Special Giveaway For Our RewardIt Facebook Fans!


Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card

25 iTunes Gift Card

Ok, all you Facebook fans, we have a special treat for you.  To thank you for following us, we’re giving away a $25 iTunes gift card TODAY to one lucky winner.  To enter, just comment below with your answer to this question:

What music would you buy if you won the iTunes gift card?  

We’ll pick a random winner from all the responses. Hurry, you have until 5 PM EST to enter your comments.  Go!






Speak Your Mind


  1. At Dawn WE Rage.

  2. some great jazz players..brecker bros, ron cuber.

  3. Would love to win this.

  4. be nice to win.

  5. of monster and men.

  6. I love iTunes I can get the songs I want and not have to buy a CD and never listen to half the songs on it. With iTunes I listen to all the songs I buy.

  7. Richard Deyarmond says:

    I would buy the new Carrie Underwood Album.

  8. I would download some “Tantric” and “Future Leaders of the World” tunes

  9. Always great to have to i can download summer driving music

  10. Always a great way to down load music for the summer funn\ :)

  11. Claudzz says:

    I would buy some Tuesday New releases!!

  12. Carol Oddy says:

    I would buy a few rock tunes. Love to listen to music…thanks for this contest!

  13. William Foster says:

    Like I get a choice! The kids have it spent before I even get a chance.

  14. Rose Ivy says:

    Whatever the kids want. It’s countdown time to their birthday.

  15. Patricia Huffman says:

    thinking some 80’s music

  16. I would probably buy Van Morrison’s into the mystic, and some Phil Collins, and Doobie brothers, Rascal Flatts, Stevie nicks, Dixie chicks, sugar land, Barbara Streisand, etc…

  17. Amanda c says:

    If I won, I’d download some fun songs for my nephew’s birthday mix, he’s turning 8!

  18. Heather Carter says:

    I would buy some songs for my kids from Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam band and probably some Bob Seger songs for me because I dont have any not on cd.

  19. Kara Rich says:


  20. Steve Konrad says:

    I’d love to buy some of the “alternative hits” like you’d hear on college radio stations and contemporary radio doesn’t play.

  21. Katie Lewis says:

    I would buy Grateful Dead albums if I won the gc!

  22. Jamillah Perkins says:

    I would download my Favorite Mary J Blige Song’s if I won this gift Card

  23. Robin Y says:

    Some old 80’s music that I have on cassettes.

  24. Margaret Strickland says:

    Country music

  25. Debra Miller says:

    I would buy all of the old Rolling Stones and Beatles music!

  26. I would buy Carrie Underwoods music.

  27. Randy Turchin says:

    If I win this gift card, I would download some of my favorite Jazz music!!!

  28. I would give it to my husband, he loves music.

  29. I’d download the new Saul Williams or some games for my toddler =)

  30. Disney tunes for my grandson
    Spanish for my husband and
    Oldies for me

  31. Jamie Martin says:

    Eli Young Band!

  32. Darin Radabaugh says:

    Some Johnny Cash and Jason Aldean songs

  33. Jennifer M. says:

    I would buy the new maroon 5 album and Katy perry.

  34. Kellie Rose Wilson says:

    I would buy Mark Ronson and MGMT songs! :)

  35. I would buy the new Tenacious D!

  36. Staci D. says:

    I would buy music for my boys :)

  37. EmeGe PeDois says:

    With $25? I wouldn’t buy a song only, I’d buy an album, to be exact, “The Lost EP” by Bonnie Dune! And not only that, why not buying some apps too?

    Thanks for the opportunity and good luck y’all! :)

  38. karenladd says:

    I would use it to buy some tunes by Adele!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  39. I would use it to buy tunes for my granddaughter

  40. Mathew Breinlinger says:

    I would buy some Zach Brown Band music or some DMB.

  41. Trisha Scott says:

    Kings of leon and ac/dc and some childrens music for the little one

  42. I would buy Country music. Maybe Reba or Garth


  43. I’d get Bruce Springstein’s greatest hits!

  44. Palushka says:

    Laura Nyro because I am old and maybe something my 11 year old is begging for that I can’t possibly know the name of.

