All About Facebook Sweepstakes

In this day in age, Facebook is the most popular website on the Internet.  There are a lot of features to Facebook that fly under the radar that are actually pretty cool and useful to you.  One of these features is Facebook sweepstakes!  Facebook sw … [Read more...]

Online Contests

Many people do not know that online sweepstakes and online contests are actually different things.  Though they do share some similarities, contests are based mainly on skill, while sweepstakes are just free to enter.  Participating in online c … [Read more...]

Recognizing Winning Sweepstakes Emails

There are always times where you’ll get emails from non-legitimate sweepstakes.  You need to make sure you know how to separate and locate your winning emails from the bad ones.  One of the worst things you could do is follow up with a non-legitimate … [Read more...]

What To Look For With Sweepstakes Rules

Reading the rules before you enter any sweepstakes is very important.  There are a few key parts of the sweepstakes rules you should really pay attention to in order to make sure your eligible to participate and to make sure you do not get … [Read more...]

Woman’s Day Sweepstakes

For those who don’t know what Woman's Day is, let's brush you up!  Woman’s Day is a great source for delicious recipes, relationship advice, home decorating ideas, horoscopes, and more.  It is the top destination for women who want to live well.  Not … [Read more...]