Sweepstakes: More Than A Game of Chance

A recent survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal estimated that Americans spent over 68 hours a month on the Internet.  Why not spend some of that time entering great sweepstakes like those at RewardIt.com.  Right now RewardIt.com is offering users the chance to win great prizes like an iPad3, a $250 Visa gift card and even $1,000 cash!  RewardIt.com just awarded $500 cash to our iPad3 winner, Tina R. from Texas yesterday.  She chose to take the cash option for this giveaway. RewardIt has given away several gift cards from places like Target, Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts and more.  Enter now for your chance to win and keep a look out for our grand opening launch where RewardIt.com will offer sweepstakes opportunities to even bigger giveaways giving you even more chances to win big.

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What are Sweepstakes?

The Webster’s dictionary defines a sweepstakes as a type of event or contest in which numerous participants enter for a chance to win a prize. The prize can be awarded to just one winner, or numerous winners depending upon how it was set up.


Online sweepstakes are set up in this exact fashion. A prize such as cash, electronics, or trips can be offered as a prize. Entry is granted to people who visit the site and follow the instructions posted for entry.  It could be as easy as viewing some information on RewardIt.com, clicking a banner, answering a question or simply Liking RewardIt on Facebook!


Why You Should Enter Sweepstakes

Americans spend over two hours a day on the Internet. Why not take that time and turn it into something that can benefit you?

RewardIt can turn your time online into cold, hard cash and prizes.  You can even use your reward$ to enter raffles to win other great prizes such as electronics, books, DVDs, gift cards and more.


Other reasons people just like you like to enter sweepstakes include:

  • Receiving a thrill from winning a prize
  • Freebie opportunities as entry is free
  • Just getting a kick out of entering a contest for a chance to win money

Good luck and happy sweeping!