  45. Pete Cosentino says:

    I’d buy some Kid Cudi

  46. keith malloy says:

    I’d buy APPS, or the new Bob Mould album.

  47. I would use it to buy adele,nicki minaj,fun,etc… Lots of new great music!

  48. Tamra H says:

    I’d buy the new Chili Peppers CD!

  49. libby rouse says:

    I would buy some country and some rock

  50. Anna Poraszka says:

    I’d buy a great mix of music!

  51. Nellie C says:

    I like country and the 90’s so.. it’d be a variation of artists Alan Jackson, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, George Straight.. I like the oldies :)

  52. i love music! from coldplay to rihanna.. i would also use the $25 towards apps for my ipad=)

  53. I would let my step daughter pick the music she would be thrilled:) Thanks!

  54. Debbie K @deb461 says:

    would buy the new Beach Boys for my dad who loves listening to the “oldies”

  55. Kathy S. says:

    I listen to a variety… but would give it to my 11 year old daughter for her I POD….

  56. Foo fighters!

  57. I would definitely buy the new Maroon5 cd next week! Also, I love indie music, so I would find some up and coming bands to support as well!

  58. some country music but of course!

  59. I usually listen to rock or top 40 I think I would buy some Carrie Underwood and Adele I really like there music and
    I don’t have any lol @ladylisa1

  60. Usher :)

  61. Melanee says:

    I would buy the songs that keep getting stuck in my head!

  62. Joe Vecere @joev001 says:

    not sure what I would buy, but it would definately be spent before it gets dusty.

  63. Pamela Johnson says:

    Save for a Xmas/Birthday present for my nephew or hubby. Every penny counts :-)

  64. Nancy Johnson says:

    The Bacon Brothers

  65. I would definitely save mine until August to buy the new Wiz Khalifa CD!! Thank you RewardIt!

  66. Elisabeth says:

    I’d buy a couple of albums by Heather Dale because I absolutely adore her work and want to support her.

  67. Erika Moore says:

    I would buy Pistol Annies, Luke Bryan, etc.

  68. Fleetwood mac.

  69. Kimberly Ingram says:

    I would probably buy some golden oldies or some classic rock.

  70. Patricia McClimans says:

    I would buy some country and let my husband use it to buy classic rock. It would be a nice treat for him, kind of a late fathers day present

  71. I’d buy/download the Rolling Stones album, because I just bought my Dad a new MP3 Player for Father’s Day, and the Stones are his favorite band!

  72. Jean Reichardt says:

    I’d let my grandson pick

  73. The new Metric!

  74. Addrienne mertens says:

    I would buy Hole.. Im missing one of my CDs. =)

  75. rock n roll

  76. All different..What is on sale for 25.00 on ITUNES?lOVE Fleetwood Mac..

  77. Samantha Daleo says:

    I would let my daughter buy her favorite album by GreenDay, as a treat for her great grades.

  78. Probably Something From Deicide, Crowbar Or Some Other Metal Band.

  79. Jessica B says:

    I’m a nice wife and if I win I would let my hubby decide what music he’d like to buy

  80. jeevon kay says:

    I would buy anything from Maroon 5. Love them

  81. i would buy some black label society songs

  82. Danielle Pontow says:

    I would buy the new Toby Keith album and a few single christian songs

  83. I would buy new Smashing Pumpkins released today!

  84. All kinds of music I am a fan of many different types of music.

  85. I want the new Neil Young CD

  86. Rise Against and Billy Talent’s new CD that comes out sometime this summer.

  87. Charles Wood says:

    Andy Velo’s new songs

  88. Jennifer Dysart says:

    I would buy some music that should be in every collection…some beatles, been meaning to dowload some of the album collections on itunes

  89. I would stock up on some new artists I’ve been meaning to get like the Black Keys.

  90. I would purchase some classic rock that I grew up listening to and Christian music…

  91. I would buy more music making apps for my iPad so I could get more creative when recording.

  92. Tara Vallee says:

    You dont know your beautiful for my son who belts it out every time he hears it!! So cute.

