Online Sweepstakes Victory Vacation in the South Pacific!

Guess what? You just won an online sweepstakes. What are you going to do? Me? I’m going to celebrate with a tropical victory vacation in the South Pacific!

That’s right I’m going to start off by heading to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I’m looking forward to beautiful My South Pacific Vacation if I Won an Online Sweepstakes!white sand beaches and awesome snorkeling in the lagoon that surrounds the island. I’ll probably grab a hike to Raemaru or check out Papua Falls.

And of course there is the fabled Te Rue Manga otherwise known as The Needle. No, no, no it’s not Arya Stark’s blade from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, it’s a large needle shaped rock formation that can be seen from several locations around the island. True adventure seekers can attempt to climb it

But come on, what would a trip to the South Pacific be without a stop in the land down under? That’s right, the home of Men At Work, Rick Springfield and Crocodile Dundee! I mean if I’m in this hemisphere I’ve got to do some bonding with the local marsupial population.

Do you love animals? Cause in Brisbane, Australia you can check out the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. You can check out koala bears, kangaroos, wombats, Tasmanian devils, and indigenous birds and reptiles. And in fact in many cases you can touch and even feed the animals.

But after all that feel good communing with nature type stuff? I’m going to need a drink (and probably a shower too.) So how about the XXXX Brewery Tour? Don’t mind if I do, thank you very much.

You can learn all about the history of beer in Australia through the prism of this 130 year old Brewery. But what would the history of Australian be without some Australian beer?!?!? Well fear not because the tour concludes with a tasting session in their Ale House Bar. Im not sure what I’m most excited to taste the classic XXXX Gold or the XXXX Bright Summer Lager.

In fact XXXX Brewery is even having a sweepstakes where you and three mates (I love how that call your friends mates, it’s so cool.) can win a trip to the XXXX islands!!! A ten thousand dollar value!!!

Speak Your Mind


  1. I would be happy with a trip to Hawaii or Australia. We want to go to both places before we get to old to enjoy it.

  2. I've always wanted to visit the British Isles.

  3. Definitely Hawaii :)

  4. any tropical island, i hate cold snowy winters.

  5. Lisa Zdrojewski says:

    Europe & Australia! Anywhere I could afford to go that I can't afford now:)

  6. I would go to Russia to see my grandparents and relatives that I've never met.

  7. Steve Jameson says:

    a return trip to beautiful Italy.

  8. Europe for sure…

  9. I would go on a tropical cruise.

  10. Sally Ventura says:

    China and the far east.

  11. A family around the world cruise!

  12. Would love to take my whole family to Hawaii.

  13. Anne Bussell says:

    I would love to go to New Zealand.

  14. Seiko Tooley says:

    Someplace beautiful and far away! :)

  15. Andrea-Lynn Tummons says:

    If I were to win some good money, I would definitely take a trip with my family for some leisure & sight seeing! I have always wanted to be a tourist!

  16. I might make a train trip across Western Canada.

  17. I would go to Walt Disney World and all the theme parks in Florida.

  18. I'd go to Australia and New Zealand.

  19. Mattisa Moorer says:

    A tropical trip..Turks and Caicos…Rio…warm and sunny.

  20. Greece!

  21. I would go to New Zealand. Our son, daughter in-law, 4yr and 2yr old grandkids moved to New Zealand Nov 2011 after living 5 minutes away from us for 7 years. We can't stand being so far away from them and want to go see them in the worst way!

  22. I would take my daughter and grandkids to California. Start with Disneyland and California Adventure, staying in one of the special themed suites. Then on to San Diego for Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. Followed by a road trip up the coast to see the sights!

  23. Take my kids to Disney!

  24. I would go to New Zealand and Australia.

  25. if I won that I would go to dubai and stay on that man made island and then go to the seychelles.

  26. I would first go to Hawaii, then I would love to go to Australia/New Zealand, then possibly travel around Europe some. I am sure $1 million would cover all that!

  27. I'd go on a tour of Europe, starting in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, then to Spain, France, the Netherlands, stopping in Florence, Italy, over to Romania, then up through Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. :)

  28. Larry Lipsman says:

    would travel the world with my family.

