Super Bowl Sweepstakes

With the regular season coming to an end and the playoffs rapidly approaching whether your favorite team is still in it or not everyone is starting to get excited for the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year for everyone from fans to advertisers. Every little boy dreams about becoming rich one day and being able to attend the Super Bowl.

This year the Super Bowl will be played at Mercedes- Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana and with a little bit of luck you could be there by winning a Super Bowl sweepstakes. If you can make it to New Orleans for this year’s campionship game, don’t worry watching the game from the comfort of your couch on your TV with some of your buddies is always a great time. Between snacks and big screen TVs watching the Super Bowl can be expensive, so enter Super Bowl sweepstakes to help you enjoy the big game.


AmPm ‘s Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII VIP Experience Sweepstakes

AmPm’s Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII VIP Experience Sweepstakes gives you the opportunity to win a trip for 2 to the Superbowl. The trip includes tickets to the game, airfare, a 4 night hotel stay, ground transportation and $250 spending money. 20 other winners will win a $25 NFL Shop gift card. This giveaway is for people over the age of 18 and Residents of AZ, CA, IL, GA, NV, OR, OH, or WA. This Super Bowl sweepstakes ends January 11, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Mercedes Benz’s Superdome Kick-Off Sweepstakes

Mercedes Benz’s Superdome Kick-Off Sweepstakes gives you the opportunity to win a VIP trip to the Super Bowl. The trip includes airfare, a 5 night hotel accommodation, access to exclusive events including the Mercedes-Benz Tailgate, $1,000 spending money and ground transportation by Mercedes-Benz. You must be 18 or older to enter. This sweepstakes is over January 11, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. ET.

Chevy Silverado‘s Drive to the Super Bowl XLVII Sweepstakes

Chevy Silverado’s Drive to the Super Bowl XLVII Sweepstakes gives you the opportunity to win a 3 day trip for 4 to the Super Bowl, including: airfare, hotel and tickets. You must be 18 or older to enter. Contest ends January 18, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

ESPN’s Bud Light Sweepstakes

Entering ESPN’s Bud Light Sweepstakes gives you the chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl and other ESPN and Bud Light related events. The grand prize winner receives a 5 day trip for 2 to New Orleans, airfare, 4 nights in a hotel, ground transportation, daily breakfast, VIP gift bags, access to Bud Light Platinum Louge each evening, VIP access to all Bud Light hotel events, admission to the ESPN NEXT Party and tickets to the big game. You must be 21 or older to enter this contest. You have until January 18, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET to enter.

Rubbermaid’s Game Day Sweepstakes

Rubbermaid’s Game Day Sweepstakes gives you the opportunity to win everything you need to host a great Super Bowl party right in the comfort of your home. The grand prize winner wins a Rubbermaid 48 Qt Cooler, an Easy Find Lids Party Pack and a $100 Visa gift card. You must be 18 or older to enter this giveaway. You have until January 21, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

CBSSports’ Vicks’ Giveaway Sweepstakes

CBSSports’ Vicks’ Giveaway Sweepstakes gives you the opportunity to win big for the 2014 Super Bowl. One grand prize winner will win a 4 day trip for 2 to Newark, New Jersey, 2014 Super Bowl tickets, airfare and a 3 night hotel stay. One first place winner will win a 4 day trip to a 2013 NFL regular season game of the winner’s choice, airfare and a 3 night hotel stay.CBS will also be giving away 11 $100 gift certificates. You must be 18 or older to enter this sweepstakes. You have until February 10, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET to enter.

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  2. Ravens! I love making all appetizers for my family on super bowl sunday, I have wings, mozzerella sticks, potato skins, guacamole, cheese n crackers, etc….

  3. Praussie Annie says:

    Why did the lights go out? Buffalo chicken wings with bleu cheese dip.

  4. 49ers pizza or chips.

