St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes

It’s that time of the year and the luck of the Irish is upon us. It’s time to sign up for some St. Patrick’s Day sweepstakes. St. Patrick’s Day is a beacon leading us out of Winter and into Spring. What better way to enter Spring than by winning one of the many St. Patrick’s Day sweepstakes that are out there.

People do all things to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and much of it revolves around green and coincidentally green is also related to money and sweepstakes. New York City is famous for having their giant St. Patrick’s Day parade. Many cities have parades for St Patrick’s Day. Even Hot Springs, Arkansas has a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Their’s is considered to be the shortest of all the parades.

For the past 40 years the Chicago River has been dyed green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. They use a powdered vegetable dye and it takes about three days for it to dissipate. They even celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Montserrat. The Caribbean island has both African and Irish ancestry and the have dances and blend both Irish and African customs.

Put on your favorite ST. Patrick’s Day outfit, surely festooned with green, and grab your lucky shamrock. Now it’s time to enter some St. Patrick’s Day sweepstakes. Below are a number of Spring and ST. Patrick’s Day sweepstakes that you can enter.

Jameson St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes:

Jameson Irish Whiskey is sending six grand prize winners to Dublin, Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Entry deadline is April 30, 2013 at 11:59:59 p.m. EST. six (6) Grand Prizes will be chosen. Each will be a trip for winner and one guest to Dublin, Ireland for four (4) days/ three (3) nights. Trip includes round-trip coach class air transportation to Dublin, Ireland, three nights standard hotel accommodations, round trip ground transportation to/from airport/hotel and a hosted St. Patrick’s Day event. ENTER HERE St. Patrick’s Day Contest

Enter for a chance to win $200 or $100 in FREE TICKETS from Everyone who enters gets a $10 Discount Certificate. Concert Tickets, Sports Tickets, and all other Event Tickets. Entry deadline is 3/17/13. Its open to residents of the US and CA. Must be 18 years old or older. ENTER HERE

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  1. James Driscolli says:

    I'm definitely feeling the St. Paddy's luck. Won two sweepstakes the past couple weeks and got a good sweepstakes book for free at Maybe a free trip to Dublin is in the cards!

  2. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    I love green.

  3. Vikki Cousin says:

    My favorite thing about St Patricks Day is the "luck of the Irish".

  4. Vikki Cousin says:

    My favorite thing about St Patricks Day is the pot of gold.

  5. Sara Mather McConville says:

    pinch people

  6. Kathleen Martin says:

    St. Paddy's Day means spring starts next week. Didn't do anything this year to celebrate just not the same without my family who have all passed on.

  7. Spring around the corner, warmer weather, bailiesbrand ,, irish cream-mmmyum, especially march 22, my son was born :-)

  8. Celebrating my Irish heritage.

  9. Heather Chevalier says:

    spring is coming!

  10. I have part Irish in me.And Spring is here.


  12. Sharon Cook Green Mobley says:

    I love the shamrocks & every thing GREEN.

  13. Tamra Gibson says:

    It my 1st BOY grandsons date of birth:) Also, people seem to be full of happiness on this day.

  14. Corned Beef!

  15. Shawn McKeon Hogan says:

    All of us wearing green and celebrating with family and friends.

  16. The best thing about St. Patrick's Day is enjoying how much fun everyone else is having!

  17. Shirley Penny Evans Smith says:

    Going to the St. Patricks day parade. And then celebrating with Family and Friend.

  18. St.paddys day says bye bye to winter and hello to spring. ..good corned beef and potatoes!

  19. Love hearing all the great Irish blessings.

  20. I went to our local St. Paddy's Day Parade, my 6 year old daughter was in it with her Girl Scout Troop!

  21. Lori Lynds Rutherford says:

    Green Beer!

  22. I LOVE to make Corned Beef, Potatoes & Cabbage!

  23. Kathy Arsineau-Peterson says:

    It means spring is right around the corner.

  24. pinching people who don't wear green :)

  25. corn beef and cabbage dinner.

  26. Elaine Ferguson says:

    Love green, my father liked kelly green and spring is almost here!

  27. I love all the different colors of green worn on St. Patty.

  28. Keith Correy says:

    The people that actually bother to wear green clothing in order to avoid getting pinched.

  29. Corn beef. We only have that then. :-)

  30. My favorite thing about St. Patrick's Day is spending time with family and friends and watching the parade!

  31. Patty Carignan says:

    My favorite thing about St Patrick's Day is that it is my birthday!!!!

  32. the St Patricks Day parade in Pittsburgh.

