Saving Money On Mail-In Sweepstakes

If Mail-In Sweepstakes are the type of sweeps you prefer to enter, the amount of money you spend on supplies could add up.  RewardIt is here to give you some tips on how to save a few dollars here and there with your mail-in sweeps!

Buy Supplies In Bulk

If you’re not a member of stores like Sam’s Club or Costco, become a member.  In the long run it may make a huge difference in the amount of money your spending.  Stock up on envelopes, stamps, pens, and other stationary products that you might need to send in your mail-in sweepstakes forms.

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Look To Recycle Envelopes

There may be times where you receive some personal mail that you can re-use.  Keep an eye out for envelopes that are somewhat blank that you can easily re-use by covering the old address with a larger return label.  From there you can simply write over it.  If you can steadily save up these extra envelopes then you can completely remove that expense from your budget!

Don’t Trash Your Mistakes

There may be a few times where you accidently misspell your name, address, etc, on the envelope you’re sending out.  Instead of throwing it away, just cover your mistake with an address label.  Again, this will save you the extra hassle of buying additional envelopes.

Post Card Mail-In Sweepstakes

A lot of sponsors that offer mail-in sweepstakes already have a premade post card you fill out and simply put in the mail when your finished.  If you can, try and limit yourself to these sweepstakes because there is almost zero money spent on your end!

Set A Weekly or Monthly Budget

With all the great prizes there is to offer out there, it may get tempting for you to sign up for everything in sight.  This may put you in a position to spend a lot more money on supplies than you should be.  Set aside a weekly or monthly budget for yourself so you don’t get out of hand.


We hope you gained some great information from this post and decide to use some of these methods in the future!  Good luck and be sure to check out some of the sweepstakes we have to offer.