Selfless Things To Do With Cash Sweepstakes Winnings

What we have to tell you might be surprising, so you had better sit down if you aren’t already sitting. Did you know that when you win cash prizes in a sweepstakes or lottery there is no rule requiring that you have to use that money on yourself?

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The instant most people discover they’ve won a cash prize sweepstakes on websites like RewardIt, thoughts of purchasing a bigger home, going on vacation and upgrading the family car go through their head, but the truth is you don’t have to do that. In fact, there are dozens of selfless things that you can do with your cash prize winnings if you really wanted to.

If you have a real desire to help the less fortunate with your cash prize winnings from RewardIt, here is a look at some things you can do with your winnings.

Help Restock the Local Food Bank

An increasing number of people are relying upon food banks to help ensure they don’t go hungry. This influx in people who need these services has placed a real strain on many food banks, and they are finding it difficult to keep the shelves stocked with enough food to help everyone.

Your cash donation can really help a food bank in need. Donating even a few dollars to a local food bank can help them stock their shelves with essential items such as bread, vegetables and other products.

Help Local School Districts

Schools are often the first to feel the budget cuts when the government demands budget reductions. Budget cuts can dramatically affect a school’s supply closet, library shelves and sports program. Donating your cash winnings to a local or private school can help keep a school keep a music or arts program, or it can purchase new books for the library.

Donate to Medical Research

We are often under the mistaken impression that because medical technology has advanced significantly that there is a cure for everything, but there isn’t. Every day, all over the country, medical researchers are trying to discover a cure for a number of medical problems from diabetes to cancer. Donating your cash winnings to these medical research programs can help fund the trials and research that needs to be conducted in order to get close to finding a cure.

Next time you win a cash prize in a sweepstakes or lottery think twice about what you want to do with it. There are hundreds of good causes that can benefit greatly from your donation.

What Would You Do With Your Winnings?

How would you use your winnings?  Would you donate to charities or other good causes?  Let us know by posting your comments below.