Rewardit Mega T-Shirt Contest

We have just received our shipment of T-shirts and we cannot wait to start giving them away! We have been waiting for this for a while.  As many of you know we love to give away stuff to Rewardit followers and fans. In the past few months we have given away prizes to over 160 people.  From iPad 3’s to cash to gift cards, we try to mix it up to keep you excited.

We’ve had some real excited winners who were very appreciative of our giveaways. Take Lou Carter, of Nevada, who won $500 (cash equivalent for iPad3.) Louis was very happy to win, said he really needed the money at that particular time, and sent us all a bunch of merchandise from his store. We still talk about Lou Carter, what a great guy! We love all of the folks who interact with Rewardit.

Rewardit offers everyone multiple ways to win right now. From our $250 Weekly Giveway and our iPad 3 sweepstakes to the $1,000 contest and the iPhone 5 giveaway we try to keep you excited.  In about a month our full site will launch and the number of ways you will be able to win will be nearly limitless. Until then, make sure yo have entered all of our contests and that you participate in our Mega T-Shirt Giveaway.

We are going to give away 10 of our brand new, American Apparel T-shirts, to 10 lucky winners.  If you want to win a slick Rewardit T-shirt comment on this post about what it is that you like about Rewardit, You can mention anything you want.  You can mention  the number of giveaways, your favorite prizes, whatever you want! Just comment on this post over the next 2 days to enter and you could be yet another Rewardit winner!