Smart Strategies for Entering Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Money

Sweepstakes are free and simple ways to earn some extra cash. Since entering a sweepstakes is fast and easy, you’re sure to have some serious competition out there for that coveted prize money. Fortunately, there are several smart strategies for increasing your odds of winning.

Developing a Sweepstakes Strategy

The key to maximizing your chances for winning a sweepstakes is to get into the habit of entering regularly. Many people only put in entries every once in a while when the thought crosses their mind. To really increase your changes, however, you need to enter as often as possible. RewardIt has three different sweepstakes that you can enter every single day. Try these strategies to make sure you never miss an entry.

  • Bookmark RewardIt on your toolbar so it’s immediately visible any time you’re on the Internet. Add something in the link description that will draw your attention to it every day.
  • Get into the habit of visiting RewardIt at the same time every day. Add this to your morning list of sites you check out, alongside your favorite news sites and social media stops, or make it a part of your lunch break ritual.
  • Use your calendar to help you keep track. If you have a paper calendar that you use to organize your day, start adding a little red “X” in the corner of each day once you’ve entered your sweepstakes. Seeing that line of red Xs is an exciting reminder of all the great chances you have to win.

Understanding How Sweepstakes Work

In order for your sweepstakes strategy to work, you need to make sure you understand exactly how each sweepstakes works. Requirements vary with each, but most are extremely easy to enter. RewardIt offers two sweepstakes games where users must match six of 66 different numbers. Players are also entered into a third sweepstakes automatically, simply by viewing the daily tasks.

These sweepstakes can be entered once a day. While you statistically have the same chance of winning with each individual entry, you’ll increase your overall chances dramatically by remembering to enter each and every day. Dedicated sweepstakes winners often reap amazing rewards. Spending a little bit of time every day systematically entering your favorite sweepstakes could bring rewards you’ve never even dreamed of. If it’s hard to believe that this could happen to you, try reading the stories of past sweepstakes winners for a little inspiration.

When you make a sweepstakes routine part of your daily schedule, you’ll soon find yourself doing this activity automatically without even thinking about it. The rewards for your dedicated efforts may come when you least expect it.

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