Sweepstakes Entry Software

If you’re entering lot of sweepstakes, typing all of your information could potentially get tiring.  Don’t worry; there is a solution for you!  There’s a few form-filling programs and options out there for you to try out.  Let’s go over the most popular ones.  They all save your information, so when you visit a particular entry page every day, you can auto-fill in the entry form with the required information for each sweepstakes.   We don’t recommend using any software that automatically enters you into sweepstakes without you visiting the page.  In fact, many sweepstakes rules prohibit automated programs that do this.

Sweepstakes Entry SoftwareRoboForm

This is probably the most popular form-filling program out there and is used frequently throughout the sweepstakes world.  RoboForm allows you to save the information you want to use for all of your favorite sweepstakes forms.  One click of a button, and your entry info is entered into the form.  It is free to download, with limited features.  To get the full featured version, you have to purchase it.  Before making your purchase, definitely check out the free version to make sure you are comfortable with it!

Internet Browser Auto-Fill Feature

Most Internet browsers, like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and FireFox, give you the option to save some information to fill in forms.  You may have to enable this feature in your browser’s “Settings”.  Depending on your browser, if  you double-click in a form, the information you typed in the past will pop up and you can just choose from there.  Or you may get a pop-up window that asks if you’d like to auto-fill.  Of course, it’s free.  So if you can manage with just this, then you won’t need any special software.


Sxipper is an add-on for only the Firefox browser.  If you are comfortable using Firefox then this might be something you want to check out.  This add-on also saves your information and even lets you import your RoboForm information if you have used that in the past.

Google Toolbar

You can download this toolbar straight from Google.  The toolbar does include an auto-fill feature to make filling out your sweepstakes easier.  Along with the auto-fill feature it also has a few other things that catch the eye.  You can conduct Google searches right in the toolbar so you don’t have to waste time visiting the actual site.  You can also share the pages you are on to your Google+ page.  If you are on Google+  frequently, this may be something you want to check out.

Try a few things; see what you like the most.  These form-filling aids can only benefit you and help you sign up for even more sweepstakes, which increases you chances of winning!

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