A Guide to Confusing Sweepstakes Rules

When entering sweepstakes, many people forget about the rules and regulations that are written in the sweepstakes rules. It’s important to read the rules in its entirety to figure out if you’re eligible for the contest and what it entails. With that being said, sweepstakes rules do sometimes have long rules and confusing statements about contests. We’ve created this guide with examples to help you with the most confusing sweepstakes rules.

1.Eligibility “This sweepstakes is only open to the legal residents who are 18 years or older of The United States, Canada and U.K, excluding Puerto Rico and Australia.”

Looking at the eligibility section in sweepstakes rules is very important because it’s the criteria that the sponsor is looking for. Before applying to sweepstakes, check the eligibility rules and the location where you currently reside.

2.Promotion Period “The promotion period for this contest starts on June 2, 2013 ET (Eastern Time) at 12:00 a.m. and ends on January 17, 2014, 12:00 a.m. ET.” The “promotion period” of a sweepstakes is just as important as the eligibility of the sweepstakes. The promotion period is where the sponsor displays the start and end date of the sweepstakes, notifying users of when the sweepstakes will end and what time they’ll stop receiving entries.

3.Purchasing Entries “No purchase necessary to enter to win. Purchasing will not increase your chances of winning.”

This statement is fairly simple. Purchasing products sold by the company or related to the company in any way will not increase more entries or chances of winning the sweepstakes itself. It’s important to always read this section as well for sweepstakes because most sweepstakes have this rule. However, there are some sweepstakes that allow consumers to buy products to increase their chances. Before submitting your entry form, be sure to check this section out.

We hope that this guide helps you to better understand confusing sweepstakes rules! When entering sweepstakes, just take precautions reading the rules before you submit your entry form. If you fully read the sweepstakes rules, you’ll have a better understanding of the sweepstakes and what the prizes are!