  29. Carolyn Heinrich says:

    anywhere in the Carobbean that I haven't already been.

  30. Ireland!

  31. Alaska….

  32. egypt


  33. I would carry My kids to Sea World and Disney World to see Shamu.

  34. Andrea Perra Hadfield says:

    I would go to Hawaii with just my hubby then we'd take the whole family (grandparents included) to Disney :)

  35. Sheridan Happi Jess says:

    I'd go everywhere… too all 7 continents.

  36. Somewhere glamourous in Europe – Vienna, or Budapest….(wistful sigh).

  37. Bruce Fontaine says:

    I'd go to Nantucket.

  38. Anywhere tropical with warm water!

  39. Robert Hogan says:

    Machu Picchu

  40. Jess Jordan says:

    I would go to the Bahamas.

  41. I just want to go anywhere.

    I just want to go.

  42. My husband and I would go to Hong Kong, we've been wanting to go because he has family there and I've always wanted to take a trip to Asia. It's expensive just to travel there, but hopefully someday we can make it.

  43. I would take my entire family on a vacation to Disney World and then to the Bahamas, so it would be evened out. It would be wonderful to do this since our family hasn't gone on a vacation in over 5 years.

  44. I would tour around Europe and then hit up Peru and see Machu Picchu!

  45. Nope, no vacation unless the prize were worth several million after taxes. Too many other things to do.

  46. Nikki Madore says:

    I would go to Fiji island and Europe.

  47. I would take a world cruise.

  48. I would go to hawaii.

  49. KEY WEST

  50. Barbie Squires says:

    Blues sky's, crystal clear blue water, white sandy beach, sun on my face and of course a beverage. There are so many places my family and I are craving to visit it's simply to hard to pick just one.

  51. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would go to Rome!

  52. Crew Ferguson says:

    On a world cruise.

  53. I'd go to Ireland.

  54. Erin Soliman says:

    Take the girls to Disney World for a couple of weeks!

  55. I would fly straight to California to visit my family and friends that I haven't seen since moving away 8 years ago.

  56. Love to go to San Francisco.

  57. Ben Jackson says:

    I would go on vacation all over the world. I would go to Italy, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, etc.

  58. We would go out west to see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Hollywood, etc. Just a big Out West Trip!

  59. I would take my family to Spain.My daughter really wants to go there and I would love the food.

  60. Jamie Chance Hodges says:

    I'm not going to ever give up on my dream of going to Europe and exploring the different cultures. With a million bucks, I can take my whole family, and go in style.

  61. The closer winter gets — the BETTER anyplace tropical sounds!

  62. I'd love to see Hawaii.

  63. ive always wanted to go to disney world.

  64. All over Asia, Explore Alaska & Holland.

  65. I will go around the world, visit more than one country.

  66. I'm not sure. There is so many places I'd like to go. Maybe Egypt.

  67. Florida. I would go visit my parents and take my kids to Disneyworld.

  68. Turks & Cacos.

  69. Jenni Dubbs says:

    I'd go to Egypt; Mexico; Greece & some other locales in Europe; Grand Canyon; Disney.

  70. hawaii

  71. My husband and I would go to Walt Disney World for an extended stay. We would have each of our four kids and their families come one week at a time (ten grandkids at once would just be too much). We would stay club level in a different Disney resort each week. Oh, I can just imagine how much fun it will be to see the kids' faces as they get their first looks at the Cinderella Castle or a character greeting them at breakfast or the thrill of a ride on a Safari or… Well, shoot, the list could go on forever!

  72. Shelly Rinehart says:

    would lov a cruise, and take my grandson to Disney world.

  73. Barbara Mayes says:

    Anywhere tropical, but would be so lovely to go to Hawaii. I have never been there. My husband and I could finally have our honeymoon!

  74. Karla Sceviour says:

    Don't have a clue, but it would be somewhere HOT!

  75. Karen Casey Oliva says:


  76. Michelle Marsh says:

    I would go to Australia!

  77. Carrie Pearson Ocampo says:

    I think I would take my family to Alaska.

  78. Amy Pullifrone says:

    Hawaii and Disney for the kids