Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes

The holiday of love is almost upon us again. Everyone loves to spend a special night with their loved one. Nothing says love like a romantic dinner, an enormous stuffed bear and candy! Everyone also loves to win. In addition to spending time with the love of your life, why not take a chance and win a Valentine’s Day sweepstakes.

Enter one of the great Valentine’d Day sweepstakes found around the web. Maybe, in addition to love, you find luck, too! Or Valentines_Bearmaybe you find freedom. One lawyer in Michigan is giving away a free divorce for Valentine’s Day this year. IF you are looking to get a divorce, but money was holding you back, enter the Free Divorce for Valentine’s Day sweepstakes. Attorney Walter H. Bentley III of Southfield, Mich., will be offering a lucky client a Valentine’s Day special, one lucky winner will get a free divorce.

Other Great Valentines Sweepstakes online:

Exergen – Love Bug Temperature Challenge Sweepstakes Enter Exergen’s Love Bug Temperature Challenge Sweepstakes for 2013 and you could win one of 32 instant prizes of an Exergen Temporal Thermometer or the grand prize of a gift card to Tiffany’s or two iPad minis and a chance to win $50,000. Deadline is 2/13/13. You must be 18 years or older and in the US. Enter now.

Victoria’s Secret – My Very Sexy Valentine Sweepstakes Enter Victoria’s Secret’s My Very Sexy Valentine Sweepstakes and you could win a trip to Hawaii or hundreds of Victoria’s Secret gift cards. Deadline is 2/14/13 at 11:59 EST. Must be 18 years old and a resident of the US, PR or Canada. Void in Quebec. Enter now.

Kay Jewelers – Open Hearts Valentine’s Day Event Sweepstakes Enter Kay Jewelers’ Open Hearts Valentine’s Day Event Sweepstakes and you could win a romantic trip for two to Paris, France or weekly prizes. Deadline is 2/14/13 at 4:00 EST.Must be 18 years old. US only. Enter now.

Godiva – Share the Love Sweepstakes Enter Godiva’s Share the Love Sweepstakes and you could win Godiva chocolates for yourself and up to 500 of your Facebook fans. Each of the ten prizes is worth up to $15,000. Must be 16 years old and its open to residents of the US and Canada. Deadline is 2/14/13 11:59 EST. Enter for a chance to win now!

Speak Your Mind


  1. Michael Williams says:

    I hope I win!

  2. The Day Off!

  3. I wanted to visit my son and his gf and that is what I did.

  4. LaTanya Thornhill says:

    To go out to eat at nice restaurant.

  5. Kylee Ayers says:

    a vacation!

  6. I want a nice day n dinner n flowers.

  7. Amanda Robinson says:

    I want to share my love and gifts to my family and friends

  8. I want to be skinny and eat chocolate. Not happening!

  9. chocolate and perfume.

  10. Chocolate

  11. Laura Moretti says:

    Flowers, lots of them!

  12. Pamela Johnson says:

    just a day with my CutiePie.

  13. Martin J Wright-Mcclure says:

    I would love someone to sort my wife's back out as she is in so much pain and there's nothing I can do to feel better.

  14. I want to find a girl who love me!

  15. Chocolate! :p

  16. I would like dinner in Boston. Maybe at the prudential.

  17. I would love to have a nice back massage from hubby – my back is killing me. Of course a little chocolate would be nice, too.

  18. Wanda Robertson says:

    Surrounded by Family! Chocolate would be a nice touch also…. Love my Family.

  19. I want a dive watch.

  20. Peace on earth.

  21. I would love to have one weekend to spend with my Husband in Ocean Shores Washington for our 28th wedding anniversary. thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Lisa Paone says:

    I'd give anything for the love of my life to return to me. He was taken from this Earth far too soon.

  23. Megan McKean says:

    good company

  24. chocolate

  25. Love!

  26. Nice dinner and wine.

  27. Melissa Tague says:

    Love, love is all I need. <3

  28. Money would be nice…

  29. I just want to spend time with my family

  30. Patty Ann Nevers says:

    I received a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cake.

  31. Eileen Richter says:

    Just what I wanted and expected, dinner out and a movie at home!

  32. Barbara Kirshner says:

    Staying home a going to watch a Movie!

  33. My sweetheart of 37 years and a quiet evening alone at home.

  34. Colleen Boudreau says:


  35. I want flowers and a card. Pretty simple I think :)

  36. I just want to spend time with my hubby. That's all that matters. Whatever he decides to do on top of that is just icing on the cake!

  37. Jill Sweeney Sharp says:

    For Valentine's day I want chocolates & tulips :)

  38. Rene Duckworth says:

    Earrings :)

  39. Chuck Bolster says:

    I would like to have a quiet & peaceful day!

  40. Esther Jones says:


  41. Dora J. Crow says:

    I want to be allowed to sleep for my Valentine's Day present, with NO interference, no Dr appt, no vet appt, no grocery shopping, no anything to impede my dreaming. JUST one day. Not even the entire day, just a few hours. lol

  42. I would love to find a really kind and sincere guy for Valentine's day.

  43. Jeanie Stein says:

    I want the love of my life back.

  44. time with loved ones.

  45. peace and happiness….

  46. Heather Bush says:

    someone to love.

  47. I want a lobster dinner for Valentine's Day. :)

  48. truffles and a movie.

  49. Kristin Pearson Porter says:

    My family!

  50. Ami Sprague says:

    a new purse, money, a family.

  51. Mybinkybeautiesandbeaus Onlinepageant says:

    for valentines' I want a nice quiet night & lot's of chocolate lol.

  52. Kelly Jo Magnuson says:

    A heart-felt card

  53. I would like a romantic dinner!

  54. Jenni Dubbs says:

    chocolate & cash.

  55. Beth Gruber says:

    Flowers and cuddle time.

  56. For Valentines Day, I want a cozy dinner at home with my hubby, and lot and lots of choolate!

  57. What do you want for Valentine’s Day? Maybe a nice dinner out with my husband.

  58. What do you want for Valentine’s Day? Maybe a nice dinner out with my husband.

  59. A home cook meal, and a nice poem.

  60. Some chocolates and a nice restaurant meal at an adult restaurant (no kids).