Online Sweepstakes vs Mail-In Sweepstakes

There are many ways you try to maximize your sweepstakes chances, and Online Sweepstakes and Mail-In Sweepstakes are probably the two most popular methods.  The question is, which way is more effective?  There really isn’t an answer to that; each method has its own advantages and disadvantages that we are here to discuss!

Online Sweepstakes


* You usually receive instant confirmation that the sponsor has received their entry.

* Online sweepstakes are completely free to enter!  The costs of envelopes or stamps are not an issue.

* Online sweepstakes entries remove any complications you may have in the mail.  For example, damages to the entry, potentially getting lost, illegible handwriting, etc.

* They are a lot easier to find!  Try typing the word “sweepstakes” into a search engine and see all the giveaways that come before you.  The possibilities are endless!  The more sweepstakes you can find the better your chances are to win.

* Entering sweepstakes online is a lot faster.  In the time it takes to fill out a sweepstakes form by hand you might have been able to fill out several online forms, and the more sweepstakes you enter the merrier!


* A lot more people participate in online sweepstakes so you have a less of a chance to win.

* If you lose your internet connection, you can’t enter.

* There are a lot to choose from, so you have to take some time to pick out the best.

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Mail-In Sweepstakes


  • Less people enter mail-in sweepstakes, which increases your chances to become a winner!
  • There is a chance that your Internet or computer can act up, which completely eliminates your chances of winning online sweepstakes.  There is almost never a problem with filling out a mail-in sweeps form by hand.
  • You can fill out these mail-in forms anywhere!  Sitting at your computer for an extended period time can get very frustrating and tiring.  Fill out your mail-in sweeps at work, while watching tv, etc.


  • The postage supplies (envelopes, stamps, pens, etc) can add up after a while, if you’re entering sweepstakes on a day-to-day basis then this method can potentially become expensive.  Check out our post on how to save money.
  • Your entry can potentially be lost or damaged in the mail, which means your sponsor will not receive it, making your entry and complete waste of time.
  • They are generally more time consuming.  In the time you use to fill out a mail-in sweepstakes form you could probably enter several online giveaways.
  • Mail-In sweepstakes can be a bit more complicated to enter
Check out some of these mail in sweepstakes:

So, as you can see there are many advantages and disadvantages to both methods of entering sweepstakes.  There is one way to find out which is more effective, and that is to try them both yourself.  Eventually, you will figure out which method is best and more comfortable for you, everybody is different so get out there and experiment.  Good luck!