Free Online Contests

Picture getting to take extra vacations. Having enough money to make that down payment on your dream car. Remodeling the kitchen like you’ve been wanting to do for years. Winners of online free contests are enjoying all these things – and much more. And it isn’t a secret – your share of the bounty is waiting for you at

Online Sweepstakes

Before free contests online became popular, people had to fill out sweepstakes entries by hand, and getting the form usually required purchasing a magazine or product. Sure, the rules said no purchase was necessary, but how were you supposed to get the entry form without buying whatever it was printed on? The only sweepstakes that are truly free are the ones you find online. There are literally thousands available – more than anyone could possibly ever enter. Spend your time entering the best ones so you’re sure to be registered for the prizes that truly interest you.

Online Lotteries

Some people prefer lotteries over sweepstakes for several reasons.

  • Lotteries often have fewer rules
  • Drawings are held regularly
  • Lotteries are ongoing (sweepstakes are generally held for a specific length of time)
  • Lotteries almost always pay winners in cash

Of all the free contests online, lotteries may require the most skill. While sweepstakes entries usually only require filling out a few questions – name, address, phone number – lotteries require winners to pick a series of numbers that exactly match the winning numbers. There are tons of systems that have proven successful for winners of the past, but every player must find a winning system of their own.

Online Scratch-Off Games

Perhaps the easiest of all free online contests are scratch-off games. There is no skill involved, just pure luck. If you’re looking for a free contest online that is simple, quick and easy, try one of these. Prizes range from lump sums of cash to cool prizes.

Online Giveaways

Much like sweepstakes, giveaways may offer winners cash and prizes. Grand prize winners often receive tons of great prizes in addition to a lump sum in cash. When looking for free contests online, don’t forget to check the giveaways at, where you can earn points just for playing whether you win a particular giveaway or not.

You can enter all of these online contests for free. Many allow you to enter as many times as you like. Don’t let someone else win your dream vacation – enter today!