Publishers Clearing House Win $5,000 A Week For Life

So now that Publishers Clearing House Win $5,000 A Week Forever is over, they are promoting the chance to Win $5,000 a Week for Life plus $1,000,000.  This is a great contest to enter, as the prize is certainly nice, and it is completely free.

How Does Win $5,000 A Week For Life Work?

After the November 19th deadline, they will take what PCH calls an “early look” to see if there is a matching winning number that has been entered into the contest.  If a there is a match, then they will award the $1,000,000 plus $5,000 a week for life.  If there is no match, then they guarantee that a winner will be announced on November 30 to win just the $1,000,000 prize.  Even though there’s no guarantee someone will win $5,000 a week for life, there is still a chance, so why not enter?

PCH Win $5,000 for Life Sweepstakes

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  1. Move out to better neighbor hood to help my kid's

  2. pch yes yes yes i want claim and activate entry 5.000.00 a week life prize forever plus super prize
    i have no car and no good home …my family big
    india my villge any people poor and sick so l help them

  3. This money could pay off the mortgage on our Church and help a young couple fix up an old trailer for the and their 4 children to live in. The Burns family on Asa Hall Road , Iva. Get it out on my face book page, Maria Fowler.

  4. That would really help me get my kids in line for school and life !!!

  5. Rochelle White says:

    This would help me get my family out of this godforsaken city so we could live better

  6. It get me off goverment assistance my wife and i both live off $1,500a month would be a blessing

  7. yes i want to win and take a long deserved vacation and get my bills paid and give to the homeless and to saint judes organization.

  8. I want to Win "Big" with Publisher Clearing House..Everything is Possible now as long as I Believe in it..It's time to find that Silver lining and focus on it..I going to Win That Big Check and be Financial Security..

  9. Anonymous says:

    I promise to Jehovah, if he bless me to win, i will bless others who need it and give him 10% of the winnings.

  10. Yes PCH i wannas Win $5,000.00 A Week "Forever" on Aug. 28th gwy no. 3080 and Win $10,000.00 Cash Instantly…. Pls activate my Entries and issue me my secure Superprize No., thnx Pauline….

  11. I really need to win my mom just beat cancer again

  12. I pray I win

  13. I want to win because I been struggling to take care of my kids and wife been out of a job for 4 years now…I really need it

  14. I wanna Win $5,000.00 Every Week For Life, gwy no. 3080… I want it, I want it, I want it…..

  15. Give me that mula!

  16. Alisha Van Lier says:

    Winning would be God's grace for not only my family, but the children's hospital as I would donate money to help the children that need it to survive. Sharing is carin!!

  17. yes i want win 5.000.00 a week for life 5x claim and activate entry my family and my villge in india very people poor and very sick pl help me pch

  18. Molly Boykin says:

    Oh how I would love to help people with this money!



  21. I would love it

  22. Chino Penuelas says:

    From help my mom

  23. I know I will never win because I'm not lucky that way. I really need the money to pay off my bills.

  24. This will be great for me because I just got out of therapy from having my hip replaced in June. I will have a lot of bills to pay too.I need to will. Please keep me in your mine. Thank you.

  25. If I won this would be fabulous. I'll be able to marry the love of my life Richard. We meet on East Sunday. It was like magic instant. I know God had something to do with this. I'll also help everyone in need and my family. Pay it forward, that what I'll do

  26. yes

  27. I thank you for giving me a change to win 5-000 a week to help someone

  28. That be a big step for me cause I can do more as getting my my 7months twins daughters in my 4 in 5 year old son what ever they want they deserve the best me my family be more happier if i won and we could do more stuff together be big blessing.

  29. Me and my disabled daughter will go to disney world and ten percent to the gospel of Jesus Christ

  30. Me and my disabled daughter will go to disney world and ten percent to the gospel of Jesus Christ

  31. That will be a big blessing for me and my family and will give back

  32. I wanna win ss I can help my family and the unfortunate children from the make a wish foundation…Amen to that!

  33. PCH I wanna Win $5,000.00 A Week For Life gwy no. 3080 for June 30th, along with Claiming 4Entries to win…

  34. I just waited to this moment to come my way who know? My be me or you

  35. This is one super fantastic prize i'm entering i'm in it to win it

  36. I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830,3080 april30th

  37. I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830. And I reward it to my self because I love pch and it would be a great honor to meet the prize patrol

  38. Can you get a JOB???

  39. Winning is not as important as the need for a better cash flow in my house. If we don't find or win some money soon, we'll be looking for somewhere to stay. My house is falling in and down around me. I'm on disability, but not enough to fix or build a house. My house was already a health risk (Lead, Asbestos, etc.) but to watch it fall down around me is another. Also, I see so many organizations and families that could benefit from my winnings. I'm not really interested in a lot of material things (only that that I need), but money could change a lot of things for me. God is keeping me, but winning the money could push me a lot further.

  40. Trenae Julius Bishop says:

    I pay I win, because I can help my family and homeless people.