  93. Holly Caudle says:

    I would probably buy some more country tunes like Zac Brown Band or Blake Shelton.

  94. Hmmm. I would probably order some Mike Patton (The Solitude Of Prime Numbers) and maybe something by Muse.

  95. Jenna Parsons says:

    I would buy some pop music for my daughter’s iPod. She doesn’t have much on there. Maybe a Victorious or iCarly soundtrack.

  96. Valerie L says:

    I will get something by tailor swift

  97. tiffany says:

    i would buy songs for my 1 year old, elmo barney and sesame street/ lyallabyes

  98. soulfliesfree says:

    I would buy patrick watsons adventures in your own backyard!!! Its amazing!

  99. estella miller says:

    I would load up on Beatles tunes.

  100. Jason Mraz : Love Is A Four Letter Word

  101. Carrie Underwood!!!

  102. I would buy some combo pink floyd, led zep and the who

  103. Sabrina says:

    It will have to be a mix of 1Direction and Kathy Perry so both my kids are happy:)

  104. Tristan F. says:

    Definitely classical!

  105. Any and all music for my neices and nephews.

  106. Kim Henrichs says:

    The new Maroon 5 cd!!

  107. I would buy some Walk off the Earth for myself and maybe a few singles for the grandkids.

  108. Joanne Beal says:

    I would buy a variety if music from the 80’s till today !! It’s hard to choose one category type !!!

  109. I would pick up the new album from Skeleton Key!

  110. I would buy some of the new drake and nicki minaj songs :)
    im @luvmy_babygio

  111. Terri MacKinnon says:

    I’ve been making a list of oldies singles just in case an opportunity like this arises! It includes Clash – Rock the Casbah; Crowbar – Oh What a Feeling; EWF – Let’s Groove Tonight; Burton Cummings – Glamour Boy; Jackie Wilson – Higher and Higher. The full list has about 20 songs, so this is a perfect gift card! Thanks

  112. Kathy Sparks says:

    I would buy my granddaughter Justin Bieber’s album “Believe”. She loves him! Thank you RewardIt for being so rewarding! :)

  113. Heather Y. says:

    I’d buy some Karmin songs

  114. The new Rascal Flatts cd

  115. Tiffany @kygurl62689 says:

    I would buy Kenny Chesney’s new album “Welcome to the Fishbowl” that came out today. I’m a huge fan of his!

  116. Any and all music that my grand-babies love to keep me a “hip” grand-ma, lol. They love to sing and dance and my 2-yr old autistic grand-son loves to “shake his booty” when we act like fools, :-). Love to make my little guy laugh and smile.

  117. David Gerstman says:

    Beatles – Red and Blue albums.

  118. I’d buy some country music with it, such as Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood! Thank you for this!

  119. I would buy new Fiona Apple

  120. Katherine B says:

    Probably country or rap! =)

  121. Every type but country. Love it all….well ok…maybe not alll :)

  122. I would get some Adelle and some some Usher

  123. Gina H. says:

    Adele’s music.

  124. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    I would get some Sonia Dada, Tom Petty, Guns ‘n Roses, Janis Joplin, etc, etc, etc.

  125. would be picking country and old time rock and roll

  126. I would buy as much Radiohead as possible! I saw them in Bonnaroo and am dying to learn more of their music!!

  127. Nicki minaj songs :)

  128. I’ll definitely buy music from my all-time idol, Madonna.

  129. Kristi Robertson says:

    I would probably buy a nice movie to watch so I can have something to do on the plane down to the Caribbean for the missions trip I am going on.

  130. Christie R says:

    I’d buy some relaxation music with it!

  131. Tamara Vankoughnett says:

    I would purchase Now 19!

  132. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    I would buy music from The Voice :) There are so many of their songs that I want!

