Instant Win Sweepstakes

Of all the exciting games, sweepstakes, lotteries and more available online, the most immediately gratifying are instant win sweepstakes. While many sweepstakes stretch out for months, keeping you waiting for that email or phone call to come, instant sweepstakes don’t keep you waiting at all. You can play tons of these every day, increasing your winnings and helping the days go by faster.

What Can I Win In Instant Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes prizes available at include both cash and prizes. Some currently available winnings include $100 in free gas (now, who couldn’t use that!), backyard barbecue grills, office supplies, free hotel stays, and cash. Most instant sweepstakes choose at least one winner every day – and most also allow you to enter to win a sweepstakes at least once every day. Check the rules of the sweepstakes you plan to enter.

Who Can Win Sweepstakes, Anyway?

People just like you win sweepstakes each and every day, all over the country. Pam from North Carolina loves the necklace and matching earrings she won, and looks forward to wearing them to her nephew’s upcoming wedding. Jack in Florida looks forward to using all the charcoal he won for barbecuing his neighborhood’s favorite ribs with his super-secret special sauce. Chris in California plans to use his gas card to visit his daughter at college. Julia in Iowa looks forward to getting away with her husband for the weekend using her free three-night hotel room. What could you win? Sign up at and take a gander at all the instant sweepstakes you can enter – and win – right this minute!

What Other Instant Games Can I Play?

In addition to the tons of instant sweepstakes you can enter, also has lotteries, scratch-off games, giveaways, quizzes, surveys and free coupons. Even the days when you’re not an instant winner, you’ll earn points and rewards just for playing! Get rewards to redeem for cash, prizes, gift cards and more for searching the Internet, shopping, watching videos and other things you already do online every day. The difference is, you won’t be doing it for nothing anymore.

Win a sweepstakes, play some fun games, watch hilarious videos and more – and get tons of rewards coupons for doing it. Also, RewardIt participants get valuable coupons that can be redeemed for everything from online purchases to groceries at the supermarket. Once you win sweepstakes the first time, you’ll be hooked for life.