Recognizing Good Sweepstakes Blogs

There are plenty of sweepstakes blogs out there to check up on, but it is obvious you can’t visit them all.  You need to learn how to spot the best of the best blogs so you aren’t wasting your time!  You should take time out of a day or two to really find the ones that are worth the visit.  Here’s how you can set apart the good from the bad:

Finding Good Sweepstakes BlogsHow Often Are They Updated?

You want to make sure the blogs you are visiting are being updated often.  They should provide you with the newest and best sweepstakes out there.  If you spend every day visiting blogs that aren’t getting updated you are just wasting time that can be spent on better sites.  The more they are updated, the more giveaways you will come across.

Do They Have Quality Posts?

You don’t want to come across a site that doesn’t have quality posts.  Are they posting expired sweepstakes?  Do they provide details about the sweepstakes (age restrictions, location, expiration dates, etc)?  These are some questions you should ask while navigating these blog sites.  Again, time spent on a bad site is only hurting your chances of winning.

Is It Easy To Navigate The Site?

One of the most frustrating things for someone interested in sweepstakes is getting completely lost on the websites they visit.  Click here, click there, by the time you find what you were looking for you’re just exhausted.  You want to find sites that are user friendly and very easy to find what you’re looking for.  Pay attention to the tool bar at the top of the page and see if the site has the categories organized for you to navigate easily.

How Big Is Their Facebook and Twitter Following?

A quick way to see if a site is a good resource is to quickly check their Facebook and Twitter following.  If they have a large following it obviously means they are doing something right.  “Like” and “Follow” them as well, hop on board, it will only benefit you.

Remember, you determine your chances of winning!  Of course, if I do say so, we run a pretty good blog here for sweepstakes tips and strategies.  Take a look at our other sweepstakes articles like finding the best sweepstakes and spending your winnings on a good cause.

Some of our other favorite blogs are SweepstakesMama, SweepstakeListingsToday and SweepstakesMania.  Gain as much knowledge as you can to make the experience better and easier for you!   Oh yeah, and enter to win $1,000 right here, right now.