PCH $5,000 A Week Forever

In case you have let this famous giveaway slip through the cracks, Publishers Clearing House is actually giving away $5,000 a week forever! That’s right you could possibly win $5,000 a week forever.

$100 billsHow $5,000 A Week Forever Works

When PCH tells you that you can win $5,000 a week forever they actually mean only 120 years. Don’t worry though — once your years of winning are over, you can name a person of your choice to receive the weekly payments. To register for PCH and enter for your chance to win $5,000 a week forever all you have to do is visit their site and fill in your information.

“Do People Really Win at Publisher Clearing House?”

If you’re unfamiliar with PCH you’re probably reading this saying “no way is there really a company that would give you the chance to win $5,000 a week forever.” Don’t worry Publishers Clearing House is definitely a legitimate company and the chance to win $5,000 a week forever is also real. But before you put all of your eggs in this basket you should definitely take a look at your odds of winning.

The Odds of Winning $5,000 A Week Forever

Make no mistake about it Publishers Clearing House does award prizes to their winners, but is in this case the odds unfortunately aren’t in your favor to win $5,000 a week forever giveaway. According to PCH’s website, the estimated odds of winning are 1 in 1,215,500,000!  So, it doesn’t sound too promising that any of us will be winning. You should still enter though and let me give you two reasons why.  One: because you never know what can happen and you have to be in it to win it, and two: because there will be a guaranteed winner of $1,000,000. Now I don’t know about you, but I will take the $1,000,000 too!

Of course, if you want a great chance to win, RewardIt is currently giving away $1,000 cash, an iPad 3, a $100 Amazon gift card, and a daily free giveaway for great cash prizes, as well as gift cards. You can enter all these sweepstakes every day! Good luck to everyone in all of the giveaways they enter!

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  1. It seems to only be a dream?

  2. To win this would be wonderful. I hope to see you at my house. Yes, you know I want to win.

  3. Give me the opportunity to change not only my life but everyone else that I come across life , I don't need to be a billionaire or even a millionaire I could make a difference with what you can give me. Thank you and God bless. Amen

  4. Hi PCH Prize Patrol I want to win the forever prize

  5. Dixie Crouse says:

    Wow! $5000.weekly woul be awesome. Get current with my bills, do some remodeling on my home, do some traveling. Most importantly make other people dreams come true. I am a service person caring for others. What a wonderful opportunity to continue

  6. If I win $5,000.00 a week for lifetime on August 28th then I will buy new a house , car and pay off for bills ( debt) Mary Edwards

  7. cuz don't waste your time, they are full of it. for 10yrs plus i constantly entered their sweepstakes and never even got a thank you for entering nor a booby prize. they are as phony as the freebies thing

  8. I would love to pay off my bills and remodell my home. I have no heater or air conditioner, the house is over 30 years old, I'm hoping my luck will change since it seems like I have none, It would be a dream come true,It would also help me in helping my children,

  9. I want to win on Aug.28th

  10. The time has come to be able to help my family, and myself

  11. Bianca Reid says:

    I need this money so I hope I searched right

  12. I'm in need of an inexpensive car 5000,00 just to get back and forth to work would be a wonderfull blessing, and if I won the big one 5000 a week for life I would start a non profit to help folks that are going through a hardship or struggling to work and care for there family's by helping them get a car or a place closer to there work or whatever could help them to be more prosperous , I'm not interested in buying all kinds of stuff for myself , my wife and I have had money and we have had to go without , so we have learned that money is only a tool , you can use that tool to pile all kinds of junk up for yourself or to help those around you meet there basic needs , you can use it for goog or bad, I would pay all my bills off secure a moderate comfortable house and two nice used cars with low mileage under 10,000 miles and only two years old or less then I would hire our daughter , she is an accountant and study how to start our non profit that would help stuggeling people who are trying to work to care for there family's …..

  13. Jose Islas says:

    I would like to win to giving more time with my family and don't work no more

  14. Sherry Kilgore says:

    I would buy a new car with air conditioning, pay all debts, pay for a home, and to help others especially animals.
    I am a caregiver to a disabled adult/child.
    This winning would help us alot….

  15. I am 70 and have NEVER won anything in my life. I have purchased lots of things from pch, now it is time I won.

  16. I am a #PCHSuperFan because #PCH is the #1 Sweeps in America (Smiles)

  17. I would love to be able to go to the store an say yes you kids can get/have that w out budgeting every pay period every 2 weeks. Not needing to rely on child support which doesn't come in as it is on a regular basis. To set my kids up an help w college so they can have a better education then I do. Also to be able to get things repaired at my house. It's a dream I could only dream if this would truly happen to me !!!

