Using a Sweepstakes Directory to Find The Best Contest Listings

Have you ever gotten so frustrated while searching for the best contest listings that you wanted to throw your computer across the room? Don’t worry if you have, we have all been there and if you haven’t, well you’re ahead of the game. If you are a fairly new ‘sweeper’ here is one of the best tips you can get: use a sweepstakes directory.

What is a Sweepstakes Directory?

If you’re unfamiliar with them, sweepstakes directories are great places to find a database of free sweepstakes, contests, forums and sometimes-even coupons. On these sweepstakes directories you can easily find the exact sweepstakes that is right for you. They organize by new, expiring soon, low entry, entry frequency, prize, country and type of sweepstakes.


Many sweepstakes directories go above just hosting the best contest listings, they also send newsletters. In these newsletters they include the newest posted contests, as well as the sweepstakes ending that day. even includes a how to start sweeping in seven days and tips on winning everything from online sweepstakes to board games.


Where to Find the Best Contest Listings

Now that you know how beneficial sweepstakes directories can be for you to win, now it’s time to find out what are the best sweepstakes directories.  Our favorite sweepstakes directory here at RewardIt is the one and only Sweepstakes Mama. Not only is she always keeping you updated with the best contests on her website, but she takes her talents to Twitter to keep her 13,000+ followers always keeping her fans informed with the hottest, low entry and ending soon sweepstakes.


Another great source to find the best contest listings is Online-Sweepstakes. They have hundreds of sweepstakes expiring and being added everyday. Online-Sweepstakes is also a great source to get in touch with over 275,000 other sweepers on their forums. Get advice from the veteran sweepers as well as sharing your own personal tips.


A few other sweepstakes directories we recommend include: Prize Amigo for their ‘ScamBuster’ tool, which allows you safely, enter real sweepstakes and Sweeps Advantage who allows you to access to over 5000 online directory listings. Sweeps Advantage also permits you to use their free sweeps Pop tool to speed up entering your contests.


Sweepstakes directories have become such great tools in the world of sweeping. They are constantly updating their listings so that you never miss the newest sweepstakes and always keep such a wide variety of contests so there is something for everyone’s taste. You can even find RewardIt’s giveaways for an iPad 3, $100 Amazon Gift Card and $1,000 on sweepstakes directories. So whether you’re entering through a rafflecopter or a traditional entry form good luck in all your sweeping.