8 Fun Things to Do with Your Old iPad

So you’ve entered the latest RewardIt iPad 3 giveaway (oh and if you haven’t you should do that right now www.rewardit.com/win-an-ipad3.shtml) and you’re not quite sure what to do with your old iPad when you win?  Of course, you could always sell it, keep it as a spare or even give it to your mom for Mother’s Day. But none of that is any fun is it? Yeah, sure it’s practical, but still not fun.

Here are some alternate, fun ways from RewardIt to use of your old iPad:

  1. Give it to your dog – did you know that old iPads make awesome frisbees?

    dog catches ipad like a frisbee

  2. Give it to your cat – old iPads are cat’s #1 choice of electronic gadget for 2012.

    cat playing with ipad

  3. Wear it like a name tag at big corporate events – everyone will remember your name.

    man wearing ipad like a name tag

  4. Use it around the kitchen

    ipad set up to look like a chopping board

    Did you know Old iPads can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen?

    ipad used to mash food

  5. Have friends over for dinner.

    food served on ipad

  6. Serve your guests a fancy drink.

    drink served on ipad

  7. Reach things in high places – old iPads are great to boost you that extra inch.

    child using ipad to reach books

  8. Go for a ride – just add some velcro to the back of your old iPad and you’re ready to hit the road!

ipad used as gps on motorcycle

What’s your favorite way to use your old iPad?

If you haven’t entered the RewardIt iPad 3 giveaway – entry is quick and easy and expires on May 10th. Don’t miss out on your chance to have the latest iPad AND have fun doing some crazy things with your old one!

The iPad 3

This new iPad makes the top of the list of most-desired gadgets and certainly stands up to the high standard set by Apple. Not only is it pleasing to the eye with an ultimate display resolution higher than the most expensive HD TVs, but the new iPad 3 also packs a powerful processor.

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