always best lol

  658. Money right now would be the best thing for me to win.. Not having the best of luck lately with alot of things. Money does not bring happiness and I know that but it would help me greatly to get back on my feet.. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to all.

  659. Jacob Peterman says:

    I would love to win cash or electronics.

  660. Nicholas Sagginario says:

    Cash sweepstakes

  661. l would love to win a carit would make my life much more easy to find work.

  662. Gail Purkins says:

    Would love to win cash.

  663. Car

  664. Car

  665. IPad, cash, car

  666. I would love to win cash although I would really be happy with any of the choices!

  667. CASH is what I want to win. Whoa!

  668. CASH or a car! Yay!

  669. Linda Clineman says:


  670. Cash

  671. Jean Craven says:

    I really need the cash thank you.

  672. I would love to win anythimg.

  673. Karen Mosteller Grantham says:

    I would love to win cash. I can spend it anywhere :)

  674. Isabelle Simard says:

    I'ld like to win a Visa card with full money on it. This way I'ld can buy a lot of useful stuff for my family. My oldest is going to school this fall and I'll need money money ;).

  675. Cash


  677. During these times, cash is always wonderful!

  678. I could use cash and a car since I need both badly. Cash to get place to live and a car to find and keep a job.

  679. Douglas Houston says:

    Cash is King.

  680. I would like to win either cash or a new car..I don't have one so it would be nice to win a new car..

  681. Cash is always a winner!

  682. That would go a long way for gas this summer.

  683. Brian Yankello says:

    cash is the best.

  684. cash is king! I would buy some barbecue supplies with an extra $100.

  685. Cash of course. I love gift cards too.

  686. Brandie Schmidt says:

    I would def. use it to help get my oldest two new shoes they need badly.

  687. Colleen M Cole says:

    I'd love to win a car!

  688. Sparky Cox says:

    I would love to win a cash sweepstakes, i am disabled fighting disability for some income and my bills just keep pileing up :(

  689. Amy Richard says:

    I get giddy when I win anything haha… but my dream prize would definitely be like an amazing trip or a large sum of cash 😀

  690. Money is my choice.

  691. Kelly Stills says:

    Cash is ALWAYS good!

  692. I would love to win cash, or a car.

  693. I would love to win a car!

  694. Tara Barry says:

    A win in any shape is my favorite!

  695. Retired now. Plenty of time to travel.

  696. Sara Kohlmeier says:

    Cash is the most helpful. Thanks for the chance!

  697. I would like to win a cash or car sweepstakes so I can share my blessing with those that are waiting on their blessings to come. To do what God created me to do in accordance with His Will and Way…

  698. Cash! Thanks for the chance to win.

  699. Stacey Sirtak says:

    I would most want to win CASH!

  700. The kind of sweepstakes I would most like to win is cash!

  701. Jessica Kiel says:

    Love to win a trip somewhere, but cash would get me there too!

  702. Definitely a cash contest, so I could use it on things I need.

  703. I like CASH sweepstakes!

  704. Cash is always the best! Thanks!

  705. I'd most like to win a cash sweepstakes!

  706. Cash or electronics

  707. Cash is King.

  708. I would really love to win a travel prize to a lovely beachfront location in the keys.

  709. Cash

  710. Linda Kwolek says:

    Cash or Amazon credit.

  711. Need this badly!

  712. Rosalie Kubik Ferris says:

    I would most like to win anything (car, trip, thousands in cash) where the sponsor has also seen fit to pay the taxes on the prize. I was blessed to have won a car last year but couldn't afford to keep it because of all the taxes incurred. I STILL owe state taxes on it because it doubled my income.

  713. Cash is King!

  714. Money talks!

  715. Lloyd McKay says:

    cash would be nice prize. I usually win tickets to a movie or concert from my local radio station.

  716. I'd like to win electronics, but cash is a close second.

  717. cash is nice–bring it to daddy..

  718. Cash is the best for sure – then you can use it for any of the other things you want.

  719. I would love to win cash, sweet hard cold cash. Ive won just about everything else even food.

  720. glad the winner was in the west wish it was me.

  721. Has to be cash to help with all the bills! Thank you for a chance to win!

  722. cash so I could travel.