  18. If I win could get me and my kids out the hood I could give my kids a chance at a better life I could also help my mom save her house and I could help my kids father cuz he takes care of all of us there will be more food on the table and all bills will be payed things would be alot better for my family I want a better future for my kids cuz were we live at I dont be knowing how long we have I would love to move and get out of here but we dont have the money but that money would really help us in a lot of ways so please pick me and if not then good luck to whoever wins

  19. I would buy a new car with power windows with keyless entry.

  20. I wish i can win my life sucks an everything i work hard at it always gets away from me an after tht tractor trailer accident iv lost evrything my job ect but iv been playin with pch for years an i didnt win not even a penny . Is it true idk . One day a guy like me will be bless an can ??

  21. Heather Phillips says:

    I would pay off all my medical debt, take my family to Disney world, buy a car & home, pay off student loans & start a charity for family who cannot afford cars. I would fix them up and donate to families in need of transportation.

  22. I want to win $1000.00 plus $5000.00 a week forever on august 14.

  23. Im applying for pch more for my family than me . My mom had to go applied for bankruptcy loan so yhry could help us out with bills and the mortgage. My grandma had found out she had cancer around January when i had my son jullian. Having a baby while still in high school was the worst.. but i did graduate at the age 19 the year of 2013. Living at

  24. Lou Leather says:

    Well it just a matter of a day before PCH has there drawing or giveaway. Good luck to all. Please take care & be safe, Luann

  25. I hop that I will win 5000, 00 for life it will be a life changing to my family and friends may godbless us all who r in to win

  26. I would love to be able to afford our medicine. Other than that, the Food Pantries need food and there are others I could help! It would be a blessing and miracle!

  27. I'm a widow on a fixed income like everyone else it wouls get me out of debt and pay dr bills good luck everyone kay.

  28. It would be nice to win then I could go to my Grandson travel basketball to watch him play.Plus it my teeth that I need that I don't have the money to buy.And be able to buy ah
    A house bigger then the one that we are renting there are 11 of us living in a four bedroom house.

  29. I can wait to win pch' lets win all.

  30. I am a grandma of twelve chikdren, I have 2 in my case. We live on one income and with fibermalgia and diabetes, depression. Can't afford surgery I have hernia in stomach. My husband has recieved a raise of 11 cents in 5 year. Hard to bring up two boys one in diapers and one growing tall and can eat, on one income.OUr struggle is hard. would be great to win.

  31. Danele Maurer-Mundth says:

    Ive fought Crohns disease since I was in 3th grade at 22yrs old it almost took my life. Im now 34yrs old I have two amazing children who daily taught me that with Love anything is possible. Im forced to be a stay at home mom but have many medical bills and expenses. My grandfather gave us his home to live in while Im fighting for my disability for my children. We are so blessed with amazing family. Id love to be able to repay thehey everything they have done and helped us with over past few years. It would be a dream come true. Thank you. Love from Wisconsin

  32. I would love to win!

  33. I would invest in my invention helping children from being burned by curling irons.
    http://www.americanbeauty.ws… / http://www.coolcare.tv

  34. Sarah Plasse Patterson says:


  35. Sarah Plasse Patterson says:

    I have read the comments below, and all sound like me. Good luck to all and my we bless the world together.

  36. well to get back on my feet new home to help family and donate send some to family and spend some time with family I have not seen in 10 yer this will help me pay bill it be very helpful…..

  37. Jess Sanderson says:

    would clear the debt my family has accumulated trying to live in BC:)

  38. Jess Sanderson says:

    would clear the debt my family has accumulated trying to live in BC:)

  39. Kathy Smith says:

    I Found it! Scavenger Hunter official PCH! LOL

  40. I live in nursing home now so that money would get me out of there. I'd buy a house with enough room so I can learn how to shop with coupons and pay almost nothing so I'd be able to help feed the hungry.

  41. Elaine Mason says:

    I have stage 4 breast cancer My treatments very expensive Medicare only pays part Being on a fixed income is tough Winning would b so helpful

  42. I would like to pay some bills and be able to stay home with my family. Not live paycheck to paycheck struggling.

  43. To Win Publisher Clearing House would be Awesome and change my Life for the better..

    • I would so love to win too but i dont think my luck is that great. if i could win alot of cash i would pay my house off and get the ppl who is helping me their own place and Tamika and Stevie an house each and pay my bills off and get me an car. and pay off my mans home off too

  44. I would buy a home for my family.

  45. Lanie Kay says:

    I would buy a house of my own and then invest some money for the future!

