Helpful Sweepstakes Tips and Tricks

It is very easy to get discouraged by entering sweepstakes when you don’t win. It’s time to stay positive! You need to learn how to enjoy your sweepstakes and use these tips and tricks to get you on the path to becoming a winner.

Hot TipSet Up A Sweepstakes Specific Email

It’s very easy for you not to miss an entry confirmation or winning notification in your normal everyday email address. Whether it gets put into the spam folder or just gets stuck in the middle of all your other email, it’s important to be able to locate these messages. Create a new email address that you use specifically for entering sweepstakes. This way, you won’t ever miss that winning email or entry notification!

Look Out For Referrals

If a sweepstakes gives you the option to refer family and friends about the giveaway, do it. Sometimes, when this is done the sponsor rewards you with additional entries. The more entries the better.

Set Up A Strategy and Manage Your Time

Get a piece of paper and write down your strategy each week. Set aside the time day dedicated to entering sweepstakes. Keep track of which ones you entered and indicated the type of entry frequency (one-time entry, daily, weekly). By doing this will maximize your time to locate additional sweepstakes. It’s important to establish good and organized time management skills.

Become A Member Of A Sweepstakes Community

Getting involved with a community of people that have the exact same interest as you can be very beneficial. You can learn from each other, find new sweepstakes through members, and encourage one another! You can start by bookmarking our sweepstakes blog. There are plenty of sites online where members share news about sweepstakes and sweeps strategies. One of our favorites is

Make A Twitter Account

Twitter is a very useful thing to have and it’s only growing. It’s a perfect place to become aware about sweepstakes. A lot of sponsors are posting their upcoming sweepstakes on twitter, and some sponsors actually hold twitter specific giveaways. Create an account, edit your page to your liking, and start searching for sweepstakes in the search bar. Make sure to “Follow” the accounts that interest you and pay attention to your timeline! Once you are all set up, follow us at @Reward_It and get involved with our daily twitter giveaway. (link to giveaway page)

Find Facebook Giveaway Pages

There are plenty of Facebook giveaway pages out there that post a lot of giveaways from all over the Internet. Type in “sweepstakes” or “giveaways” in the search bar and locate some pages that look promising. Make sure you “like” the page or join the group so get the most up to date information on your Facebook News Feed. Start by liking us on Facebook. We frequently have Facebook only sweepstakes that you can enter.

Enjoy Your Sweepstakes

The most important thing! Use sweepstakes to your advantage. Enter ones that interest you and take a little extra time to learn about new products. Taking part in sweepstakes is a hobby so enjoy it. Stay positive and get inspired by others winnings.

Follow these tips and your chances for winning sweepstakes will definitely increase! Check out some of my other helpful articles right here.  Good luck to everyone!