Learn How To Play And Win RewardIt Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Help

Feeling lucky? This could be your lucky day. It may be time for you to win some cash or prizes – simply for entering a sweepstakes. Sound too good to be true? Maybe not.

With the RewardIt Sweepstakes, it is possible to win cash and prizes by entering sweepstakes online. Wondering how you could win?

How to Play RewardIt Sweepstakes

At RewardIt, there are multiple sweepstakes opportunities. The Daily RewardIt Twitter Sweepstakes offers prizes every single day! Follow us on Twitter at @Reward_It and simply respond to our question of the day at 4PM every weekday!

RewardIt also offers numerous other giveaways such as our $250 Visa Gift Card Sweepstakes, a $1000 Cash Giveaway and two different promotions for an Apple iPad3! Just go to our home page at RewardIt.com to find all of these great giveaways.

Entering our giveaways are simple. For the $1000 cash giveaway all you have to do is enter a valid email address. Be sure to confirm your address so that we know that we can reach you if you are the winner.

There is another iPad3 giveaway which gives entries for following us on Twitter and tweeting about the giveaway. Check it the RewardIt Twitthis iPad3 Giveaway!

Giveaways like the $250 Visa Gift Card and RewardIt iPad3 giveaway which are both promoted at RewardIt.com require users to provide their name, email address and postal address. These sweepstakes are super easy to enter. You can enter the $1000 Cash, iPad3 and $250 Visa Gift Card Sweepstakes every single day! And don’t forget that you get a bonus entry when you like us on Facebook!

How to Claim a Prize

So, what happens if you win? First of all, congratulations! Now, make sure RewardIt knows how to contact you. You could be notified:

  • Via email: This is the most likely way that we will try to reach you first, so please make sure you enter your correct email address.
  • By phone: If we have your phone number and you are a major prize winner we will contact you by phone.
  • By Twitter Direct Message: For certain Twitter sweepstakes we may contact you right over Twitter by direct message.
  • By mail: If we are unable to reach you by email and do not have your phone number we will attempt to reach you by postal mail. We will make every possible effort to contact any winner.

The more option you give for contacting you, the better.

Now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to enter the sweepstakes at RewardIt. Good luck!

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