Recognizing Winning Sweepstakes Emails

There are always times where you’ll get emails from non-legitimate sweepstakes.  You need to make sure you know how to separate and locate your winning emails from the bad ones.  One of the worst things you could do is follow up with a non-legitimate sweepstakes winner email.  You can potentially give up valuable information (credit card info, social security) that can really hurt you in more ways than financially.  RewardIt is here to give you a few tips on how to recognize and manage legitimate winning emails.

Keep Track Of The Sweepstakes You Enter

Buy a notepad, or save a document on your computer of all the sweepstakes you have entered.  This will be a great first step in knowing if the winning email you received is indeed a legit one for you.  You will be able to locate the name of the prize and sponsor without a problem making it way easier.

Sponsor’s Name In The Email Address

Make sure the name of the sweepstakes sponsor is correct and proper in the “From” email address.  For example, emails from will have “” as part of their email address.

Sponsor’s Name In The Subject

This should also be related to the list you would use to keep track of your sweeps.  Highlight the name of the sponsor and look for it in the subject of the email.  An example could be:

RewardIt Daily Giveaway Winner or You Won the $500 Prize From RewardIt

Emails With A Personal Name

There will be some occasions where the sponsor has one of their employees notify the winner.  This is perfectly normal so don’t worry.  Again, refer back to your sweepstakes list and see if the sponsor name is spelled the correct way in the email and the from address.


Not only should you be looking for the sponsor’s name in the subject, also be on the look out for words like Congratulations, Winner, Your Name, the prize, etc.  These keywords are almost always used in winning emails.

So what have we learned?  There are a few key things that come with winning emails and you need to be on your toes to recognize them!  We hope this makes digging through your emails a bit easier.  Good luck!