Summer Sweepstakes with the Best Odds of Winning

Several summer sweepstakes are available for people to enter. However, most people only want to enter the ones that will give them the best odds of winning. The harder a sweepstakes is to find and enter, the better the chances are for winning, since … [Read more...]

Helpful Sweepstakes Tips and Tricks

It is very easy to get discouraged by entering sweepstakes when you don’t win. It’s time to stay positive! You need to learn how to enjoy your sweepstakes and use these tips and tricks to get you on the path to becoming a winner. Set Up A … [Read more...]

How To Handle Your Contest, Sweepstakes or Lottery Winnings

You always hear those stories where a winner blows all of their earnings and ends up in a financial crisis. In the event that a sweepstakes or contest has a large cash prize it is important to know how to be a smart spender. Of course, sweepstakes … [Read more...]