4 Ridiculous Things To Buy With Your Sweepstakes Winnings

Since our article on how to spend $474 Million of your lotto winnings was so popular, I thought it would be fun to follow up with some more crazy things you can buy with your sweepstakes or lottery winnings.  After you’ve done your smart investments, donated to charities, and done everything else you could possibly do with your money, you might have a bunch left over to play with.  You deserve to treat yourself!  We’re certainly aren’t saying you should go out and buy some of these things (even if some are incredibly awesome), but check out some crazy expensive items you can buy with your winnings!

Most Expensive Box Of Chocolates

Image Source Oddee.com

Just what you need, a box of chocolates filled with diamonds.  Simon Jewelers was kind enough to put some “priceless” yellow and blue diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds in with your chocolate treats.  These fine sweets will only cost you $1.5 million.  Whoever this special someone is, they better be REALLY special if you actually get them these. Just make sure they don’t swallow one of the priceless pieces digging through the chocolate like Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka.





Whale Submarine

Image Source Buzzfed

So you love whales?  AND you love submarines?  Well then, this whale submarine must be  especially for you.  Coming it at $100,000, this two-person submarine definitely seems like a fantastic time.  Picture yourself driving around the beach then, woop, you pop right out of the water like Free Willy.  Imagine all the “ooohs” and “ahhs” you’d get from that.  Whale sounds not included.





A Flying Car

Image Source Buzzfed

Every morning you’re stuck in the same rush hour traffic to work thinking to yourself  “I wish I could just fly over this traffic.”  Well for $350,000 you can soar right over everyone waiting and laugh your way to work, maybe throw in a barrel roll or two. Be sure to stay above the bridges and street signs though.  Apparently this design came from some students over at MIT.  






Transmission Audio Ultimate System



So you decide to throw a huge celebration for your winnings?  Well what’s a party without $2 million speakers?  Don’t let the picture fool you, these speakers have a span of 37 feet and weigh 5 metric tons. This system comes complete with ”four dipole subwoofers, two dipole mid-woofers, four dipole medium-frequency and high-frequency ribbon panels, and two dipole high-fidelity super ribbon panels.”  How’s that for a sound system!


What would YOU buy if you won a huge jackpot?  What if you won a more modest prize, like the RewardIt $1,000.00 Giveaway?  Let me know by commenting below.