McDonalds Monopoly Sweepstakes

Every year, starting in 1987, McDonalds has offered their famous Monopoly Sweepstakes.  The 2011 contest is over, and we expect the 2012 edition to start in September.  The sweepstakes involves game pieces from the traditional board game Monopoly.  You collect pieces and combine them to win prizes.  You can redeem your pieces for food on the menu or shoot for the big prize, which historically has been $1 Million!  Though the million dollars is a rare find, it never hurts to try right?  There are a lot of pieces out there for some big cash prizes though, the only thing is, how hard is it to come across these? Lets get to know this famous sweepstakes!

McDonald’s Monopoly Controversy

There have been some controversies over the years.  In 2001, the company that was running the promotion for McDonald’s was found to have cheated.  Some of their employees used friends and family to “win”.  The FBI investigated, and several people were charged with fraud.

McDonald's Monopoly2011 Rare Pieces And Odd Finds

So, here we have some of the rare pieces from last year’s great sweepstakes, the odds of finding them, the prize amount, and how many were put out into the field.  You’ll be surprised at how rare some of these pieces are, which leaves you thinking, is all of this searching really worth it?

Mediterranean Ave

Prize – $50 cash

Pieces – 10,000

Odds – 1 in 61,811




Vermont Ave

Prize – $100 cash

Pieces – 3,000

Odds – 1 in 206,036

Virginia Ave

Prize – $200 SpaWish Gift Card

Pieces – 250

Odds – 1 in 2,472,425

Tennessee Ave

Prize – Beaches Resorts Luxury Included Family Vacation

Pieces – 300

Odds – 1 in 2,060,354

Ventnor Ave

Prize – $100,000 Cash

Pieces – 6

Odds – 1 in 103,017,700

Pennsylvania Ave

Prize – SL My 12 Nissan LEAF with Charge & Home Installation Worth $40,000

Pieces – 2

Odds – 1 in 309,053,100


Prize – $1,000,000 payable as an annuity

Pieces – 1

Odds – 1 in 618,106,200

As you can see most of these odds do not work in your favor, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try a few times!  If you don’t strike one of these rare gems, there’s a good chance you’ll get a smaller prize for some free food off the menu or some other small cash prize.

McDonalds Monopoly may be one of the most difficult giveaways to win the grand prize from as however the chances of winning something smaller such as free food or drinks is pretty good.  If you decide to take a shot at the McDonalds Monopoly Sweepstakes we wish you good luck!