Understanding Sweepstakes Referrals

Sweepstakes sometimes use referrals to attract more people to enter.  Generally if you refer somebody you know to the sweepstakes the sponsor will give you an additional entry or they may give you a prize too if your friend wins!  We will have a number of refer a friend sweepstakes here at RewardIt, so keep your eye out.

Refer A Friend Sweepstakes “Tell A Friend” Sweepstakes Entries

Keep your eye out for this term or something similar.  This is an indication that the sponsor is offering the referral option.  Sometimes this option is located at the bottom of the page or at the end of your sweepstakes sign up sheet.

Read The Referral Terms

There are a few ways that the sponsor will award you with your referral.  It is important to find out what exactly they are offering you for telling a friend.

  • One extra entry – regardless of how many people you refer the sponsor will only allow one extra entry.
  • One entry per person you refer – the sponsor will give you an additional entry for each person you tell.  If they offer this, make sure you capitalize; it’s a great way to gain some extra entries.
  • One entry when your friend actually registers – even though you may refer a person, they may not actually enter.

If They Win, You Win

In this type of bonus,  you can win a prize if the person you referred wins.  Sometimes it’s the same prize, sometimes it’s different. This is more of a reason for you to take advantage of referrals if the sponsor offers them.  You always want to increase your chances of winning any time you can!

Don’t  Cheat

I know what you’re thinking, why can’t you just make up somebody’s name and put a fake email and get extra entries anyway?  Doing so could lead you to be disqualified for the sweepstakes.  So, be sure to include a real email, address, name, etc.

Find People Who Are Interested

Make sure you send tell a friend promotions to sweepstakes lovers and people you know would be interested in finding out about new giveaways.  If you have a group of friends that also sign up for sweepstakes on a regular basis, come together and exchange information with one another.  Doing this can really increase the amount of sweepstakes you enter and can benefit everyone.

Taking advantage of these referrals is quick and easy.  The more you do them, the better!  Here are some great giveaways that give bonus entries when you refer friends!

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