  33. Pamela Spruill says:

    wearing green

  34. What I like about St. Patricks day is the luck of the Irish of course. lol

  35. Corn beef and sauerkraut! YUM!

  36. Karen Brown says:

    corned beef, cabbage and SPRING!

  37. I generally don't celebrate it anymore but I've always loved the Chicago Green RiverE

  38. it means summer is on its way!

  39. St. Patricks day reminds me of spring…

  40. Ginny Wadsworth says:

    ya know what they say about green m&m's?

  41. favorite thing – the FOOD…

  42. Sonya Stevenson Furgerson says:

    I love all of the green n not getting pinched!! N even catching friends and family without the green!! Thanks for the chance!!

  43. hanging out with my family while they eat corned beef and cabbage since I don't like it.and they spring is here and winter is finally leaving.

  44. Stella Tavares says:

    Corned beef and cabbage; basically the food!

  45. It means Spring is almost here!

  46. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    green beer is awesome that's what I like.

  47. because it means Spring is here! & dressing my kids in green for St. Patrick's Day

  48. I love the enthusiasm and the energy of St. Patty's Day! And how everything is green and fun!

  49. Just another excuse to celebrate!

  50. the green beer, oh course.

  51. Ginny Wadsworth says:

    Corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, and carrots cooked in the crock all day long! MMM and some green beer of course! Green is my favorite color.

  52. Julie Sullivan says:

    All green everything !

  53. Green beer

  54. Stephanie Tyler Hastie says:

    I like to make corne beef and cabbage, something I don't ususally make,

  55. Margaret Peckham says:

    Yummmm, corned beef and cabbage for dinner! Green Beer afterwards! Relaxing evening with my kinda-irish friends. lol

  56. Vikki Cousin says:

    My favorite thing about St Patricks Day is the thought of Ireland.

  57. I love St. Patrick's Day because it's my birthday!

  58. My favorite thing is all the green green green It reminds me of money Lol.

  59. I like St. Paddy's day because it represents the coming of springtime to me and mine. We love spring and everything that comes with it. We also love green, the color of spring, and money. Oh yeah, we are Irish!

  60. Robin Smith says:

    Green! I'm not a drinker, but green is one of my favorite colors!

  61. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:


  62. Dora J. Crow says:

    My other fav thing bout St Patty's day is all the crazy green glitter hats and green drinks people have at parties!

  63. Dames Brown says:

    Corn beef and cabbage love it

  64. The Luck of the Irish…

  65. Sara Kohlmeier says:

    It's almost Spring!

  66. Lindsay Williams says:

    Green beer and friends!

  67. Dawn Pfaff says:

    I love watching my kids on St. Patricks Day trying to NOT find something green on friends and family so they can pinch them :)

  68. Anonymous says:

    Corned beef and cabbage!

  69. Green McShakes

  70. I love the color green,and I'm Celtic.

  71. Drinking green beer and partying with everybody!

  72. Sandy McKinney says:

    Green eggs and ham with my preschool class!

  73. And one of the most important things is to be with your Friends and Family You Love. And Doing exactly what all the other folks have already commented.

  74. Everyone Has said some of my favorite things but I think Drinking Irish Whisky and singing around a Piano Bar with songs like Oh Danny Boy or Green Aligators and Long Neck Geese Etc….. By the Roving Irishmen.

  75. I don't do anything anymore. Since becoming paralyzed. But I still love St. Patrick's Day. And St. Patrick's Day means summer is just around the corner.

  76. Looking for that Pot of Gold…Seriously, I'm not Irish, but my brother married into an Irish family..Celebrations are fun! Anything to make me SMILE! :-)

  77. Michele Ellen Puccini says:

    Corned Beef n Cabbage!

  78. Linda Kish says:

    Corned beef and cabbage.

  79. Beth Gruber says:

    Baking treats to share!

  80. Jeri Bennett says:

    It's my father in laws birthday and we are a large Irish family!

  81. It puts us one day closer to Spring.

  82. Love the corned beef and cabbage, remindes me of my grandmother and eating at her house for St Patricks day.

  83. wearing the green.

  84. Christopher Wetmore says:

    Bad fake Irish accents!

  85. St. Patty's Day is awesome, I get to drink green beer and love leprechauns!

  86. I love St. Patrick's Day because it gives me a reason to buy a new green outfit to wear since green has always been my favorite color.

  87. Debbie Stonestreet Klecker says:

    Corned beef and cabbage!

  88. Debbie Lord says:

    Eating corn beef an cabbage.