  46. Christy Marie says:

    I would buy one of everything and pay back the few people who have helped me along life's way. And change my phone number like Betty Neale, good one!

  47. Aivee Sison says:

    an Ipad3 lol gadgets and medical supplies.

  48. Carol Buchman says:

    After I finished "happy dancing"…the first thing I'd do is get a few things fixed that I've been putting off! :~)

  49. I'd pay off student loan.

  50. A new car.

  51. First thing I would do is take my wife on a long trip to Europe.

  52. Jess Jordan says:

    Buy a house in a nice area to raise my son.

  53. Sheridan Happi Jess says:

    Put myself through college.

  54. Alan Tong says:


  55. Honestly, pay off all bills and help my family and friends and never worry about being unemployed anymore.

  56. Jeevon Kay says:

    I would buy a better mattress for my parents and a new computer for my husband. the mattress is 10 years old and the computer is 6 years old.

  57. Jennifer Dysart says:

    Lol, pay off my school debt and buy a house!

  58. I would put it away for the kid's for college…soon I will have 4 to save for.

  59. A new house.

  60. Chuck Bolster says:

    I would help everyone that was with me from the beginning.

  61. Toys.

  62. Annmarie DiPasqua Weeks says:

    First, I would put it towards paying off my mortgage…

  63. Nicholas Sagginario says:

    Bottle service every weekend!

  64. Pay off bills, down payment on home, new car and a vacation (idf any left BANK IT).

  65. Pay my debt, and buy new furniture

  66. I'd buy something that costs $5,000 every week, forever.

  67. I'd pay off some of my school loans :[.

  68. I would buy a home and travel with my kiddos

  69. Make an easier life for my husband so he didn't have to work so hard.

  70. Doug Garfinkel says:

    I'd invest, travel and donate to charity.

  71. Debbie Lord says:

    I would buy my husband a new truck an donate to the childrens miracle network.

  72. Is 120 years longer than forever? If I win, I'd like to find out.

  73. Jessica Collins says:

    I would start my 2 boys a college fund first then save up for a house and enjoy life!

  74. people absolutely do win…I just didn't realize the odds were that long.

  75. I would buy me my own car, my family a house, and decorate my house how I have always imagined! And then take me, my husband, and my 2 kids on the Disney Cruise!

  76. Marcos Luis says:

    clothes and pay bills and also give some to my family.

  77. Would help my kids and grandkids, as well as my parents.

  78. I just to give it to my daughter, for my grand daughter.

  79. New Mac laptop.

  80. I would use it for my babies they have birthdays coming up <3.

  81. buy a new car!

  82. Craig Brown says:

    I would use what I needed to pay my bills and then start saving.

  83. I would pay off my kids student loan debts and take a vacation. And change my phone number.

  84. I would have put it in to my home buying fund.

  85. Just basic things that we need, like paying bills, need to go to the dentist, and the eye doctor.

  86. Amy Richard says:

    I would save up for a house… and take a vacation! (much deserved I should add hahaha).

  87. If I won the big prize I would make sure my family was set for life.

  88. Lisa Grassetti says:

    First thing I would do is pay my credit cards, then go on a shopping spree and buy a new car.

  89. Walter Sheppard says:

    PCH has used this sales tool for longer than I can remember Their main source of income it selling your information to their partners (3d parties) Good luck finding a winner.

  90. Walter Sheppard says:

    P C H has used this sales tool for longer than I can remember. their main source of income is selling your information to thier partners.(3d parties).

  91. Would put it towards presets for my children and grandchild.


  93. Pay down debt, then celebrate!

  94. Georgene Payne says:

    My desire is small, my needs even smaller, I just want to spend some time with my family.

  95. I would buy a new home, a new car and donate monthly to charity.

  96. A vacation, I need a vacation.

  97. A vacation, I need a vacation.

  98. I would help my kids out.

  99. Brenda Lasure-Shreves says:

    I would buy myself a new house with central air!

  100. Jamie Chance Hodges says:

    A reliable car for both my daughters and a nice, little starter house for my son.

  101. have some much needed dental work done.

  102. don't know.

  103. a car would be nice but my family comes first I would help them.

  104. another car

  105. Jennifer Berry Lough says:

    I would get a car — with air conditioning!

  106. I am the one, too win peace!

  107. Ollie Allen says:


  108. Ollie Allen says: