Integrating Sweepstakes Search Into Your Workday

If you’re reading this right now I think it’s a safe assumption to make that you are into online sweepstakes site and earning prizes and cash rewards.  I recently registered with Publishers Clearing House and am trying to get my piece of that five thousand dollars a week for life along with the ten million dollar up front pay out.

Well one of the ways to earn more opportunities or so they tell me in daily emails is to use their search engine rather than Segway SweepstakesGoogle or Bing or whatever your search engine of choice is.  But here’s the thing I wasn’t constantly online looking things up and hence never got into a groove so by the time I needed to find something to search for the last thing on my mind is using Publishers Clearing House’s search engine to find it.

But what if I integrated search into my daily work routine.  Monday through Friday, using the PCH search engine at the office would certainly lead to a lot of new opportunities to accumulate chances to win the big prize, right?  Now I work I currently work in sales and I do an awful lot of cold calling.  Don’t worry I only call other business’s I’m not the guy interrupting you at home as you’re trying to enjoy a hot dinner with your family after a long day.

So I decided a good thing to do was to have the website of the companies I was calling up when I called them.  That way if the prospect on the other end happened to be drilling me to see if I researched them at all before calling that I had a quick reference guide handy.

Imagine if you can my embarrassment the time I called a company thinking that they made window blinds and half way through the conversation I realized they were an organization that helped blind children.  That could have been avoided by an extra few moments looking over the company’s webpage via a quick search engine.  And if I’m going to be searching that much; why not be getting more entries into online sweepstakes while I’m doing it?

Is Google or Yahoo or Bing giving you anything for using their search engines?  Besides the answers that is.  So why not give it a shot.

Can you think of any cool ways to incorporate using sweepstakes search engines into your job or your daily routine?  Or do you already do it?