The Best Islands For Sale Under $100 Million

Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire and owning their own private island. If you have already joined the one percent raking in the millions, buying a private island does not carry the hefty price tag you might expect. If you win a big sweepstakes prize, maybe you can afford an island too!  A wide selection of private islands from the Caribbean to the South Pacific can be yours for much less than $100 million.

If you want to indulge in creating your own slice of paradise, these islands offer the best investment for making that dream come alive:

Children’s Bay Cay

Private Island

Image Courtesy of on Flickr

Region: Bahamas.

Size: 167 acres

Price: $30 million

Bring out your inner child in this beautiful private cay located north of the Great Exuma Cay. Three houses are the centerpiece of this small paradise. Two comprise the main compound on a hill top at the north end of the island and feature a combined total of five bedrooms. A third one bedroom cottage is south of the marina. Caretakers or security can be housed in an additional two bedroom, two bathroom cottage.

Seven pristine beaches surround the island estate and it is also marked by hidden grottos and extensive groves of coconut trees. Deep sea fishing will be an activity of choice since the island features a 1.4 acre private marina and comes with three boats – a 24 foot Boston Whaler, a 21 foot Trophy, and a 24 foot Carolina Skiff. A seaplane ramp and helipad are also available for transportation needs.

A small power plant housing three generators generates 580 kilowatts of electricity to power all of the buildings on the island. Drinking water is plentiful with a reverse osmosis processing plant that creates 8,000 gallons of fresh water per day.

Emerald Cay

Private Beach

Region: Turks and Caicos

Size: 2.32 acres

Price: $48.5 Million

If you want an island that feels like the crown jewel of the entire Caribbean, Emerald Cay may fit the bill. Former billionaire owner Tim Blixseth spent six years constructing Emerald Cay, and he spared nothing in making it the definition of luxury.

A remote controlled swing bridge connects it with Providenciales – the most populated island in the Turks and Caicos. Emerald Cay is home to a sprawling 30,000 square foot estate. Outside, it features a pair of swimming pools connected to a waterfall. There are also tennis and volleyball courts. Inside, you can enjoy a home theater, a 3-story library and a wine cellar that can hold up to 6,000 bottles. It is the perfect set up for countless hours of entertainment.

Bird Cay

Bahamas Getaway

Region: Bahamas

Size: 250 acres

Price: $11.9 Million

With more than 4.75 miles of waterfront, how could you go wrong with this property? Bird Cay is known for having a crystal clear shoreline, rich sandy beaches and post card worthy ocean views. The gentle island breeze and tropical plants and ocean side view can be enjoyed from a two story mansion house. Immaculately landscaped gardens and hiking trails make this island a true gem.

Five waterfront cottages dot the island. From its spot overlooking nearby Whale Cay, the guest house allows for complete privacy and is surrounded by tropical flowers and a white picket fence. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms make it the perfect place to house your guests who visit the island.

Added bonuses include a boathouse, a carpenter’s shop, rainwater collection tank, a three car garage and a myriad of water sports equipment. These added amenities allow you to experience all of the comforts of your own home in paradise. It makes leaving the mainland easy and is a perfect locale for a family reunion, a wedding or a business retreat.

Vernon Island

Antiqua Island

Image Courtesy of Seth Schoen on Flickr

Region: Antiqua

Size: 22 acres

Price: $3 Million

Always wanted to shape a private island to your own specifications? Now is your chance. Vernon Island is a pristine tropical paradise, just waiting for you to develop from scratch.

Boat access via Parham Dock is the only way to enjoy this island paradise. It is uncharted territory and ready for you to put your own stamp on it. Vernon Island is without power or water, but these can be accessed via an undersea cable from Crabbs Penninsula.

Animal lovers will enjoy the abundance of birds, turtles and other native wildlife. They will not get enough of the stunning views of Long Island in the distance. There are no sandy beaches on this island’s rocky shores, but significant fishing opportunities abound.

Island Getaways

Many people dream of retiring to a tropical island and living out their lives in paradise. Buying one of these jewels of the ocean will put you one step closer to that dream. If you have millions of dollars to spend, nothing is better than using it to shape your own island oasis.