Online Sweepstakes Glossary and Dictionary

In the online Sweepstakes/Contest world there is some lingo that the average Jane or Joe may not be familiar with. So instead of scratching your head in confusion at some of these words and phrases, let’s go through a few to increase your knowledge!

Sweepstakes Glossaary@Reply

There will be times when the giveaway/contest you’re taking part in is promoted via Twitter. The @reply is basically what allows you to communicate with others via tweets. When you @reply someone they will receive it in their mentions and it will be viewable on their timeline. Sometimes, the sponsor of the online sweepstakes will require you to @reply them to be eligible to win the giveaway. It can be used as a form of entry or you may have to answer some trivia questions. For example, “@Reward_It I have entered the $1000 Online Sweepstakes.” If you haven’t taken part of a Twitter contest before, be sure to check out ours! Check it out at our Daily Twitter Sweepstakes Page.

Blog Contests

To know what blog contests are you first have to know what a blog actually is. A blog is a website that may contain posts about experiences, observations, useful information, opinions… of the site owner/blogger. Blog giveaways are online sweepstakes or contests posted on blogs. Pretty simple right? Blogs and sweepstakes can make a great team. Be sure to check out some good sweepstakes like:

  1. SweepstakesMama
  2. SweepTight

Bonus Entry

A bonus entry is exactly what it sounds like! Sometimes whoever is holding the online sweepstakes will allow additional entries for doing certain tasks. This is a great bonus to better your chances of winning. Who wouldn’t want that? There are a few ways the host could go about giving out additional entries, for example:

  • Answering a Survey
  • “Liking” the sponsor on Facebook
  • Following on Twitter
  • Sharing on Twitter
  • Answering Trivia Questions

Daily Sweepstakes

This is an online sweepstakes where you are allowed to enter once a day. These types of entries are good, if you stay on top of it everyday you’ll increase your chances of winning significantly.


This is what you don’t want! To be disqualified means you have been removed from the list of contestants for breaking the rules or not meeting eligibility requirements.


Eligibility is the criteria the contestant must meet to be allowed to take part in the sweepstakes. There are a very few occasions where there are no limitations to enter a sweepstakes. More often than not sweepstakes restrict eligibility by age, location, gender, etc. Make sure you read the rules carefully before entering so you don’t waste your time.

Email Entries

Email entries are where the contestants register their information via email.

#10 Envelope

If you ever have to send a sweepstakes entry via mail, make your to read the rules carefully. Sending the wrong size envelope could disqualify you from the entire sweepstakes! A #10 Envelope is another term for the standard business envelope size (4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches).


GLTA simply means: “Good Luck to All.”


IWG is simply an abbreviation for “Instant Win Game”. This type of sweepstakes is pretty exciting because the contestant finds out of they won immediately after they answer. You don’t have to sit around for days or weeks to know the result!

This is a sweepstakes that requires you to enter via mail.

Phone-In Sweepstakes

This is a sweepstakes that requires you to enter via telephone.

Rules or Terms & Conditions

This is probably the most important section to pay attention to before entering. This is the area where you find out all of the details behind entering the online sweepstakes or contest. For example:

  • Age Restrictions
  • Gender Restrictions
  • Location
  • Type of Submissions
  • Date Ending

There is a bit more to it but those are some of the key points to entering a sweepstakes.


UAOM is an abbreviation for “Under the Age of Majority.” In more simple terms, it is another way to refer to a minor or under aged contestant. If a contestant is a UAOM they will need a signed consent from their parents to take park in the sweepstakes.

UPC Code

Also known as “Universal Product Code” or “bar code,” this code is used by the manufacturers to identify items as quickly as possible. Sometimes whoever is hosting the giveaway may require the participant to send in the UPC code as the form of entry. Another reason why you need to read the rules carefully!

I hope this helps you out for your future  online sweepstakes! You may want to also check out our Lotto and Lottery Glossary. And if you are a fan of couponing, check out our Coupon Glossary for some neat tips on some key lingo in the coupon world.