  723. Cash because it can buy the necessities and the things I want

  724. Andy Knox says:

    cash, duh

  725. I need a new TV as ours crashed, but I prefer to win cash.

  726. Svetoslav Philipovski says:


  727. cash…so many things to pay for and not enough cash to go around!

  728. Cash, Would cover what we want if it is enough, we want to go to Hawaii, my daughter needs a computer and I need A new one.

  729. I would love to win cash of course this could help in such a variety of ways.

  730. cash!

  731. Nadine Forget Gearhart says:

    I would love to win some green but I am up to winning anything offered. It's lots of fun either way.

  732. a car contest with taxes paid.

  733. Prepaid Visa card.

  734. $$$

  735. I'd love to win cash or electronics since I don't have a lot of either.

  736. Kathy DeCicco says:

    Show me the money!

  737. cash

  738. Sol Griffin Jr says:

    But I could use it to buy groceries.

  739. Victoria Snyder says:

    I Would like to win cash!

  740. Cash, that way there's a way to pay the taxes on the winnings.

  741. Sol Griffin Jr says:

    Extra cash is aways nice to have :)

  742. Fritz Mueller says:

    I would prefer to win cash!

  743. Travel…I need a vacation:)

  744. I would like to win cash! I think that would be the best!

  745. Marlene Serkin says:

    Money always comes in handy.

  746. I would want cash, I'm buried with debts, and I'm only 20 years old.

  747. Chris Barrett says:

    Cash , can do more with.

  748. Doug Garfinkel says:

    A new car or cash.

  749. Colleen Boudreau says:


  750. Angela Harris Wilson says:

    cash, cash or cash.

  751. Michelle Oakley Warner says:

    I would love to win a kitchen makeover, that would be awsome.

  752. Carol Norton says:

    visa/amex gift cards are great!

  753. Cash, of course, that way u can get travel, cars, electronics ect!

  754. Cash is great, but I would absolutely love to win a trip to Italy. I've been dreaming of going to Europe for years.

  755. Mark Colacioppo says:

    Cash sweepstakes are always nice.

  756. cash for sure.

  757. CASH IS KING.

  758. cash rules but gift cards are great too!

  759. Cash is best!

  760. I love winning.

  761. any kind of gift card.

  762. Michael McLane says:

    Cash sweeps are the best.

  763. id like to win restruant gift cards!

  764. I would like to win kitchen appliances.

  765. Kim Henrichs says:

    I would love to win cash!

  766. Lilian Chirino Bonilla says:


  767. a car!

  768. Richard Magdefrau says:


  769. cash

  770. I would love to win money of course.

  771. I want to win a luxury car… :)

  772. Cash

  773. Chuck Bolster says:

    cash is best.

  774. Cash prizes are best, then I can decide what I need the most later.

  775. I would most want to Win a Cash Contest. I have never won Cash in a contest so I guess I'm Due to win one!

  776. I would like to win cash or gift card prizes to shop online.

  777. money is always nice.

  778. Candice Montgomery says:

    Cash or electronics, though the only one's I ever seem to win are for event tickets.

  779. I would cash……….

  780. I would love to win cash as then I could pay off some bills!

  781. I would like to win cash!

  782. Joyce Bogoian says:

    Cash or electronics.

  783. Ipad

  784. Koupon Kat says:

    I love winning gift cards.

  785. Tom McMahon says:


  786. Linda Howard says:


  787. Cash is always King! TY!

  788. Michael Bryant says:

    Cash is always King! TY!

  789. cash is my favorite to win!

  790. Sharlene Cook Neyman says:

    I'd love to win cash!

  791. Cash

  792. I would love to win a whole house full of new flooring. Oh, how I would enjoy that!

  793. Cash

  794. Rachel Green says:

    A sweepstakes I'd most like to win is one for a stellar trip.

  795. cash!

  796. I would absolutely love to win a trip to Disney World! That is on my sweep bucket list for sure!

  797. I would absolutely love to win a trip to Disney World! That is on my sweep bucket list for sure!

  798. Blair Roden says:

    I would absolutely love to win a trip to Disney World! That is on my sweep bucket list for sure!