Online Contests

Many people do not know that online sweepstakes and online contests are actually different things.  Though they do share some similarities, contests are based mainly on skill, while sweepstakes are just free to enter.  Participating in online contests is exciting because it could be a nice breath of fresh air and a step away from the normal sweepstakes you usually take part in.  So how do online contests work?  What are some things a sponsor might ask you to do to set yourself apart from the competition?  We’re here to tell you!

Games Of Skill

Like we said, contests are based off of skill.  A sponsor might have you play games to achieve a high score.  They may also have contests like, Who can take the best outdoors picture? or Who can come up with the best recipe?  Those are just some examples, but the possibilities could be endless.  The winner is then chosen at the sponsors discretion.  Online contest can be fun because it is a challenge!

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Winning?

Easy, find online contests that are specific to you. If you love to bake, enter a baking contest.  If your an amazing photographer, then enter a best photo contest!  There really is no need to enter a contest you know you won’t perform well in.  If you do that then well, you are probably just wasting valuable time!


Current Online Contests

Here are some online contests we feel that are worth taking a look at:

YouTube MyIntelEdge Video Contest Photo Contest

Writers Digest Writing Contest

Fan Story Poetry Contest

So what are you waiting for?  Step away from the sweepstakes for a bit, take a chance and challenge yourself and enter an online contest!  Good luck