How To Stay On Top Of Your Online Sweepstakes

If you’re the lucky winner of a sweepstakes/giveaway you want to make sure you claim your prize! It would be a shame if you weren’t aware of your winnings. After all, you went through all those grueling hours of signing up for everything you could, so its only right for you to stay on your toes. Here are some strategies to make keep on top of all your online sweepstakes.

Staying On Top Of Online SweepstakesE-mail For Online Sweepstakes

A lot of online sweepstakes, if not all online sweepstakes, require you to enter your e-mail address to participate. There is a chance that your winning message made its way to your junk e-mail folder. Make sure to always check the bulk mail; it could be the difference between you being a winner or a loser.

Phone Calls or Mail

Another way your winning message might get to you is by telephone or mail. If you entered your phone number during the sign up process of your giveaway then make sure you stay on stop of your incoming calls. Also, check your mail carefully.

Number of Times You Enter

Many people don’t take the time to actually read the rules of the online sweepstakes they enter. So to give you a one up on the competition, make sure you READ the fine print. Some online sweepstakes allow you to enter daily, or sometimes even multiple times a day. You want to be certain that you’ve used all your chances to enter to improve your chances of becoming a winner.

Not Being Qualified to Enter

This goes hand in hand with reading the rules. Sometimes online sweepstakes have a certain age limit or are only be valid if it’s inside the U.S. You want to make sure your not wasting your time signing up for giveaways your not even qualified to enter. The time you’re wasting could be used to enter other online sweepstakes!

Don’t Get Discouraged

If you didn’t win any of the sweepstakes you signed up for that week, don’t give up! A lot of people get frustrated when they are announced the winner after all that hard work. Make sure you keep going! Don’t be the one to break; chances are there is someone else that will, which is only going to increase your odds of winning!

Now that you have all this knowledge on how to stay on top of your sweepstakes, get out there and submit to as many as you can! Here are a few to get you started:

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