What is a Sweeper?

“What is a Sweeper? Are You One”

The world of the Sweeper is an arcane ritualistic one and even secretive in some cases.  Are you in public right now?  Look to your right.  Look to your left.  One of those people may very well be a Sweeper.

Don’t worry  history show Sweepers pose no threat to the general public and are in most cases they are  just fun people who like to win cash and prizes in their spare time.  What was that I remember from school about “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?”

So now we’ve all caught our breath and decided that there’s a place for Sweepers, along with Twi-Hards, Potter Heads,  Gleeks  or members of the Are You a Sweeper?KISS Army from the 1970’s.  Who are they?  Sweepers are normal people who are sweeps addicts that spend a lot of time entering sweeps and some of them make Extreme Couponers look like Sunday Drivers.

So what makes a Sweeper—a Sweeper?

How about Dailies?  Dailies are daily sweepstakes and a rabid sweeper can enter dozens of them every single day.  It’s not hard to get to 30 or more if you’re dedicated.  Sweepers are willing to be disciplined and work the game.  Maximize entries with social media shares and any other method they can find to get an edge.

Sweepers are playing the numbers game and entering as early and as often in as many sweepstakes as possible ,and in many cases they are seeing the fruits of their labors in the form of prizes and cash.

Sweepers search high and low for little advertised contests with better odds in order to rake in as many overall prizes as is humanly possible.

Sweepers dream about using Roboform and Online UPC Generators to maximize their entries.

Sweepers are persistent.  If you’re a Sweeper you’ve been in the game long enough to know it that times will be lean.  You could go winless for a spell but then catch fire and win three sweeps in a day.

Are you a Sweeper – post your thoughts in the comments below.