Selfish (In A Good Way) Things To Do With Cash Sweepstakes Winnings

Sure, cruises, computers and cars are nice, but there’s no denying that cash sweepstakes prizes are the creme de la creme of sweepstakes winnings. The possibilities are endless! Should you spend it on a computer? A car? A cruise? Or something utterly off-the-wall: an in-kitchen tap that serves your favorite beer, or an indoor pool in your living room?

Sweepstakes Winnings

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The money you’ve just won is completely unexpected, so why not use it to treat yourself? Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish– especially if you’re splurging on something you genuinely want or need. Here’s a quick list of selfish (in a good way!) ways to spend your recent RewardIt sweepstakes winnings.

1. Buy a New (or New to You) Car

Used or new, it’s time to update your old jalopy. Cars are a great investment– barring inner city folks, we all need one to get around — so buying a new car is a sort of “sensible splurge.” It may be selfish, but it’s something that’s completely reasonable and useful in everyday life.  Whereas buying a boat, jet-ski or yacht isn’t quite so sensible and can come with a lot of hidden costs like docking fees.

2. Pay Off Those Student Loans

Wait, I thought these were supposed to be selfish ways to spend our winnings! you say. However, paying off your student loans will allow for more selfishness in the future. Pay off your loans and spend your monthly payments on something for yourself each month. Instead of one big splurge, you’ll be doing something useful and getting twelve future treats at the same time. It’s a great way to reward yourself for making a wise decision (no matter how tempting that HDTV looks).

3. Improve or Remodel Your House

Pools, new decks, and remodels aren’t as frivolous as you may think. In addition to making your home life infinitely more pleasant, you’ll also be upgrading your house’s total value– meaning that should you ever choose to sell it, you’ll make a tidier profit thanks to a few upgrades. It’s an investment in the present and the future!

4. Redecorate Your Home

Fresh paint and new furniture can do wonders for your mood. It’s easy to get depressed or discouraged in an unorganized, cluttered home. So invest in some attractive storage or organizational tools to make your house look clean and bright. Buy some new picture frames or paintings to brighten your wall. The more effort you put into your home’s aesthetics, the more you’ll enjoy your time spent there.

See? Spending your sweepstakes cash on yourself doesn’t have to be completely selfish. There are plenty of splurge-worthy ways to spend that money without blowing it on something frivolous.

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