Smart Strategies for Entering Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Money

Sweepstakes are free and simple ways to earn some extra cash. Since entering a sweepstakes is fast and easy, you're sure to have some serious competition out there for that coveted prize money. Fortunately, there are several smart strategies for … [Read more...]

10 of the Most Bizarre Sweepstakes Prizes

Colonoscopy Sweepstakes Prize

Sweepstakes are contests that are often used by companies as marketing measures to spread the word about a particular product. Companies offer up their product or service as the main prize in a contest, which gives them a lot of free publicity. … [Read more...]

Health And Beauty Sweepstakes

Gift Basket - Health And Beauty Sweepstakes

Are you tired of paying for your health and beauty products?  Things like lotion, nail polish, shampoo, soap, etc can start to add up of you use them on a daily basis.  So, to try and help you cut down on some unneeded spending, RewardIt is here to s … [Read more...]

Back To School Sweepstakes

It's that time of the year again, time for that back to school shopping!  Sometimes back to school shopping can be a bit pricey so RewardIt is here to try and save you some time and money with some great back to school sweepstakes. You can win … [Read more...]

7 of the World’s Strangest Contests

Extreme Ironing Contest

No matter what competition you want to enter, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for it. This is true even if the competition is not based on physical strength or endurance. Even the world’s strangest contests require training and planning. … [Read more...]