  133. Country music is my choice.

  134. Ellen B says:

    I’d get some Miranda Lambert songs

  135. Sandra Barber says:

    I would buy lots of Country music

  136. I would use this to stock up on songs I can shake my butt too! WOOT!

  137. I would buy alot of my favorite worship songs, i don’t even have 1 song on my Iphone, so I would love to win the gift card. 😀

  138. Rebecca says:

    I’m SO desperate for some new music! To be honest, I’d probably either buy some Adele, or the new Jay Z and Kanye CD.

  139. Damon Jacobs says:


  140. Debbie Fisher says:

    I can’t wait to win this iTunes card! I’m gonna rock out to some jammin’ tunes!!

  141. Michelle Marsh says:

    I would probably buy Rolling in the deep by Adele and I’m not sure what else.

  142. I would buy Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Journey(With Steve Perry), Gotye, Disturbed. Too many to mention

  143. Tina Barry says:

    I would buy the new Jenny Chesny cd!

  144. JOHN MCKEEL says:

    60/70s and golden oldies.

  145. Stacey Aversing says:

    I would buy some new indie artists!

  146. Laurie Reubenking says:

    Katy Perry’s Wide Awake! Maybe some Rihanna or Usher too!

  147. Theresa Wilson says:

    I would download, country. I love me some contry music. It has so much feeling and meaning. A Honky tonk badanka donk. Thanks!

  148. Laurie Reubenking says:

    I want this one!

  149. Kiah Cavill says:

    I would buy some Florence and the Machine.

  150. debbie kanastab says:

    Complete my Frank Sinatra library!

  151. I would buy lots of Prince and Van Morrison!

  152. Deborah Masters says:

    I would buy some of the oldies and instrumental

  153. Hailey Briere says:

    I would buy some deadmau5!!

  154. Kara Rich says:

    I would donate it

  155. Michael Bryant says:

    I might buy Ellie Goulding – Lights or a movie or game soundtrack. Oh, and an app or two of course! TY!

  156. Michelle S says:

    I would buy me all david bowies hits.I LOVE BOWIE!!

  157. the wanted

  158. Kara Rich says:

    I would go and donate it to the people who can’t afford ITunes!!

  159. Shannon S says:

    Lady Gaga for my son

  160. Barb Goossens says:

    I love Country Music…….always watching the top 10 song lists………Would love to win this….

  161. I would buy some rock & roll!

  162. There’s a lot of new country music coming out.

  163. Kymi Adams says:

    I would buy the whole journey album!

  164. Jennifer scott says:

    I’d buy some Skrillex !!

  165. Teresa Moore says:

    I would buys some Casting Crowns, Building 429 and some other contemporary Christian music

  166. I would buy all my favorite rap/hip hop songs! I would pick mostly the new ones because I think those are the best currently.


    “Drive By” – Train
    “Starships” – Nicki Minaj
    “Get Yourself Back Home” – Gym Class Heroes
    “Payphone” – Maroon 5
    “Scream” – Usher


  167. Carmen D. says:

    I would buy the Usher cd and whatever else is recent

  168. I would buy some rock music with it

  169. I am a gospel music fan all the way. Sure could use some updated music for my mp3.

  170. Linda O. says:

    I would let my 14 year old get the music shes been wanting for her mp3

  171. Mona Chinn says:


  172. The Beatles White Album.

  173. Elizabeth R. says:

    A new workout mix!

  174. I would give to my teenage son

  175. mellanie says:

    I would buy rythem and blues of course.

  176. Jonathan Alvarado says:

    I would buy some relaxing music, or classical music…so I could enjoy a nice summer evening.

  177. Christian Griffin says:

    I want some Goyte and Foster the People!

  178. Tessa B says:

    I would buy all the new hits. I need new music!

  179. Clayton Silva says:

    I would buy some Country Music with it!

  180. Katy Perry’s new song Wide Awake, and New Nicki Minaj songs!

  181. Michelle Washburn says:

    Music and more music!

  182. if i won i would pick either rock songs or pop rock songs.

  183. Dave Taube says:

    The New Springsteen CD.

  184. Tammy Sigond says:

    i would buy the new Justin Beiber for my dd and a Shaggy album for me!

  185. Anne Mostella says:

    I would buy some of my fav classic 80’s tunes, just right for summer!