  41. I want to win because I really need the money everything is falling behind

  42. Morgan Renai says:

    You really won from the pch

  43. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to god for allow me to be the next winner of the pch sweepstakes thanks amen that all I got is Jesus no one else can't allow me to win but god pick me chandler ok Keba Lyons peace

  44. I want and need to win! I am disabled and have been for a long time. My husband has a number of health problems. He is having trouble with his feet. He is a bus driver that is contiously on the move. His pedal foot is in pretty bad shape. Also my mother -in- law needs our financial support. She can not afford her expenses Soon she may not have a roof over her head. She has always been extra genorous helping us. We want to take care of her for the rest of her life. Love her like a second. Mom. My mom is no longer with us.

  45. I wanna win, because it will give me the opportunity to lay off work, and have more chances to do volunteer work, and help out those that need it. All the volunteer work I want to do is unpaid, and unfortunately I cannot do it because I don't have enough money. However, even if I don't win I wish everyone the best luck at this. Everyone deserves a chance to start fresh, & new and make there lives a little bit better.

  46. Are the people that win these real? every body can use money,

  47. Marcia Crisp says:

    My name is Marcia L. Crisp 375 Beulah land dr. Bluff city, Tennessee 37618 I will win because it will be my time to win. God Bless

  48. Help me and my family from getting put out in the street so i hope i win soon

  49. Ej Gardner says:

    to help each other is how to do it.

  50. Trisha Idle Nomorey says:

    I would help my people out of oppression and poverty by buying a lot of land and letting them live on it rent free. Then I would save money and start a college for people who have autism.

  51. I wish to win sweepstacks please let me win ok.

  52. Would start a shelter for homeless children

  53. I would run for local office and try and fix things in my community.

  54. Help my sisters and brother in college.

  55. Lisa Zdrojewski says:

    Relax finally & just enjoy life & help others enjoy it too:)

  56. I would pay off my daughters house.

  57. pay my debt and help close family and buy the best education I can for the kids.

  58. Be able to retire, pay off mortgage, and have a great time!

  59. Jump up & down screaming!

  60. take a trip around the world, and give to my kids and grand kids.

  61. Breath a sigh of relief. Then renovate my condo and buy a new car.

  62. Theresa Alexander says:

    I would help my family, pay off all my bills, and finish my unfinished projects.

  63. Theresa Alexander says:

    I would help my family, pay off all my bills, and finish my unfinished projects.

  64. I would use it to buy my parents a new house and appliances and get myself a new car and pay off bills.

  65. Buy a home!

  66. Aside from helping others, I would hike the Appalachian trial starting in the south hiking all the way north to the end..

  67. I'd buy a mansion.

  68. Robert Rogers says:

    I would thank the Lord and retire so I could take care of my parents for the rest of their days on this Earth.

  69. Pamela Meek Murphy says:

    With $5000 a week, I would retire! Yippee!

  70. Pay bills AND buy myself something nice.

  71. Pay off my student loan, buy the best gaming comp money could buy, then save for a down payment on a house.

  72. I would buy a new house in a sunnier place.

  73. Chuck Bolster says:

    help my kids & close friends.

  74. pay off my bills and my son's school bills and then travel.

  75. I would buy lots of stuff!

  76. I would thank GOD first, pay my tithes and then live the life one only dreams of.

  77. Jennifer Dysart says:

    I would pay off my school loans and buy a house.

  78. Pay off all my debts, and retire to PEI.

  79. I would help out so many family members that are struggling.

  80. Change my phone number, give tons of $$'s to my kids and disappear.

  81. I would pay off all my bills, buy some land and build a house.

  82. Take a world cruise.

  83. Kimberley Brown says:

    I would buy ne furniture, ad clothes for me and my kids, and pay down some bills.

  84. I would save my money and only buy things I have to buy.

  85. I'd get myself dentures, a car, a divorce and a new life. In that order.

  86. Start a Food Bank in my town.

  87. I would have put it in to my home buying fund.

  88. Wohooo…spend a portion of it for my family and me, and save the rest for our son's education!

  89. Buy a new home and Travel, Travel & more Travel.

  90. Sandy Weinstein says:

    I would take care of my bills, move, set up a charity at the nc vet school and donate some to dog and horse rescues.

  91. Sandy Weinstein says:

    I would take care of my bills, move, set up a charity at the nc vet school and donate some to dog and horse rescues.

  92. I would pay off all our debt and the debt of our family members, give to church, and buy new home and vehicles.

  93. I would take a vacation to the Bahamas

  94. Do a lot of traveling, pay off my son's mortagage and give a lot to charity.

  95. I would put money for my kids a good education take them on a btrip of a l9ifetime and make sure all my family was ok.

  96. I would make sure all bills are paid and I would put the rest away for my sons college.

  97. never work again! lol!

  98. I wouldn't worry about going back to work to help support my family.

  99. Amy Richard says:

    I would have a lot of fun that's for sure!

  100. Karla Sceviour says:

    I have no clue! But I`d have fun!

  101. Lori Zeigler Crawford says:

    Thank the Good Lord.

  102. Alan Tong says:

    I'd start a charitable foundation for children's education.

  103. Rachel Roseanna Richards says:

    start a business.

  104. probably wet myself.

  105. Steve Jameson says:

    Travel the world.

  106. Eleanor Cooper says:

    retire and share it with my family.

  107. Eleanor Cooper says:

    retire and share it with my family.

  108. Retire!

  109. Sally Ventura says:


  110. Sally Ventura says:


  111. Count my blessings!

  112. Count my blessings!