  5. Ravens! Chips and 7 Layer Dip!

  6. San Francisco 49s. Crab or salmon dip /spread with crackers and veggies to dip or spread.

  7. Dora J. Crow says:

    San Francisco Niners & Spinach Artichoke Dip

  8. The niners I think will win. Favorite super bowl/half time snacks are taco bell & chips & dip.

  9. Mary Thomas says:

    49ers; love artichoke dip.

  10. Niners to win. Fav snak avocado slices with balsamic vinegar.

  11. Fawn Houghteling says:

    San Francisco will beat the Ravens! My favorite snack today is going to be Rice Crispie Treats!

  12. Me thinks the "RAY-vens" will win. All-in-all, I just want to see action from start to finish and may the last team to score win.

  13. Robin Schneider says:

    Balimore I hope. Chex mix.

  14. Grayson Sasser says:

    I have no idea…I don't even know who is playing. My favorite snack is any kind of cheese dip, the more elaborate the better.

  15. Jeremy William Morgan says:

    Forty Niners! And they will be doing the winning thing while I'm munching on chips and guacamole.

  16. RAVENS!

  17. 49ers…Hot Wings

  18. Deb PelletierCouture says:

    49er's , and Pizza.

  19. 49ers and fav. snack is wings.

  20. 49ers. Hot wings

  21. San Francisco 49ers will win.

  22. Kathy Knupp says:

    San Francisco! Favorite snack is Totino's Pizza Rolls.

  23. Ravens just chips and dip or nachos and cheese.

  24. Kristin Same Fenwick says:

    Miners! And I love chips and salsa.

  25. Jennifer Nobles says:

    RAVENS!!! Pizza/pizza rolls! mmmmm….

  26. Ravens all the way and have to have sausage rotel, fritos and cheesy lil smokies for the game

  27. Tim Perkins says:

    Baltimore Ravens

  28. Karen Reiners Winfrey says:

    Ravens will win. Dip -ground meat, rotel

  29. Ravens are my choice. And corn chips and pico de gallo salsa for snack.

  30. Tammy Woodall says:

    It's definitely going to be the San Francisco 49ers. My favorite Superbowl food is Subs (with maybe an appetizer of Chips and Salsa before, during and after the game). :-)

  31. 49ers and chicken wings.

  32. Elizabeth Moore says:

    Baltimore, nachos.

  33. Tracy Sokolowski says:

    Ravens all the way :) Nachos totally LOADED :) Yummers.

  34. Ravens, mixed nuts

  35. The Ravens are going to win, and its hot wings for me!

  36. 49'ers

  37. The 49ers will win! Favorite snack is potato chips and dip…

  38. Joel Beck says:

    niners. fritos lays

  39. Joel Beck says:

    niners win. fritos lays and lays potato chips.

  40. Keturah Becker says:

    I think the 49ers are going to win. I like shrimp & chicken wings.

  41. It WILL be the 49ers! Garlic Fries

  42. Kisha Cotton says:

    49ers and my all time fave snack is yummy chips and salsa.

  43. 49ers and black bean and corn salsa with spicey Doritoes ar one of my favorite snacks.

  44. Kellie-Gene Hunt says:

    I don't watch the supper bowl so I don't have a favorite snack for it.

  45. ravens, jalapeno popers.

  46. Scott Thompson says:

    49ers and bbq hotlinks on a french roll w/sweet baby rays sweet and spicy bbq sauce!

  47. Debbie Lord says:

    I want the 49ers to win and pizza for snack time.

  48. Jackie Schlueter says:

    Ravens! WOOHOO!

  49. The RAVENS!

  50. forty niners boss.

  51. The Ravens….chicken wings and hot sauce….

  52. 49ers (at least I hope they do!) – Buffalo Chicken Dip and Tostitos.

  53. 49'ers. Nachos with extra cheese!

  54. John Heim says:

    49ers win. Triskits are a good snack food.

  55. 49ers will take it this year! And my fave Super Bowl snack is guacamole & tortilla chips!

  56. Rhagan Thomas says:

    The Ravens will win and I'll be feasting on some good ole Seafood Gumbo. That's how we do it in Louisiana.

  57. Iknow Doyou says:

    Ravens! Snackin on some Doritos.

  58. Barbara Mayes says:

    I think the 49ers will win, but not by much. Favorite would have to be hot wings with blue cheese dipping sauce!

  59. Cheryl Kondas says:

    Go 49ers! Spinach Dip in a sourdough Bread Bowl yummy in the tummy.

  60. Jennifer Leigh Bissett says:

    ravens and wings of corse.

  61. I'm not entirely sure who's even playing this year. My favorite Super Bowl snack though is 7 layer dip.

  62. I'm not a huge football fan but I'll go with the 49ers and I usually make a black eyed pea dip and hot wings.

  63. Diana McDonald says:

    49ers! Go! Go! Go! KFC

  64. Gloria Newton says:

    49ers all the way and my favorite food is sliders!

  65. The 49ers will win most likely and the food served at the parties around here is chilli cheese dip with tostitos chips. ( Cantina style, thin and crispy).

  66. Ravens! 7layer dip and nachos.

  67. Brenda Marquis says:

    I'm going for the Ravens. Scoop chips, mild salsa and velveeta melted in the microwave!

  68. Ravens to win. Maryland crab dip to celebrate.

  69. Gayle Hassler says:

    Baltimore ravens look like winner's! I love Mexican layered dip.

  70. Ravens will win and favorite food pixxa.

  71. Ashley Mayberry says:

    Ravens! Our favorite snack is drunken weenies!!! Oh and chips and queso!!!

  72. Yasmine Cassidy says:

    Ravens buffalo wings (extra hot!)

  73. Debra Fraley says:

    49ers — pizza.

  74. Ray Glacken says:

    49ers..Hot wings beer.

  75. 49ers…Hot wings

  76. Ravens and I can't watch without my buffalo chicken wing dip…yum!

  77. Laura Waters says:

    Baltimore! Hot wings!

  78. Kira Marie says:

    I don't really pay attention to the game, but I love chips and dip!

  79. 49ers and pizza.

  80. Brittany Moore says:

    Ravens and Wings, or pizza, or appetizers (motz stix, potato skins and jalapeno poppers).

  81. Tracie Gaouette says:

    I wish the Patriots were playing-lol-

  82. Christine M Tubbytelly says:

    no preference for teams, but I love hot wings!

  83. Debbie Stonestreet Klecker says:

    I want the Ravens to win! and jalapeño bean dip for us :)

  84. I think the pittsburg steelers will win and the best super bowl snack fritos chilli and cheese.

  85. 49ers naturally. Spicy Wings

  86. Krystie Schlicker says:

    Ravens! Peanut butter Chocolate ball with graham crackers!

  87. I'm pulling for the Ravens! They're going to win! 😉 I love wings and ranch dressing! :) Oh and my incredible hot cheeseburger dip.

  88. Ravens all the way! Tamales & the hotest salsa I can find!

  89. Michell Lochner says:

    Raven's and chicken wings!

  90. 49ers!

  91. Patricia Booth says:

    Ravens 23 49ers 18.

  92. b-more go ray lewis, hot wings.

  93. Lisa Paone says:

    49ers, definitely! And no super bowl party would be complete without buffalo wings, blue cheese and celery or hoagie dip!

  94. Ravens for sure! Lewis will tear them upp. Definitely extra crispy wingss maybe some chinese this year!

  95. snack sellers, what a tailgater.

  96. Chuck Bolster says:

    49ers & wings.

  97. 49ers All the Way! My favorite snack is nachos. Thanks!

  98. I don't watch sports but I love most any kind of chips and dip snack.

  99. Alan Tong says:

    49ers! Hot wings with blue cheese!

  100. pretzle & soda.

