How To Get Rich WITHOUT Winning A Cash Sweepstakes

It occurred to me that we spend so much time focused on playing lotteries, winning prizes,  earning rewards and striking it rich with cash sweepstakes that we haven’t properly focused on other ways of getting rich.  We’re gonna get rich or die trying as the adage goes. And that means you’re going to have to work for it!

But if there is a country in the world to be born in to have the option to strike it big without winning cash sweepstakes?  It’s still the United States Of America where you can still start on the bottom and work your way to the top.  How you ask?

Cash SweepstakesHow To Get Rich

Well first things first.  You can study hard, earn scholarships, and go to Med School.  Family practice physicians and general practitioners can expect to make an annual income of about $177,330, on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and its Occupational Employment and Wages report for May 2012.  A family practice salary may range from $73,150 on the low end and up to $249,950 on the top end, according to the report.  That’s an awful lot of coin accumulated every year.

Another way to get rich without winning cash sweepstakes is to live the American dream of starting your own business.  Bill Gates was a drop out of college and went on to found Microsoft, and become one of the richest billionaires in the world.  Maybe you have a great idea for an invention, and you can try your luck with infomercials.  And of course, you can get super rich by investing, like Warren Buffet who became one of the worlds richest men simply buy buying and selling other companies.

But maybe academia or business isn’t your thing.  Why not become a star athlete?  Irvin Magic Johnson grew up poor and worked hard shooting basketball at any chance he got.  He went on to be a time NBA champion, an Olympic Gold winner, and an NBA Hall of Famer.   For an encore he leveraged his celebrity into an empire of restaurants, movie theatres and real estate ventures.  In 2009 his estimated net worth was $500 million – bigger than any cash sweepstakes payoff I know of!

What if hard work in academia or athletics isn’t your thing?  You can always try your hand at becoming a reality TV star!  Nicole ElizabethSnookiPolizzi  is a 25 year old American reality television personality who is a cast member on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore.  And for being a career of public drunkenness on camera and partially scripted one liners and rants she’s gained such notoriety that her estimated net worth is north of 4 million dollars.

The simple fact is that’s while it’s probably more likely we strike it rich, it’s far easier to enter to win cash sweepstakes and hope to hit the mother lode!  What are some cool ways you know to make a lot of money without online cash sweepstakes?