Online Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are practiced by almost every developed country in the world. Upon their birth in the United States, entering sweepstakes required handwritten forms that were time-consuming. Since luck and not skill determines the winner, U.S. sweepstakes entries must be very careful to meet federal laws to qualify as sweepstakes rather than lotteries. Other countries have their own laws governing these contests.

How Online Sweepstakes are Replacing Printed Entries

Free sweepstakes online are taking over as printed ones are becoming outdated. Readers are more likely now to get their news and information online, and less likely to enter printed sweepstakes in periodicals. But the concept is still alive and well – these contests are just taking a more modern form. Contest rules determine if there is a single grand prize winner, or many winners of smaller cash and prizes. Both are easy to enter, and many online free sweepstakes allow multiple entries by the same person.

Companies offer these contests as part of their promotions, and the money is usually budgeted through their marketing department. It’s a great way for companies to build customer relations and to instill good will between the company and the public. While it isn’t possible to earn a living entering and winning these contests, many people make enough money and earn enough prizes to make it worthwhile.

Getting Started

To become involved, visit sites like Here, you’ll find many free online sweepstakes to enter without having to do exhaustive Google searches looking for individual contests to enter. While it’s exciting to see the great cash and prizes you can win, it’s also important to take time to read the rules. Only enter the ones you would enjoy winning. There are far more out there to enter than you could ever fill out, so be choosy about how you spend your time.

Provide Accurate Entry Information

When entering sweepstakes online for free, it’s important to give your real name and contact information. Giving false or inaccurate information may disqualify you as a winner. Read all contest rules carefully online. Free sweepstakes may have rules about how many entries you can complete or how often you can enter.

Though sweepstakes online are free to enter, you’ll need to accept the call if you win. It’s important to give your real telephone number. Some companies don’t leave a message, so missing the call could mean forfeiting your prize. Also, many contests don’t accept P.O. box addresses – so enter only with reputable companies that you feel comfortable providing your real address to. Real people win real cash and prizes every day – so if you’re interested the only thing to do is visit RewardIt and get started!