  101. I predict the 49ers will take the Super Bowl. Favorite snack is popcorn.

  102. 49ers! and in our home it is Wings and Italian beef sandwiches all the way!

  103. 49ers! and in our home Wings and Italian beef sandwichs all the way!

  104. I think the Ravens will win. Fave SB snack is pizza!

  105. Renee Nykiel says:

    I don't watch football!

  106. Seiko Tooley says:

    Not sure…not a big fan of football. I like to snack on kettle corn popcorn.

  107. I don't really know. I don't watch much football. I like any type of snack, really. Probably why I am a bit overweight!

  108. 49'ers – Pizza.

  109. Jodi Boulier says:

    49ers and Cheese sticks with marinara.

  110. Megan McKean says:

    I love chili dip and 49ers wil win.

  111. The Ravens are going to win, and its hot wings and Nachos for me!

  112. Jill Hayes says:

    The 49ers are going to win and Nachos are my favorite snack.

  113. Emily Umica Bushnell says:

    Hate to disappoint all you 49'ers fans but the Ravens are going to sweep them!

  114. 49ers is going to kick ass. my snack pizza.

  115. I think 49ERS & favorite snack is tortilla chips, salsa & cheese dip

  116. B-fly Alvarez says:

    My team is 49ers they goin to win the Super Bowl 2013……….my snack is KFC chicken….go …go…..go…..go……49ers…..

  117. Not a big F-ball fan.

  118. I want the 49ers to win. I've always liked them. As for my favorite snack, we usually order pizza and eat and watch the game with friends.

  119. Terry Gunville says:

    49ers & Pizza.

  120. niners win. my fav snack is lays potato chips and fritos corn chips.

  121. I'd like to see the Ravens win but either way doesn't really matter – neither are a favorite team of mine! I love chips and salsa!

  122. Go 49niners

  123. Terri Stender says:

    49ers, I love wings with blue cheese and celery and 5 layer bean dip! Oh yes and a homemade pitcher of Sangria!

  124. Pamela Johnson says:

    49ers ~ Winds and Spinach dip this years. I have been saving some WonTon Wrapper appetizer recipes, so may do some of these as well.

  125. The 49 ers and Nacho bar.

  126. Niners and Nachos.

  127. I think the 49ers are going to win. My favorite snack is buffalo style chicken wings.

  128. Aimee Sprague says:

    49ers! I'm a popcorn and beer kind of girl… Love it!

  129. Teresa Johnson Eastridge says:

    The 49 ers!

  130. Niners for sure! Jumbo shrimp( is that an oxymoron??) Smothered in cajun sauce!

  131. Ravens will win and we love nachos and pizza.

  132. Rachael Werth says:

    Steelers…and cheese dip and chips is my fav snack.

  133. Christopher Jones says:

    San Fran and shrimp cocktail.

  134. The 49ers are going to win & my favorite super bowl snacks are wings, chips & dip, pizza

  135. Terri Tillman says:

    I don't follow football so I have no idea who will win. but…my favorite snack is my sister in law's guacamole and homemade tortilla chips.

  136. The 49 ers! Our favorite snacks, wings and pizza :)

  137. Denny Nagy says:


  138. I think it will be the 49ers and the best snack is cocktail weinies in barbeque sauce!

  139. Heather Bush says:

    Steelers! my fav treat is tortillas smothered with Kraft Tex Mex shredded cheese and topped with steaming chili and sour cream!

  140. Zahid Jabbar says:

    All kinds of chip and dip also.

  141. Zahid Jabbar says:

    49 ers is my favourite.

  142. San Francisco. Nuts.

  143. Jenni Dubbs says:

    49ers. I'm a Steeler's fan too. All kinds of chips & dip.

  144. Amanda Berndt Gordon says:

    I am hoping that the 49 ers win since we are steelers fans and we dislike the ravens. My favorite superbowl snacks are tosistos and chili cheese dip. Its not a party without it.