What To Look For With Sweepstakes Rules

Reading the rules before you enter any sweepstakes is very important.  There are a few key parts of the sweepstakes rules you should really pay attention to in order to make sure your eligible to participate and to make sure you do not get disqualified and remain eligible.  RewardIt is here to brush you up on the key things you should look out for in sweepstakes rules.

Entry Period

Be sure to check the date in which the sweepstakes starts and ends.  Any entry you submit that isn’t within the correct dates will account for nothing.

How Do I Enter?

There are many approaches a sponsor can take in order to have to sign up for their sweepstakes.  It can be through trivia questions, surveys, email entry, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Make sure you follow the directions on how to completely enter yourself so you don’t get disqualified!  Also, provide your real name and address.  If you don’t, you may get disqualified if you win.

Entry Restrictions and Limitations

If you violate the restrictions then your entry will be worthless.  These are probably some the most common mistakes made within the sweepstakes rules.  Make sure you pay attention to the following:

Restrictions Per Household – If multiple people share the same address they are considered part of the household.  Sometimes sponsors will only give you a certain amount of entries per household so be careful.

Restrictions Per Email – There will be times where the sponsor only lets you enter once per email.  So if you have a handful of emails, use them all, it’s a good way to increase your chances of winning!

Restrictions Per Person – You will only be able to enter a certain amount of times.  Be sure to read how many entries per person the sponsor allows.

Restrictions Per IP Address – If you share the same Internet connection as someone chances are you are sharing the same IP address.  This can happen if you are in the same house, office, library, or school computer lab.  Be sure you are the only one on the IP address signing up if this is the case.


There will be times where sponsors have age restrictions.  Make sure you double check that you are of age so if you win you can claim your prize.


Some sweepstakes may be only specific to a certain country or state.  Be sure to check that the sweepstakes is available where you live.

We hope this helps!  Always remember to read the rules before you enter so you aren’t wasting your time.  That time can be used to enter other sweepstakes!  Good luck to all.