Summer Sweepstakes with the Best Odds of Winning

Several summer sweepstakes are available for people to enter. However, most people only want to enter the ones that will give them the best odds of winning. The harder a sweepstakes is to find and enter, the better the chances are for winning, since there will be fewer entries.

Money From Sweepstakes

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You can start by checking to see what local sweepstakes are available.  Local sweepstakes can drastically cut the amount of entries from a few thousand to a few hundred. Listening to radio stations offer high odds of winning since it requires calling in to get a prize.

Here are some great summer sweepstakes you might not know about:




DIY Network – Smart Money Solutions Sweepstakes

Kitchen Remodeling

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The DIY Network offers sweepstake contestants the opportunity to win $75,000 in cash to remodel their home. Those over the age of 21 can enter this contest.  Since this sweepstakes allows one daily entry, the chances of winning are higher when compared to others that allow one for the entire entry period. Contestants may mail their entry forms or complete a sweepstakes form at the DIY Network site. If DIY Network cannot contact the winner within three days, the grand prize goes to the next randomly selected winner.




Cinemark – 100 Days of Summer Sweepstakes

Cinemark’s summer sweepstakes offers a good chance to win. This sweepstakes gives away daily prizes of $100 gift cards good for going to the movies and buying concessions. Since daily prizes are awarded, you have 100 chances to win!  The 100 days of summer contest only allows one entry per household, but you can enter Cinemark’s summer sweepstakes once daily.

Starbucks – Frappuccino Summer Sweepstakes

Starbucks will award four grand prize winners an ice cream and frappuccino drink party for up to 50 people. There are three ways to enter the frappuccino summer sweepstakes. You can print a Starbucks coupon, visit the Starbucks website, or send a text message. This is one of the best sweepstakes for winning because Starbucks awards four grand prize winners and residents of eight states are not eligible to enter.

Kraft – Ultimate Backyard BBQ Sweepstakes

Summer Sweepstakes

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This sweepstakes from Kraft offers one grand prize winner $25,000 in cash. The winner can decide whether they want to use it for a backyard BBQ makeover. Kraft also awards ten first prizes of Weber gas grills valued at $2,149. Those in search of multiple prizes should enter into this Kraft sweepstakes for higher odds of winning. You can enter once every day until the contest ends. All United States residents that are at least 18 years of age can enter.




You can increase your chance of winning sweepstakes by finding the right sweepstake sources online. Look for sites that have the most up to date entry and expiration dates. The stricter a contestant’s eligibility requirements are, the better the odds you have of winning.  Why not start right now by entering to win an iPad 3 right here at RewardIt — you can enter everyday!

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  1. Clayton Silva says:

    Dial for Men 40 Days of Filth Giveaway!

  2. James Van Hooser says:

    My favorite sweepstakes is the $1000 cash giveaway.

  3. Craig B. says:

    I like Food & Wine Magazine’s IKEA Dream Kitchen Makeover where you can win a $10,000 IKEA gift card.

  4. The DIY Smart Money $75K remodel sweeps is amazing!
    @KouponKat on Twitter

  5. My favorite sweepstakes has to be DIY Network

  6. Helen Stocckwell says:

    Reward_it’s $1,000 cash giveaway


  7. Nancy Johnson says:

    2013 Ford Tough Truck Sweepstakes/IWG. I love to do sweeps that have a IWG as well (seem more fun when filling them out).

  8. Starbucks sweepstakes ended :-( So the next best sweepstakes that interested me was the Cinemark – 100 days of summer.. thanks! :-)

  9. Pamela Johnson says:

    Olive Garden Taste Of Tuscany Sweepstakes and IWG

  10. Tamara Budd says:

    DIY Network. I would love to win $75,000!

  11. Kraft – Ultimate Backyard BBQ Sweepstakes

  12. My favorite is the DIY Network – Smart Money Solutions Sweepstakes. I’d love to remodel my home.

  13. Katherine B says:

    Starbucks!!!! YUM =)

  14. Brad lalli says:

    RewardIt’s IPad 3 giveaway

  15. Misty rummell says:

    Kraft BBQ sweepstakes

  16. Joe Vecere @joev001 says:

    My favorite sommer sweepstakes is
    You get 3 chances a day to instantly win and twice have won free ice cream!

  17. Valerie L says:

    American Family sweepstakes

  18. My favorite is the $1000 in cash!

  19. Jennifer scott says:

    My favorite summer sweepstakes is

  20. Ellen B says:

    Kraft – Ultimate Backyard BBQ Sweepstakes

  21. Brad lalli says:

    Kraft BBQ sweepstake

  22. Tiffany @kygurl62689 says:

    Cost Plus World Market Summer Getaway Sweeps!/worldmarket/app_105852732878918

  23. favorite sweepstakes is the $1,000 giveaway!

  24. DIY Network – Smart Money Solutions Sweepstakes

  25. jeevon kay says:

    Cinemark – 100 Days of Summer Sweepstakes. I enter this sweepstakes daily hoping to win one day. It would be great to win this as I always bring my kids to watch their favorite cartoon on the big screen instead of just the normal TV at home.

  26. Kathy @KLS_48 says:

    Fave summer sweepstakes The $1,000 giveaway!

  27. Stacey Aversing says:

    My favorite Summer Sweepstakes is The Great Sonic Skeedaddle

    It’s fun and you get lots of coupons for Sonic, and I love Sonic!