100 Years of Sweepstakes Indulgences

Most people have spent time daydreaming about how they would splurge and spend big if they suddenly received a large chunk of money from winning a sweepstakes. From buying islands, helicopters to buying a ticket to space or the Grammys, everyone has their favorite fantasy about spending a wad of money.

We all know how we would spend those big bucks today, but have you ever wondered what big spenders over a 100 years ago splurged on? Well, it was mostly the same stuff just at a different price. Here are a few modern-day indulgences compared to what they cost 100 years ago.

Boats and Cruising: 1912 vs. 2012

Cruise Rewards

Photo Courtesy of Salicia on Flickr

Ok, so the most famous boat from 1912 was the Titanic, of course. Although romanticized today, most people traveling on the Titanic were just trying to get from point A to point B. Not a luxurious excursion, but still costly at the time and considered a luxury. Cruising today is usually for enjoyment, not transportation and is filled with extravagant amenities.

A First Class ticket on the Titanic in 1912: $2,975 and included a bed, a few musicians, fresh air on the deck and a reading and smoking room. In 2012 you can splurge on a Silver Sea Whisper trip for a mere $1,5 Million! If you prefer to set your own course, buy your own yacht; Harrods just sold an H2 for $165 million in 2012.

Cars:  1912 vs. 2012

Car Rewards

Photo Courtesy of ahisgett on Flickr

It’s hard to imagine life without a car today; however, in 1912, automobiles were just beginning to become popular and were still considered a luxury by many. In 1912, standard cars featured open cabs and handbrakes. Luxury vehicles featured enclosed cabs with more comfortable amenities such as electric starters, and if you were really spoiled, a heater. A standard four-seat touring car cost about $850 in 1912, luxury automobiles cost between $2,000 to $3,000.

Compare that to today’s luxury base price of $52,000 to $78,000.  Although, of course, we’ve come a long way.  2012 luxury vehicles feature computers, voice control, driving and parking assistance, computerized everything and even refrigeration.

Health and Beauty: 1912 vs. 2012

Beauty Rewards

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Personal hygiene was important in the early 20th century, but frills were for the very rich. Women wouldn’t even begin shaving their underarms for a few more years. And, the women who could afford luxurious amenities wore their hair large and wide, wrapped around metal framework or adorned with large hairpieces and richly adorned hats. Manicures didn’t become popular until the 1920s.

In 2012, putting a diamond on a finger gets a whole new meaning with a $51,000 diamond-encrusted (10 karat) manicure. A haircut and style by a top stylist in New York can start at more than $500.  With your sweepstakes winnings, you could even hire your own personal stylist.



Fine Dining: 1912 vs. 2012

Food Rewards

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A typical meal in San Francisco’s Little Italy in 1912: $.50 for soup, fish, entrée, roast, salad, dessert. French chocolates cost about 12 cents per pound. In 2012, dinner at the most expensive restaurant in the U.S. costs over $500 per person.

Winning in 2012

Remember the old adage, “you can’t win if you don’t play”? Whatever luxury you dream of, you can’t buy it until you win. And to win, you have to play!  Start by entering to win sweepstakes right here, every day.