Million Dollar Sweepstakes

Most of you like to play the sweepstakes. It’s fun to play sweepstakes or lotto. We can dream about what we will do with the money if Money From Sweepstakes we win. We dream of paying off all of our bills, of buying exotic thing like your own island , traveling  or just retiring in comfort to follow other pursuits. This week we highlight some large sweepstakes that you can enter this week!.

The biggest sweepstakes we can find this week is the Win $5,000 a Week for Life sweepstakes. PCH is probably the only company that would give you the chance to win $5,000 a week forever. Publishers Clearing House is a legitimate company and the chance to win $5,000 a week forever is also real. They have been giving million dollar awards away for years. This contest ends on 11/19/12, so get over to soon. You can enter every day. Winning $5,000 a Week for Life would make yours extra special!

Another big sweepstakes we have for this week is from The Hope Institue.  In this sweepstakes you can win a $1.2 million dollar house or $1 million in cash! The special thing about this million dollar giveaway is that it is for a good cause.  To enter you need to buy a raffle ticket. Proceeds will go to the Hope Institute.

If you like Florida, well then maybe you’d like to enter the HGTV Urban Oasis Giveaway. You;ll have the chance to win a $900,000 condo!  You can enter twice online per day — once on and once on — for your chance to win HGTV Urban Oasis 2012, a sophisticated and chic two bedroom, 2.5 bath luxury condo in Paramount Bay, Miami’s newest residential hot spot. This contest ends 10/15/2012.

Thinking about winning big sweepstakes is fun, but you cannot win if you don’t enter, so get going now! And good luck sweeping!

Speak Your Mind


  1. if i won i could get my house,pay all bills
    , husband new car ,

  2. a house

  3. Oh Yeah, I would buy My wife a car first, Anything she wanted Second would be to pay our house off & rent it out, Buy a Piece of land & Build a modest 5-6 bedroom house off the grid. self sustaining.

  4. I have been entering PCH, & HGTV since they came out, Did the last 4 houses. PCH for 7 months a few times a week. Just won a hunting rifle from nosler,.243 Win with scope worth 2500.00 BOOYAH, won 2 palletts of Quickrete a Guitar, a Kindle Fire & a Microwave last month, & that's not all of it.

  5. Fran Edwards says:

    I would pay my Mom's house off for her!

  6. I would buy my financial freedom by paying off all loans and debts.

  7. The very first thing? I'd pay off my student loans. But then I'd go and buy a plot of land, and hire an architect to design my dream house.

  8. A new car, new teeth, and renovate the condo.

  9. go on a vacation:)

  10. I would buy me a one story four bedroom home with a large backyard for sure.

  11. Bigger house, better car, trip to disney!

  12. Ben Jackson says:

    I would buy a house also :)

  13. I would definitely buy land and build a house.

  14. Nikki Madore says:

    I would buy new car.

  15. Michelle Washburn says:


  16. I'd get myself dentures, a divorce, a car and a house, in that orer.

  17. I am paralyzed so I would build a house with all the bells and whistles.

  18. Terry Abshire Riley says:

    Wow! I'd first make sure that my 2-yr old grand-son had all the resources out there to enable him to overcome all the obstacles in his way as well as mom and daddy. Then I'd buy a house and take care of my family. I would have to pray, pray, pray regarding the rest. Can't bring myself to thinking I have won that kind of money. Nice to dream though, Thank you for giving me this awesome opportunity to take my mind off things and to day dream for a while,.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3 RewardIt

  19. Not sure, pay down some debts for sure. Maybe a vacation out of the country. If I win a billion I will buy myself a politician.

  20. Libby Stady says:

    I would buy my mom house on the beach in Destin, FL!

  21. I'd pay off bills/debts.

  22. Kyle C Anderson says:

    I'd buy a long vacation for my family – then a new car.

  23. a new house.

  24. Amy Richard says:

    I would help my fiance pay off his student loans then buy a house :)

  25. That would have to be a new house.

  26. buy a nice new sports car.

  27. Jenni Dubbs says:

    a house

  28. Tamara Budd says:

    I would have my dream house built.

  29. A new car.

  30. Craig Brown says:

    I'd buy a house.

  31. A new house :)

  32. A new truck!

  33. Erin Soliman says:

    I would buy a car if I won.

  34. Crystal Maxham says:

    if I won a million, I would buy a better house (not huge) a nicer car and bring my 1 year old on a shopping spree!