10 of the Most Bizarre Sweepstakes Prizes

Sweepstakes are contests that are often used by companies as marketing measures to spread the word about a particular product. Companies offer up their product or service as the main prize in a contest, which gives them a lot of free publicity. … [Read more...]

7 of the World’s Strangest Contests

No matter what competition you want to enter, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for it. This is true even if the competition is not based on physical strength or endurance. Even the world’s strangest contests require training and planning. … [Read more...]

The Best Islands For Sale Under $100 Million

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4 Ridiculous Things To Buy With Your Sweepstakes Winnings

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A Short History of Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes and contests have been around for longer than you'd think. Hardly a modern phenomenon, the term "sweepstakes" dates back to the 15th century (in reference to a common game where everyone placed in a "stake" and the winner thus "swept," or … [Read more...]