  89. Kathy Fuller says:

    I always liked the wearing of the green. :)

  90. Peggy Fedison says:

    the start of spring.. mostly tho..the corned beef and cabbage and potatoes. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  91. I don't really have anything special about St. Patrick's Day. Remembering to wear green was always something when I was working outside the home. Now with my grandson in 1st grade I reminded him to wear green so he would not get pinched. March itself is a nice month for me, my birthday, hubby birthday, brother and niece as well.

  92. the coming of Spring but mainly we have "street parties" here with great food and festivities.

  93. because spring is near when St Patty's day is here.

  94. Susan Glazer says:

    ya know why I love st patty's day? I love it because green has been my favorite color since I was a little girl and I love that I'm surrounded by it the whole day!

  95. The pinching

  96. corned beef and cabbage.

  97. Deb Zikowsky says:

    That Spring isn't too far away :) Hopefully no more SNOW!

  98. St Patricks Day Sales.

  99. Lea Reiter says:

    Wearing green.

  100. Lea Reiter says:

    Wearing green.

  101. Dora J. Crow says:

    I think I like St Patrick's day because I enjoy watching all the people wearing green pinching all those who are NOT wearing green!

  102. I love the St Patty's Day parades, especially all of the costumes that people wear!

  103. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    I love everything green.

  104. The "pinching"!

  105. In Ireland, Catholics wear green & Protestants wear orange. True fact!

  106. wearing green so u don't get pinched.

  107. It means SPRING BREAK.

  108. I am part Irish so I feel theHeritage part of the Day.. I also love the Green Shamrocks..

  109. Linda Hagerman says:

    Corned Beef, Potatoes & Cabbage!

  110. Irish music, especially when playing with a good fiddler.

  111. Stephanie Yoe Bene says:

    Cornbeef sandwiches

  112. Celebrating my Irish heritage!

  113. The Green Beer.

  114. Wanda Harvell says:

    it's means spring is getting close.

  115. Becca Barner Ferguson says:

    My favorite thing about St. Patrick's Day is the fun t-shirts/socks that pop up in stores…. I can't help myself. :)

  116. I like to wear green on St Pats day.

  117. The friends and flashing in Erin, Wis.

  118. time for spring and warm weather!

  119. Jacquie Clady Evans says:

    Enjoying the day with people I love!

  120. green beer!

  121. Alan Tong says:

    Watching inebriated people making fools of themselves :)

  122. I like St.Patty's Day because then Spring has officially arrived.That, and I can wear my novelty green T-shirt!

  123. Michelle Washburn says:

    I like to dream about pots of gold.

  124. Lewis Franck says:

    Corned Beef

  125. My Favorite Thing About St. Patrick's Day is The Four Leaf Clover and how it brings good Luck! I Spent half my childhood looking for them! LOL

  126. I'm not a St. Patrick's day celebrater.

  127. Sharon Swenson-Nelson says:

    Everything green! Four-leaf clovers & anticipation of Spring! :)

  128. Megan McKean says:

    green beer!

  129. It's my baby sis and granddaughter birthday…..

  130. Parades are great.

  131. Nikki Sutton says:

    St Pattys day means spring has arrived
    Bye bye winter yay!!!!

  132. Linda Kubala says:

    Celebrating the long tradition.

  133. Christopher Jones says:

    Eating corned beef and cabbage.

  134. Jenni Dubbs says:

    shamrock shakes

  135. Bertha Buttner says:

    Wearing o' the green!

  136. Bertha Buttner says:

    Wearing of the green! :)

  137. corn beef and cabbage!

  138. Lisa Nicole says:


  139. Esther Jones says:

    Celebrating the arrival of spring and enjoy the parade!

  140. Nothing, don't care.

  141. It is the luck of the Irish day. Hurray!

  142. Joel Beck says:


  143. Decorating our house and celebrating it with my kids. Even though we aren't Irish, I enjoy making the day fun.

  144. my favorite this is that my bday is 2 days away! 😛

  145. Judy Cartmel says:

    green beer

  146. My favorite thing is it remnds me that spring is almost here.

  147. Favorite thing is the color green.

  148. I love that it brings in Spring!

  149. Kathleen Liddick says:

    Green beer!

  150. You have an excuse to wear green!

  151. Colleen Boudreau says:

    The green beer!

  152. I love everything green.

  153. celebrating Spring ancd all things green :)

  154. Spring is almost here!

  155. I love going to the partys!

  156. Pamela Johnson says:

    It means Spring is here.

  157. Ami Sprague says:

    Green Beer! 😀

  158. Elaine Bowden Powell says:

    not much, just an excuse for folks to do lots of unnecessary drinking.

  159. Kate Flowers Spilker says:

    I just love everything green!