Are One-Time Sweepstakes or Daily Sweepstakes Easier to Win?

It’s the question that is on every sweepstake enthusiasts’ mind: Which is easier to win one-time sweepstakes or daily entry sweepstakes?

Some people say daily sweepstakes are easier to win, while others say one-time entry sweepstakes will land you the cash prize. In fact, it’s been an age-old debate in the sweepstakes world for several years, but which side is right?

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First, we’ll define these two types of sweepstakes.  A One-Time Entry Sweepstakes, as the name implies, give you a single entry for a chance to win a prize no matter how long the sweepstakes is running.  A Daily Entry Sweepstakes allows you to enter once a day until the deadline date of the sweepstakes.

Now we’ll take a quick look at daily and one-time sweepstakes, and help you decide which one really is easier to win.

One-Time Entry Sweepstakes

One-time entry sweepstakes are ideal for the sweepstakes enthusiast who are on a time crunch. This is because once you enter a one-time entry sweepstakes you never have to enter it again. All you have to do is sit back and wait to see if you are one of the lucky winners.

While these types of sweepstakes might be ideal for those on a strict schedule, daily entry sweepstake lovers argue that because you only get one entry into the sweepstakes it lessens your odds of winning. The truth is, it really depends. Some sweepstakes have thousands of people vying for the same prize, while others only have a couple hundred. There really is no real way to tell what your odds are on any sweepstakes.

Daily Entry Sweepstakes

Many people will pick daily entry sweepstakes as being easier to win. This is because you have the opportunity to enter every single day. That means you can have as many as  31 entries each month. The huge amount of entries might improve your odds of having your name picked as a winner.

However, there is a downside to daily entry sweepstakes. Daily entry sweepstakes take time to enter. You have to remember when the clock resets, and then take valuable time to fill out the entry form. While this amount of time is ideal for people who win, if you don’t win that is valuable time that you could be spending entering other contests.

The Winner of the Sweepstakes War Is…

The winner of the daily vs. one-time entry sweepstakes battles is, unfortunately, neither. Both sweepstakes are great opportunities, and statistically speaking neither one is better than another.

With this new found knowledge, why don’t you prepare to test the odds and start entering daily and one-time entry sweepstakes on RewardIt. Who knows you just might be the next winner!